Will We Have Time To Fully Prepare?

Discussion in 'International Current News & Events' started by HarleyRider, Mar 24, 2010.

  1. HarleyRider

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    With everything that is going on with the Federal and State Governments will we have enough time to prepare before the fertilizer hits the ventilator?

    The Feds say we now have to purchase health insurance or be fined $2,500 by the IRS... what about the homeless that can't even afford food and shelter? Where are they going to get money to buy health insurance?

    The State of Florida is planning on cutting my Florida Retirement Pension almost 50% to cover their idiotic laws... like taking $2 billion dollars out of the Retirement System to give to Enron, and have no plans on replacing the funds.

    The County Government is $500 million dollars in the red, and think they will make it up by cutting the salaries and benefits of ONLY the County Employees, not spreading the cost out to all of the people in the entire county, because that might cost them votes when running for re-election.

    I'm really wondering... will we have enough time to fully prepare for the inevitable collapse? What are your thoughts?:dunno:
  2. mikemarlow

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    Fully prepared?

    I guess my quick answer is no. Realistically, you cannot prepare for every possible scenario, even if you have unlimited financial resources.
    That being said, I believe the correct mindset is to consider what are the most likely scenarios, and prepare accordingly. This will depend on where you live, and what resources you have.
    As far as time- who knows? No one promised me a tomorrow. I live to enjoy my life today, while trying to prepare for tomorrow, while trying to balance the two so that I don't neglect either.

  3. Norse

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    One thing for sure, Like 9-11, The turmoil is NEVER ANNOUNCED.

    Most likely not even the very wise and watchful will see it coming,:) if the Illuminauts decide to pull the plug.:)
  4. hurst_guy

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    I do not think we will see it coming. It could be triggerered by an economic failure, stock market crash, nuking of an American city, pandamic, food shortage, energy grid failure or any number of things that evade me at the moment. I have three plans of action, one sitting fast and evaluating and then either going north or going south. I prepare as best I can, covering water food and shelter: then personal protection. It's all I can do.
  5. Ponce

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    Moved from Cali and into the woods of OR ten years ago.........

    Food for seven years, water for free by gravity from a creek, five gen, a 550 and a 3,500 water tanks, 780 gall of gasoline, 500 lbs of prophane, 700 gall of heating oil and on and on and on.

    However........."To be ready is not"... Ponce
  6. mitchshrader

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    in my opinion no matter how well you're prepped, if your neighborhood/town isn't prospering there's opportunity for improvement.

    SHTF may well mean BETTER self sufficiency for agricultural regions, not much replaces a truckload of wheat for barter material.

    But ownership, and possession, are both going to be variables. Law will be what armed locals SAY it is..

    And if you're not on the inside lookin' out, you're outside lookin' in.

    REAL friends are going to be hugely important sometime. Make some.
  7. wildman800

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    Prepped in time???

    There's some very good and accurate observations already posted.

    The possibilities, IMO, are becoming reality from many directions. One fear or reaction to that particular fear, exasperates and complicates other areas.

    I feel like we are all watching many slow motion train wrecks converging on a single point.

    All I can do is to continue preps and enjoy each day that arrives, with it's own daily brush fires. My preps continue to mitigate many small "problems" that crop up from time to time.

    That is about all one can do.