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    Most of you have seen my posts that mention the "L ot M" , aka Lady of the Manor.. she is the one who keeps and hold this small family unit together, she is a walking talking container of love, wisdom , kindness ...with the ever ready club to get our attention :)) )

    She is a writer of great abilities , and among her other charms she maintains a blog... I feel once in a while the need to expose you poor souls to her charming wit and some times not so charming words, regardless, she's never in doubt of her stance and for that I love her... she is not only the sun rise of the lives of our small family she is the hardened steel that hold all things in check and balance, today's blog article really hit home to me and I thought yawl could gain from it too .. I hope so.. if not then your hopelessly doomed to wonder for ever in the land of non enlightenment:eek:...

    Queen of the Universe- No Credentials Needed: Book Excerpt - "Easterchicks Gone Bad"
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    How true, how true. So many of the younger people today don't have a clue as to where their food from.

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    Another great post H B, truth everybody needs to know, It's not just the young who don't get the circle of life :cry:
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    What a talented (and astute) Lady you have. Thank you for sharing.
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    Most of what was on the post was old hat and part of my life. But the music was fine and I will have to return for more. Thank you
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    Brilliant post. Not only entertaining, but spot on when it comes to being informative. Would love to read much more of her writings.
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    There is an opposite problem to having never taught the children about where their food comes from. In my case it was producing children with warped sense of humors who knew to eat meat meant the death of an animal. They took it seriously, but when the city section of the family came during a butchering....well...chaos and disaster would be quite the understatement.

    I had one daughter chasing a niece with a pigs eyeball and two others with chicken feet using them with their best "ninja" sound effects as weapons. They had long ago discovered the severed tendons could be pulled to create a very NOT allowed form of "bird" to fly on the farm. The two nephews adapted quickly and found chicken feet to "fly" around the yard and do "light sabre" imitations of their own.

    It took less than 15 minutes of this to totally gross their parents out to the point they were herded back to the car. The best part is one slipped his chicken foot into the car. It was discovered on his night stand the next morning. She was back in a fit in seconds and had it removed so she didn't have to touch it.

    That evening the kids asked to go to Kentucky Fried chicken.
    She threw up on the spot. *chuckles* :2thumb:
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