Windshield like a TV screen and assorted predators...

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    I just came back from driving. I watched an accident take place, a fender bender. Could have happened to anyone. A guy was waiting for a parking space and someone backed out and hit him. Just like that, nothing he did wrong, nothing he could do, his evening ruined. No one got hurt, but it was interesting to actually watch another accident rather than hear and turn to see the effects.

    Just like that...the evening changed for the people involved.

    OK, coming home from work, this is what happened:

    I hit a convenience store. I'm wearing a jacekt and tie, as I do at work. A young woman smiles at me. Actually a genuine looking smile. I come out, she asks for a ride, at first I can't catch what she is saying. sometimes my hearing is great, other times it doesn't pick up certain sounds easily, her voice being one of them. She talks. I don't know if she's portraying cutesy-sexy, is a bit slow, or is foreign and trying to speak English. She's white, above average attractive, could be anywhere from mid teen to early twenties, brown hair. She want's a ride, speaks a few syllables at a time. I realize something is wrong but I also don't get the 'danger' signal. She's not panhandling, she's pleading for a ride. No dice, I don't want this slim young woman in my car when I've already seen this vunerable/sexy act. As I'm still about 20% uncertain if she's actually in need of help, I pass her a few bucks for a bus ride just to cover that slim margin. She doesn't want the money. That slightly disarms me for a millisecond then I get more concerned. This is bigger than panhandling. I insist she take a few bucks, because although I see her eyes and realize she doesn't seem mentally off or impaired, she might just know a few words of English and been taught to talk like that. She moves on as I continue 'gauging' her and realizing she's definitely playing, move on. I see her approach a 50'ish guy with long silvery hair, black leather jacket, aged rocker type look. I don't see him acting predatory toward her when she gets in the car. She's smiling when they drive off. My gut tells me it's some sort of scam, at least the guy doesn't look pleased in a sick way to pick her up, he looks rather nonchallant. For a few seconds I'm wondering what that was about as I'd a feeling more was going on there than I thought.

    Later, I speak to someone else, in the same general area, different stores, the same girl same description minor changes to her hair is seen approaching an elderly couple and then a woman. They all shake their heads and walk away. A guy with the same description is in the vicinity, that time, his hair in a pony tail this time but the other person completed the description of him to a tee. Interestingly, that observation, the girl shifted her posture to appear vulnerable, and got a meak look on her face when she approached those other people. Lost it when they moved on. Adopted it for the next person.

    Don't know what the scam is. Her approaching an old coupld and an individual woman eliminates some of the usual with a young woman approaching a man...but this might be one of the more extended ones.

    There's thousands of horny soldiers and airmen at Joint Base Lewis-McCord, but it's interesting who she approached. Middleaged and friendly looking me, middle aged woman, and elderly couple, all folks with disarming appearances.

    Imagine how many young women can portray vulnerable and in need. They'll be able to get into some places others won't if bad things happen.
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    In the Rodina she would be known as a "honey trap".....a name that is given more to the women that works for the intelligence system rather than to a civilian.

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    That is very interesting I am curious to hear what people think she might be up to. It could be some kind of con job.