You Get What You Negotiate

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    More than just bartering, negotiation is a good survival interpersonal skill. At the request of several people, I recorded some thoughts and strategies I've learned over the years on negotiating. It's a survival skill rarely talked about, but think of this...wouldn't it be nice to be able to barter more and pay less for things today? Wouldn't it help you survive today, if you could forge more effective compromises with your personal relationships and your business relationships?

    There are several "negotiation killers" that happen a lot. Things like emotion, poor choice of language, demands rather than suggestions, poor planning, failure to set goals on the outcome of the negotiation and more.

    What if you could create a better outcome for you and your family by being able to more effectively enlist the help of other people for some of your needs?

    With less confrontation and more productive talk, you will find yourself getting more, being happier and most importantly, thriving in today's tough economy.

    Tune in (, I think you'll enjoy it.
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    Interesting perspective!