Would This Concern You At All??

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  1. IrritatedWithUS

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    This frightens me!

    I was invited to dinner at my parent's house. I have a great relationship with my parents. The only thing I can think of that is bad about them is that they are sheeple and vote on things that take our rights away and are rather ignorant for the community.

    For example, they voted for funding for several police "eye in the sky" cranes. And they are very proud about this and tell everyone. I don't know if anyone has these in their towns so I'll explain it. It is a GIANT mobile crane and on top of the crane is a cubicle equipped with police and volunteers with cameras. We have them in the mall parking lots, some grocery stores, and if you want to donate money you can have them in your neighborhood to rent out. They are to 'reduce crime and thwart terrorism".

    During dinner my parents kept on the television to wait for Nancy Grace. They are chronic Nancy Grace fans. The woman 'journalist' before Nancy Grace was on television spouting remarks and literally yelling and looking into the camera screaming 1984 Orwellian remarks. Apparently this woman promotes the cause for ( in her own words: ) "...cameras with audio recorders on every light pole, on every building, on every street corner, in EVERY neighborhood if it detours crime!" Learning from my parents, apparently this woman has been organizing nationwide neighborhood meetings and Internet publications on this subject. She'll even go as far as having Skype meetings with neighborhood associations at grange halls on organizing and funding for cameras on every street corner in America!

    And guess who's parents put funding towards having a community meeting and is organizing a neighborhood event in their own neighborhood? MINE! And they are trying to convince the city with private donations and volunteer time to install these neighborhood cameras in their neighborhood...

    I was so upset during dinner. I voiced my opinion and my parents called me a 'domestic terrorist' and I left. I didn't even get the TV-devil's name.


    I'm sick of the sheeple....here we go 1984....time to have the Thought Police and drink our Victory gin and smoke our Victory cigarettes and be good little sheeple and watch the wars on the television...Are we at war with Eastasia or Eurasia? I can't remember...
  2. PamsPride

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    I am all for privacy!!

    There was a case recently...I think in Cleveland, Ohio where a serial killer was caught. They later found out that there was like 5 video cameras on his house at all times. It was not until one of his victims escaped and was helped by two passer byes that they took a closer look at all the video footage. All of those cameras did not do any of his other victims any good!

  3. IrritatedWithUS

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    England has cameras everywhere also to "stop drug use and crime". They are literally EVERYWHERE. Yet they are still #2 in the world for cocaine consumption in the western world (Wales is almost tied) and they are #2 in the western world for serial killers! Crime has actually risen after the cameras were installed 10+ years ago.
  4. horseman09

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    Those cameras are just fine -- if we Americans want to be subjects instead of citizens.
  5. Bigdog57

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    Communism has nothing on our Government! The old KGB and STASI would have done backflips if they could have gotten the people to not only embrace and ASK for total surveillance, but pay for the camers too! :rolleyes:
  6. CulexPipiens

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    Hey, I think I saw one of those.

    A while back we were on vacation in Minnesota, specifically in Duluth, and were walking along the lakeside trail. Saw an obviously marked police trailer sitting there with a long pole coming up about 2 stories with the box on top. Pretty obvious it was a camera in the box, had wireless antennas and such. But didn't know why it was there or what it was for (besides watching/recording).
  7. BasecampUSA

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    Do any of you have one of those laptops or monitors with the built-in cameras right above the screen?

    When I bought my laptop, as soon as you turned the brand new thing on on your mug would appear on it and try to match the security mugshot it took before!

    I immediately put a piece of black friction tape over the camera, wiped out all programs and files and re-ran the backup boot CD. The tape STAYS! I don't know what the built in microphone is doing!

    AND, no I'm not paranoid, if the FBI is attaching magnetic secret GPS monitors to US citizens cars without court orders, what else?

    Big Brother is watching us for sure...
    "I'm just a soul whose intentions are good... Oh Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood" ! (- The Animals 1970 album)

    God only knows what they have built in to electronics nowadays.

    -Your computer takes a mugshot every time you boot it up?...
    ... What out there on the internet retrieves this picture, and for what purpose?
    ... Why did I have no control over this device right from the beginning?
    ... There is a lawsuit right now where one laptop went missing at a high school, and to find it the school IT people were scanning all loaned laptops in peoples households out there with the built in cameras to see who took it. NO JOKE! (don't take your laptop in the bedroom! :D )

    -Your cell phone's simms card records a LOT of things?...
    ... Your cell phone's location can be easily traced by IT/Cops to within a few feet.
    ... Some IT person told me on a plane trip once, that it can record conversations even when the phone is "off".
    ... This same IT person said NSA supercomputers monitor cell phones for word and speech recognition for national security. Certain words (not all in english) trigger the computer to zero in on conversations. If you doubt the power of supercomputers, Google a word and see how it will come up with 30 million hits in less than one second!
    ... Where do conversations go, whether on or off? The public can't legally hear them but who's lurking out there?

    Public cameras: Are we all going to have to wear Halloween or ski masks for privacy? In Europe it was against the law to cover your face unless you are a muslim woman. That is changing.

    Hmmm... I always wondered what the Burkah's were good for! No muslim cop would dare look under one of them and risk his head! I'll bet that's how 'ol Binny travels around and stays at large! Hey that's no ethnic slur, that is a valid point!
  8. gypsysue

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    I know quite a few people who put a piece of electrical tape over the webcam.

    Downtown Chicago has cameras covering every angle, and they're hooked to a network that has "crime regognition" software. It's supposed to detect anything or any behavior that could be out of ordinary or that fits certain "potential crime" criteria. I'm not sure who it alerts or who looks at it if something is flagged. I've spent many hours in downtown Chicago on train layovers and even though I hate the idea of cameras everywhere, I do feel "safe" wandering around downtown, passing time.

    When I park at Wal-mart I know that if someone breaks into my car or accosts me, they have cameras watching everything. Much as I hate being watched, I do feel safer there than at the stores without parking lot cameras. I have kids, young adult male and female kids, that have to come or go from their jobs at grocery stores as late as midnight and as early as 5:00 AM, and there aren't cameras in the parking lot. I don't want my privacy invaded or anyone to interfer with how I choose to legally live my life (assuming gardening, hunting, cutting my own firewood is still legal!), but I also don't want my kids grabbed. Sigh...

    Why would they need cranes for the cameras? Here they put them up high on those towering light poles. Maybe the cranes make them portable?
  9. Frugal_Farmers

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    It's all part of the next reality TV series--The American Dream.
  10. JayJay

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    And guess who's parents put funding towards having a community meeting and is organizing a neighborhood event in their own neighborhood? MINE! And they are trying to convince the city with private donations and volunteer time to install these neighborhood cameras in their neighborhood...

    ~~~My question/response would be..."what are your parents afraid of?"~~~

    My husband reacts this way sometimes, possibly without thinking .....I question him as how does he question my intellect??---after 36 years with him, do I exhibit behavior that I seem unable to analyze a situation and do what is safe??

    That shuts him down... :ignore:


    There is a lawsuit right now where one laptop went missing at a high school, and to find it the school IT people were scanning all loaned laptops in peoples households out there with the built in cameras to see who took it. NO JOKE! (don't take your laptop in the bedroom! )

    ~~~~~I was going to state this--you beat me to it---know how he got caught/exposed?? I think a reporter was doing a story and he sat her down and showed how easy it was to view a student's home??~~~~

    I do know I watched a true story and the neighbor/spy got away with observing the wife and daughter using cameras he placed in the baths and attics because that county/state had no laws against voyeurism...it was changed by her actions.

    I also watched a video of a man who bought a device at radio shack that let him listen to all conversations near that cell even if turned off---it was like a reverse GPS?? and the reporter doing the story, using this technology, followed her to the mall, listened to her friends and her conversation with the cell off..

    Now, that's some scary invasion of privacy.
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  11. CulexPipiens

    CulexPipiens Still waiting for the zombies.


    In the case of breaking into your car, they might help for the police report, but if someone is accosting you... are the cameras being actively watched and someone will come help? or simply that they are recording so after something bad happens then can then go look for the tape? If it's the former then that does provide some more safety, if the latter then the worst has already happened and the cameras did nothing to stop it.

    For awhile now I've noticed that it's pretty much impossible to go anywhere public and not have multiple cameras all over. In a small pet food store the other day, maybe 1500sqft and with a very open layout, I counted 7 cameras!
  12. Emerald

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    Well you might have been trying to steal one of those $1000 puppies or something.:eek:
  13. horseman09

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    All of us civilians are criminals or terrorists -- it's just a matter of how Big Sis can nab us.
  14. CulexPipiens

    CulexPipiens Still waiting for the zombies.

    Nope.. no puppies. Just a supplies store. I can maybe understand one by the cash register but I think if I stuck a 50lb bag of food under my shirt and tried to leave that someone would notice!
  15. PamsPride

    PamsPride edirPsmaP

    My church has several cameras in it! The tech guy once said he can see nearly everywhere! And he can get online and check it out from home. I am sure if someone was looking at the footage they would see me nursing my baby on the back door bench or in the front foyer.
  16. HozayBuck

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    Be careful Pam somebody will accuse you of exposing yourself to a child...!!! just like a parent that swats their kid on the butt for acting out... child abuse!!..

    I figure PC will kill America before the ObamaFairy can...
  17. dawnwinds58

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    I don't believe taking away privacy is a cure all for crime, AND it IS just another way of stealing our right to live our lives as we see fit. The bad guys will still be doing what they always do, just from behind the cameras. That pet store part was a peeve of mine, $1000 puppies, and I have seen higher prices than that.

    Everytime I think of spending $1000 on a puppy with bred in flaws they have to warn you about for the breed, AND then spending close to the same amount each month for medicines to keep the before mentioned dog alive with these illnesses and flaws, I feel really good about my old farm bred dogs.
    Upkeep on them other than simple maintenence worming and vaccinations equals good food, lots of play, belly scratches, the occasional dog toy to scatter its innards all over my yard, and of course keeping an eye out for a fresh hit roadkill deer for a surprise meal.
  18. IrritatedWithUS

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    I AGREE! You know what the schools banned here? YOGA PANTS! They are stretchy yet semi-loose fitting terry-cloth pants. The school district banned them because 'they are distracting'!

    People will find a problem in anything
  19. FirstActionSelfDefense

    FirstActionSelfDefense Always Learning

    But wouldn't crime naturally rise as the population increases.

    Impossible to actually know but would be handy to be able to compare what the crime rate would be without the cameras.
  20. LegitCitizen

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    They give me the creeps...

    Yeah, yeah, I hear all the good reasons we should have the cameras. Still, I hate them.

    The idea that they prevent crime is a joke. Locks are for honest men. Cameras will only deter the on-the-fence criminals. The truly determined, and the truly hardened criminals, don't care who sees them. The idea that the authorities might be able to track them down based on a fuzzy, pixelated image does not slow them down. The cameras are for the rest of us.

    And I hate it. It totally gives me the creeps. And they're everywhere. I used to work big-box retail and the number of cameras in the stores where I worked was just insane. Everywhere but the toilets. It got me into the habit of looking for the cameras when I am out and about. And, guess what... THEY'RE EVERYWHERE.

    It's creepy and offensive.