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Winter Weather

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In Oklahoma, the Winter Weather Awareness Day is November 13.

While that may seem early to some, preparedness, as many on this board can state, takes time, effort, and little bit of cash.

From our friends at National Weather Service:

Thursday November 13th has been proclaimed Winter Weather Awareness Day in Oklahoma and Texas. The National Weather Service, in partnership with Texas and Oklahoma departments of emergency management will use this day to remind people about the dangers of winter weather and ways to stay safe and informed during the upcoming winter.

NWS Norman will use this web page - NWS Norman, Oklahoma - Winter Weather Safety, Survival and Preparedness - to share winter weather safety and preparedness information. We also hope to have special multimedia briefings on our enhanced web page.

We'll also be highlighting the changes to our suite of winter weather watches, warnings and advisories. You can review the changes here -

Check your local weather service office to see when the Winter Weather Awareness event is to be in your area.
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