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  1. Jaspar

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    The National Geographic Channel is showing a documentary of Hurricane Katrina.(Witness: Katrina) All from home video shot by survivors during and after the storm. Talk about a SHTF scenario.

    Channel 276 Direct TV. It's on again at 11:00 CST tonight if anybody wants to watch it again.
  2. UncleJoe

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    And it's quite an eye-opener. Emergency services are completely overwhelmed. Nope, I don't ever want to be part of that type of situation.

  3. sailaway

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    I was living in Miami when Andrew hit, that'! What made me really staet preping. I never want to have to live in something llike the N O Saints Stadium with the zombies and be a ward of FEMA.
  4. Clarice

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    Natural disasters are terrible, that is true. But an ecconomic collapse will be far worse.

    All 3 of my children live on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, they stayed during the storm. My oldest lost everything. My middle child's home was hit by a toranado. The youngest faired the best only loosing her roof. After 3 days I finially got a text from them it read "all ok, no food, no water, no gas" Can you just imagine a Mother's worry. My husband and I gathered donations from so many wonderful people where we live and made 2 trips down. My children only took just what they needed the rest we were able to get to other needy people.
    The problem with an ecconomic shut down is everyone every where will be in trouble if we are not prepared.
  5. jaded

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    With first hand experience in running numerous mass care shelters, those set up after Hurricane Andrew in the Homestead, FL area were by FAR the most organized and resident friendly, especially considering the numbers of people in need. The outcome in those situations are highly dependent upon the mentality of the people residing in them.

    Not all mass care shelters are the abomination like that in New Orleans. That was a complete fiasco.

    That said, my initial reasons for prepping our family was to reduce the likelihood that we'd ever have to stay in one, but there are no guarantees. We also don't live near the coast which have the highest probability of wide-spread natural disasters.
  6. jehowe

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    Here's a classic site of a blogger who holed up at work in downtown New Orleans throughout the Katrina ordeal, finding himself and a few other employees cut off with no other option but to stay put while chaos ensued around them for days on end.

    This individual worked for an ISP that somehow managed keep enough bandwidth flowing for him to live blog the ordeal using a single generator and a supply of 55 galon drums of diesel (which were kept in the parking garage- thankfully weren't discovered and looted), witnessing some of the worst of humanity. Yes, he actually recorded these events as they happened.

    The way his blogsite works is 'bottom-up' and a little awkward to navigate. But it's a fascinating record of events and worth the time. Just scroll to the bottom of the link below and work your way up, then read the next chronological entries by scrolling back down and hitting 'Next 10'. Repeat.

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