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    I live in Florida and can pretty much grow food all year long. I know most of the Country can not. So I bought a small Solar Panal and a case of grow lights, which I have up and running great in a 70 degrees dark closet. It is working great,but it has only been three weeks. I own a small company who sells Survival Vegetable Seeds and want to able offer a way for the rest of the Country to be able to grow year round. Do you think that this maybe a product that would sell? Has anyone tried it before? I would not supply the battery as they are too much to ship. The solar panal,solar lights everything but the battery would run about $250.00 Your opinion Please!!
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    a picture may get you more interest, PS, you've made just 4 post and they're all about selling something, it could be considered spam, better ck with the administraters and see if it's alright.
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    There is a vendor's section on the forum, and a "for sale" section. Great place for browsing, so this might be good there too?

    I realize you may be honestly looking for input about whether these are products/ideas people would be interested in paying for.

    Added later: Nevermind, I see you found the "For sale and wanted" section! Great!
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