XM25 Weapons System For Military Use

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    That's not new, its been around for a few years, it uses a smart projectile the actually counts the revolutions in flight, thus so many revolutions for a given distance, an on-board computer in the scope will determine. This then detonates above or near the unseen target. It is called a proximity round, can be found in HE, incendiary or fragmentation.

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    Thanks for the heads up....I have never heard of it before.
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    Ok. Now this weapon system has been in development since 2004. It will potentially see pretty much the same amount of use that the standard grenade launcher does in combat or less due to the hefty price tag and difficutly of repair and maintenance.

    It does have the added advantage of airbursting rounds which can send shrapnel toward targets hiding behind cover. But the disadvantage of using a smaller 25mm explosive round over the currently used 40mm round.

    But, why is this survival preparedness news? I must be missing something.
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    Well it's off the path and Current News and Events....
    So not directly related...
    But those who carry firearms...might want to know this is out there.
    Firearms and Self Defense is surely part of survival news yes?

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    I'm always interested in anything weapons related.