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    hi, name is sewing dove from central wy. i am a hospice nurse, a very secure job. The death rate is only going to escalate. i am interested in gardening, herbs, poultry, sewing, weaving, spinning, and staying alive. a spiritual person, i look for meaning in what i do. have 3 grown sons, 3 grown step sons, many 'adopted' daughters and sons, and of course many grandkids. have 3 new ones this summer!! we live in the best bug out place i know of, and have lots of wilderness available if it ever gets worse than that. have been learning and prepping all my life, grew up on a farm, camping, was homeless a couple of years '99 and 2000. have been prepping ever since. feel prepared and secure as we can be for our age and lives. DH is disabled but tries to help. prepping for winter and networking with neighbors and everybody i can!!
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    Welcome to the board! It sounds like you have the skills and are in a great location for the prepper lifestyle.
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    Welcome and enjoy the forum.