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If you thought about about a tactical vest or load bearing vest for your gear, look at these below. I have 3 types that may fit your needs.
This first type is the assault vest that I have listed on the rifleman set but this vest is green and it comes with out the pouches. These look new and are only $15.

This second vest is called the "RACK enhanced load bearing vest". Notice all the surface area for your molle pouches, holsters, mags, and tactical and survival gear. These vest are new and a deal at $20. I only have 6 of these.

The third style is the enhanced load bearing vest that comes with 4 mag pouches and two smaller pouches. notice the wide shoulder straps and placement areas for other items. I have butt/day packs that fit the rear of these as well. They also look new and are only $15. I have some that are more used but in good condition for only $10.

Note how the mag fits nicely in the pouch. (mag not included)

The small packs fit along this back panel for lots of storage. The staps along the bottom are for securing the vest to your belt to keep it from riding up or shifting.

Send me a PM with your zipcode for shipping information.
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