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    Only four tools and materials found at the local hardware store are required

    to build a wind turbine. Alternative energy does not have to be expensive

    or complicated. Keeping our lives simple is where its at.

    Does anyone out there have any ideas on how to create their own alternative energy??? keeping it simple??

    KISS Wind Turbine | From Beyond the Grid
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    I'll forward this to my little lady. She has a bunch of links on her computer about a DC-motor that when hooked to fan-blades will spin in the wind and provide enough power to keep RV-batteries charged up so that they can provide power for LED lighting and charging laptop batteries.

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    permanant magnets

    Any motor that has permanent magnets will work for electric production. If you can get it to spin fast enough, that's the key.

    Check here...
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    wind turbine

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    You can create a simple aluminum-air fuel cell very cheaply. You will need to make several and connect them in parallel in order to get the desired voltage. There are two different ways to make these that I'm aware of.

    The first and simple way is this:
    - 1 plastic cup
    - 1 piece of copper
    - 1 piece of aluminum (foil will work)
    - water
    - salt
    - bleach (optional)

    You will mix the salt and water together. The amount doesn't really matter, it just increases conductivity and provides electrolytes for the fuel cell. You may also add a little bleach if you wish. It has been known to increase the lifespan of the fuel cell and increase nominal power output.

    Place the aluminum and copper pieces inside the solution. Make sure the tops are sticking out so you can attach some alligator clips. Use these alligator clips to complete the circuit.

    The second type can be found right here:

    This method can also be done by using an aluminum can and a sponge rather than aluminum foil and a paper towel.
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    If you raise animals like I do, you an build a biogas generator which will create methane gas from animal waste. The methane can then be collected and used to boil water for use in a steam turbine.

    It will take anywhere from 2 weeks to a month to start producing gas, however.

    The simplest way to do this is to have a large container filled half full with a slurry of animal waste and water. Place a t-joint in the top of the container and seal the container air-tight around it.

    From your t-joint, you will have 2 tubes. 1 will go to the collection unit. The other will go to the burning unit.

    For testing purposes, you can use a mylar balloon for the collector and a bunsen burner for the burning unit. After a couple of weeks, open the t-joint, squeeze the balloon, and attempt to light the bunsen burner. If it lights, you are producing methane.
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    You may also build a quick and easy gas powered generator from a lawn mower engine and a car alternator. It is good for emergencies when you do not have a commercially available generator or other power-generating equipment.

    You will need:
    - a working lawn mower
    - a working alternator
    - a v-belt
    - a pulley
    - a custom built mounting bracket

    You will first need to remove the blade from the lawn mower and remove the engine unit from the lawnmower base. You will then need to attach a pulley to the drive shaft where the blade used to be.

    Next you will need to build a bracket which will hold the engine and the alternator in place while tightly connecting the v-belt between them.

    Once this is complete, you will just need to start up the lawn mower engine. It should then rotate the alternator and begin pumping out electricity.