Will the Healthcare Bill Bring the Mark?

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    Unleavened Bread Ministries - Will the Healthcare Bill Bring the Mark?

    Will the Healthcare Bill Bring the Mark?

    Rory Moore - 4/02/10

    We know God is bringing a people out from apostate Christianity, but coming right behind that may be another incentive for His people to become separated from the world. The new healthcare law can certainly accomplish much of the separating as it is implemented. If it was only about healthcare, they could simply have lowered the age for Medicare. It has been in place for years and the insurance and medical industry adjusted to the paperwork and policies long ago.

    The new comprehensive healthcare law has a stated 10-year stage-by-stage implementation. However (unless God intervenes), in 36 months, a "class II medical surveillance device" is called for deployment. From page 503: encourage, as appropriate, the development and use of clinical registries and the development of clinical effectiveness research data networks from electronic health records, post marketing drug and medical device surveillance efforts, and other forms of electronic health data.

    These unspecified "class II devices" may likely include RFID implant chips. In June of 2007, the American Medical Association declared that "implantable radio frequency identification (RFID) devices may help to identify patients, thereby improving the safety and efficiency of patient care, and may be used to enable secure access to patient clinical information." RFID are mentioned in conjunction with pharmaceuticals also, via nanochip technology. Here is a reference to the AMA article.

    The unfinished law is 1118 pages of the most mind-twisting legal-speak, bureaucrat-ese that it is no wonder few, if any of the people voting on it, bothered to read it. Within its pages are corollary changes to the Social Security laws, the IRS code, Medicare and other federal laws, amending them also. It sets up the legal framework that will be fleshed out by a small army of paper-pushing government office workers who will develop the nuts and bolts of thousands and thousand of rules, regulations and protocols. It will require schools, medical providers, companies and tax preparers to adjust for the time and costs involved to comply with the blizzard of new regulations. The financial impact of the paperwork alone will be significant and will add to the costs and overhead of every enterprise.


    *It sets the wheels in motion for centralized data collection from hospitals, doctors, all health care providers, schools, nursing homes, companies, employers, tax agencies at every level, law enforcement and, no doubt, will even have access to your shopping habits at places which accept a club card or in-house credit card.
    *It will impact your paycheck deductions with another large payroll deduction and has provision for income verification.
    *It will link to tax reporting and your IRS income tax reports and will allow access to your banking information.
    *It will create a host of new government agencies to monitor, report and integrate data on EVERYONE.
    *It will impose penalties, taxes and fines for not complying.


    On page 1000, it provides, at a minimum, comprehensive primary health services during school hours to children and adolescents by health professionals in accordance with state and local laws and regulations, established standards and community practice.

    SPONSORING FACILITY: The term ‘sponsoring facility’ is (A) a hospital; (B) a public health department; (C) a community health center; (D) a nonprofit health care agency; (E) a local educational agency.

    In practical application, this will mean school-based health clinics. They will be providing healthcare for children in the schools and you can be sure that many of the long-cherished goals of the anti-family values crowd will be available. Sex education materials for any "choice," abortion counseling and access to "community health centers," also known as abortion providers, condom distribution, psychological counseling, sexual orientation counseling and the tie-in with behavior-modification drugs so freely administered to children in the schools.

    These school-based health clinics will also be centers for mass vaccinations of students upon government edicts, such as some states ordered last year during the swine flu media-induced hysteria. From page 994: the SBHC has established and maintains collaborative relationships with other health care providers in the catchment area of the SBHC; (iii) the SBHC will provide on-site access during the academic day when school is in session and has an established network of support and access to services with backup health providers when the school or SBHC is closed; the SBHC will be integrated into the school environment and will coordinate health services with appropriate school personnel.


    If the class II medical device is the implantable "chip," then there is a strong likelihood that the mark is here. Of course, the healthcare law and the government are never going to tell the truth or say, "Hey, see this little chip? It's only the "mark" of the beast you were worried about."

    The real zinger that is mentioned on page 503 is found here again: Sec. 2521, Pg. 1000 – The government will establish a National Medical Device Registry. What does a National Medical Device Registry mean?

    National Medical Device Registry from H.R. 3200 [Healthcare Bill], pages 1001-1008:

    (g)(1) The Secretary shall establish a national medical device registry (in this subsection referred to as the ‘registry’) to facilitate analysis of post market safety and outcomes data on each device that — (A) is or has been used in or on a patient; (B) and is — (i) a class III device; or (ii) a class II device that is implantable, life-supporting, or life-sustaining.

    Then on page 1004 it describes what the term "data" means in paragraph 1, section B:

    (B) In this paragraph, the term ‘data’ refers to information respecting a device described in paragraph (1), including claims data, patient survey data, standardized analytic files that allow for the pooling and analysis of data from disparate data environments, electronic health records, and any other data deemed appropriate by the Secretary.

    What is a class II device that is implantable? Approved by the FDA, a class II implantable device is an "implantable radio frequency transponder system for patient identification and health information."

    The purpose of a class II device is to collect data in medical patients such as "claims data, patient survey data, standardized analytic files that allow for the pooling and analysis of data from disparate data environments, electronic health records, and any other data deemed appropriate by the Secretary."

    Here it is (PDF).

    This new law, when fully implemented, provides the framework for making the United States the first nation in the world to require each and every one of its citizens to have implanted in them a radio-frequency identification (RFID) microchip for the purpose of monitoring, tracking and controlling who is, or isn’t, allowed medical care in their country. It has similar implications for employment, or even traffic stops.

    Here is the actual Healthcare Bill H.R. 3200 (PDF).

    -Pages 1001-1008: "National Medical Device Registry" section.
    -Page 1006: "to be enacted within 36 months upon passage" (2013-2014)
    -Page 1007: certification criteria for the electronic exchange and use in certified electronic health records of a unique device identifier for each device.

    If this is an RFID device implanted into a person, the government can enforce whatever injection they mandate and have the electronic ability to monitor and track a person, exactly like is already being done with pets and livestock. It will link to all sorts of data and info.

    Will it link to buying or selling? The possibility is there. Can it link to the roundup and arrest of "subversives," "Tea-Party" people, or other "target" groups? Same answer.

    The 36-month enactment is roughly 2013-2014 and we would imagine it would take months of pressured enforcement to get everyone "enrolled." Now we know why the energized administration politicians fought so hard for "healthcare." For this to become a worldwide, every nation, every person mark, a consolidation of governments or at least a shared-technology imposed by an umbrella government would be needed. That may be the missing step, i.e. a worldwide political unification, referred to as the New World Order. Most assume the UN will be that agency, but even that would require the UN implementing either their own version of the healthcare law or the RFID chip. Then again, the US may be the first in a series of nations to do this.

    The primary purpose was NEVER about healthcare; it was about a massive, comprehensive plan to monitor and control every citizen. But the people must be deceived into thinking it would be a government benefit. SOP for a kingdom of this world.

    I am reading through some of it. It also looks like it is setting up psychiatric and mental health PRIMARY services where they will send people into institutions upon government healthcare agents' diagnoses. Under Hitler and communist Russia, certain groups of people could be classified as deranged or insane for their religious beliefs.

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    Well I live on my DAV check and SS , so I would think they could say, get the chip or lose your income...hard choice isn't it...AND then no chip, no job, no ability to buy food ...

    This is going to be a sticky one for lot of people, the only recourse if you decide to say no is, to starve, give in, or say screw it and tear their house of cards to the ground and burn the bits...

    Be interesting to see how it plays out in the bible belt !! I have a feeling it won't go over without a bloody fight...

    Damn!! I wrote this without my Tin Foil hat on!!! chit!! they can find me!!...:peep:

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    I always, kinda, thought that a person would know they were taking "the Mark" as a sign of loyalty to the Beast. For this reason I have doubts that a RFID will be it unless it is presented as such. That being said they still ain't gonna be sticking one of them things in my hide.

    I talked to a guy who does military contracts and he told me the military brass is pushing RFID implants for anyone enlisting/serving in the military. Of course the idea is that they could then keep track of every soldier on the battle field to tell if they were where they were supposed to be and find them if they were injured, needed help, etc. It is seen as a great thing for combat effectiveness by some in command. Has anyone else heard of discussion like these in the military?
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    Yay. Bible prophecy. Again. It's always something. I was wondering when they were finally going to label universal health care as the mark of the beast. Now my day is complete.

    Ignorance doesn't make it the truth. I'd like to make the following points:

    1. A Class 2 device is literally a "special controls" device. Anything that is implanted in your body which you cannot access directly. Like a pacemaker or the electrode device placed in the brain to stop seizures. This CAN apply to RFID chips if they are implanted. But, according to the FDA, a Class 2 designation applies to all implanted devices. As Bill Engval would say, "Here's your sign".

    2. Since when have patients been labeled as a "medical device"? Is it really that difficult to understand that the former bill says that they want to RFID the medical equipment to reduce fraud, waste, and theft of medical equipment?

    3. You are incorrectly referencing a copy of the health care bill from almost a year ago. A bill which has gone through more changes than Michael Jackson. Read the new one and get back to me.

    4. You do realize that the last chapter of the bible is fiction, right?
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    the mark

    many people have been wondering for a lifetime, when we would perhaps see the emmergence of the "mark". I kind of thought when we saw it used in livestock, and family pets, it was not far behind for humans.

    You can bet it will be introduced as being "for our own good". Just like the healthcare bill. As mentioned before, the healthcare stuff was never about healthcare, but instituting world government protocals.

    I personally think there will be much resistance to this RFID. I will persoanlly have a hard decision to make. I do believe this is the mark. You can bet they will refuse medical treatment to anyone who refuses the chip. If we can't see the logical turn of events coming, then we deserve what we get.

    as the months go by, I'm sure there wll be much controversy as to this RFID implementation. If enough Americans refuse to take the device, on privacy issues as well as religious issues, that might be enough to forstall permanent implimentation. But it will come.

    I am interested to hear from other board members. Will you take the chip. Knowing what I already believe, I will refuse, as I believe this is a form of the mark, or a precursor to it, to get people used to being tagged like animals---for our own good of course!!!

    It has become painfully obvious, that when the government tells you they're here to help you---watch out. Folks, the prophectic things that even non religious people are aware of seem to be coming to pass. The cards are being layed out on the table, with no secrecy whatsoever. America is in a deep state of distraction. With all the horible economic news, and daily struggle to just get by, many are missing the life changing events that are happening right in front of our faces.

    I have heard many times in the last months, that in a short time, we won't recognize the United States anymore. it will be some strange cobbled up collection of states that used to be called the US, but know one will recognize it anymore.. So very sad. But I feel that we must hit bottom before we can rise to the challenge. We are currently in a freefall , but don't know it yet. We wil very soon. Good luck all.:cry:
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    ahh man I was really hoping I'd get to tear this one apart, thanks A LOT allen and greasy ;)

    As a kid, just about every year we'd get an evangelist coming to our devoutly baptist church preaching the wiles of kids television (Rainbow Bright = witch, Power Rangers = nazis) and how this could be the year the Mark of the Beast came about, usually citing some vague new technological development. First it was barcodes, then RFID chips, next it will be nano-bots (which actually will be inserted into your body to fight cancer and help you connect to the internet through thought).

    maybe next year
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    healthcare bill

    hey, let's face it. there's going to be much discussion and disagreement about what the effects of the Healthcare bill will be. Backing up to look at the big picture, this bill takes us down the road to more control over our lives, and a loss of more personal freedoms. To me, the NWO agenda is in full court press.

    The debate about the "mark " thing will never end. As the weeks go by, when more people get to read what's really in the HC bill, people will get a clearer idea if this bill is or is not a "mark of the beast" thing. People believe what they want to believe.

    I still think, if it's not the actual mark event, it's a step toward getting people desensitized to the future event. I have a profound problem getting a device installed in me that has my medical records available for download to any government official that wants it. Just remember, the government is here to help us---yeah, right.

    Most people will probably realize the real reason behind the HC bill, about the same time they realize the real reasons behind all the government bailouts, and the various economic shennanigans the FED is doing.

    It's all about control. First, they get you money, then they get your ability to get health care. While that's stuff is going on, you 're losing your job, and your ability to make a living. While that's going on, they're taking control of your 401k behind your back. Control, that's what it's all about. Can you hear the sound of the NWO yet? if you can't, you're not listening.
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    I believe the RFID chip is the mark of the beast. Remember ALL the world will be required to have this inserted into palm of RIGHT HAND or FOREHEAD. Not on any other place in the body will it be put. The government now owns everything. Food industry, Mortgage industry, car industry, television industry and everything else. America is no longer a Republic. How many violations and laws have you seen broken these last few years.

    The Constitution no longer exist. President Obama election is a fraud. He shouldn't of been allowed to run. He is Kenyan born. And the College he went too no one seems to recall him. How can you go to college and no one remembers you? He spent all this money to seal his records. What does he have to hide? If you asked me for my birth certificate I have no problem producing one or getting a copy. I would not spend millions of dollars to hide it. Heck if I needed a copy I could pay about 6 bucks or so for one.

    This healthcare bill that they so graciously passed is from the pits of hell. That is what is in this healthcare bill, hellcare bill. Remember Obama always seem to have a play on words. For instance it is not Change Has Come, it really is CHAINS Have COME. It is not ObamaNation, it really is the Abomination.

    It is easy to say that you will not take the mark. But the truth is how much do you love your lifestyle. America is known for the land of plenty. Meaning we don't really know lack. Imagine when one day your cash is useless and you can't get a job buy food or get medical attention without the mark. Which everyone will be required to do. You cannot live in your homes without this mark. I myself will not take the mark. I know what is in store and I do put my trust in GOD.

    America way of life is a sweet dream. And we will see all this happen within our lifetime. The mark is right upon us and this is a choice we will all be required to make. Look at the signs of the times. The earthquakes, famines, pestilence, and all the things that are befalling us. Revelations is not a fairytale. Although I wish to GOD it was. Soon enough you will hear annouced it is government mandate to have the mark stores and such will no longer accept your cash or your gold. Everyone will be required to receive this mark. The stakes are now set much higher,this is a battle for your soul. Choose this day in whom you will serve!!!!!
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    You do realize, of course, that there is not one thing in the finalized health care bill or even the previous versions of the health care bill which mentions RFID chips, right?

    It's not in there. Quit freaking out. Read the bill.

    One christian nutjob says it and the rest believe it. It's an amazing sight to see. Like lemmings. Wow.

    Anyway, I've got to go pick up a new copy of the bible, Qu'ran, book of mormon, buddhism for dummies, Dianetics, and a book on wicca. I like to keep my bases covered. What if there is a test after?
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    lol please tell me you're trolling right?
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    You may laugh all you like. But MARK MY WORDS THIS WILL HAPPEN!!! RATHER MARK GOD'S WORD!!!! Look at all the chipping that has happened already. Your cars, cell phones, computers, animals and soon enough people. Look at the economy, job lost, people on food stamps, the weather which is out of control. You see records breaking in weather patterns. This year alone we had it snowing in 49 states. Look at China and the drought look at the earthquakes and other devastations.

    Iran saying the would wipe Israel off the face of the earth. Which is biblical. The Jews getting things together to build the third temple. The findings of many artifacts of the bible in regards to building the temple. The fact that we have the internet, cell phones, cable televisions, radios, and satellites meaning we can reach everyone in the world with the gospel. Never before could all this happen. The fact that the Euphrates River is dried up making room for the kings of the East to make their way to the Middle East.


    But this is just coincidence you try to convince yourselves. The money system failing and the government takeover of everything. And funny how that every home and person is marked for survellance. Camera's in every place so we can be watched 24/7 and the special boxes that all televisions are equipped with for the sake of programming and watching us. And you believe you are still living in a free society. Keep telling yourselves that lie. I guess you believe you also had a choice in this election. Anyways Welcome to the New World Order!!!!

    George Bush says it best here is the link below:

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7a9Syi12RJo]YouTube - New World Order[/ame]
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    Why are you cultists all crazy? I just can't get my head around it. Every time ANYTHING happens, suddenly it's the mark of the beast and the end of days and blah blah blah blah blah.

    A comet passes overhead. EEK! Armageddon! Get to church, quick!

    A virus infects a few hundred people. EEK! Armageddon! Get to church, quick! And bring a sanitation mask!

    Climate Change happens. EEK! Armageddon! Get to church, quick! And pray harder damn it! Please stop it from snowing invisible friend in the sky!

    The economy sucks. EEK! Armageddon! Get to church, quick! But we have to walk because gas is too damn expensive!

    They don't want us to have sex with underage altar boys! EEK! Move to Thailand!

    See you silly cultists are all alike. Always thinking that the end is coming. Between 70 AD and the present, there have been literally hundreds of times when some religious figure claimed the world would end. And guess what. It didn't happen. And guess what. This time it isn't happening either.
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    the mark

    To all, I'm not laughing at anyone or anything. Can this HC bill be the institution of the mark? I don't really know. I think the jury is still out on this one. But as for the rest of this monstrosity of a bill, it is defininetly another step toward a NWO. We are no longer a free nation. We have let these thieving bastards we call representatives legislate all our rights away, at the stroke of a pen. I fear the genie is out of the bottle, and as a nation, we have been asleep too long, and let these carpetbaggers give our rights away.

    The elixir of additional entitlements has been to enticing to resist. And now, it's past time to pay up. This whole issue isn't a Republican or Democrat issue. it's a "we the people" issue. But, as I said, the genie is already out of the bottle.

    It has become painfully obvious that this current administration is hell bent on instituting changes toward the NWO no matter what the rest of the people think. They are doing the heed of their masters. When people finally realize this, it will be way past too late.

    To all those that think this hatred of the HC bill is much ado about nothing, wait till your pay stubb starts shrinking, and tell me you still feel the same. As the weeks roll by, the true nature of this bill wil become more evident. people will realize that healthcare was not what this bill was ever about from the beginning. The kool -aid drinkers have done their duty, and let's hope it's one of the last votes they will get to make.

    Hoping for a repeal of this bill will be a waste of time I think. The elitists are in the drivers' seat on this one. For all the people that voted for this fascist dictator we have, you truly deserve what befalls you. Have a great day all.
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    Wait just a minute. Like Kogneto I grew up in charge andI've heard every hellfire and brimstone sermon a preacher could come up with trying to scare people into heaven and I can quote scripture with the best of 'em. When I was younger I figured I may as well live like the devil because I didn't stand a snowball's chance in hell of making it to heaven because of all that mess. Over the years I came to understand things for myself and yeah I am a Christian with strong beliefs now but that's me.

    The bottom line is, Health Care Reform is a US National issue and the "Mark of the Beast" is something implemmented Globally so HC, as evil as it may be, ain't it. Things may be headed that way and may get rough I don't know, but aren't we all here to be as prepared as possible for whatever maybe headed ourway regardless? Even if it is headed that way I'm not going to live in fear. If I may paraphrase a bit, noone knows the day nor the hour...and when you see these things happen, look up...
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    You make some great points about HC, but I think there is something you might be forgetting. yes, HC is a domestic program, but I feel it is a step into globalism. Further more, the US is going full bore into a cooperative relationship with the United Nations, and other global organizations. With the advent of RFID 's into the HC program, who's to say how that info will be shared. In times past, I might be right there with others saying things like, this or that could never happen, but with this fascist regime we have running the country, and their drive to a globalist NWO program, I'm not surprised by anything they do. So far, they haven't dissapointed in their sleazy, underhanded, low life, screw the public at every chance you get methods.

    This regime has a clear agenda. Just follow the money, as it tells the real story. So, is the HC a mark of the beaast thing, maybe, maybe not, but to me, the HC program is a clear move to a globalist agenda, where the government makes all your personal health decisions, and not you. So for me, it's still easy enough to see the mark connection in this program.

    I also think the Bible might be using the placement of the mark on our bodies in a figuratively manner. Does it have to be in the hand, or the forehead? I'm not sure on that one. I still think that even if this isn't the actual event, it could be a warmup for the real mark, one designed toget people used to total control and authority. It's the frog in the cooking pot analogy. Take the temp up slow, and he doesn't know he's being cooked, until it's too alte. just the way the government is doing on inflation. They are robbing us every day, and we just take it in stride, not aware we are being cooked all the while.

    There is an agenda to everything the government does. Don't forgert that. just keep telling yourself, "they are here to help me", and maybe you can sleep at night.
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    Just to let anyone know who has children around the website Kogneto put on (trolling) has an explicate picture on that came on when I went on.
    Just incase there are children around and you don't want them to see it.
  17. kogneto

    kogneto The Skeptic

    welcome to the internet, it's full of things you may or may not be offended by, the obvious direction then is TO FLEE! FLEE! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! MEIN GOTT AN IMAGE/TEXT/IDEA THAT IS NOT SANITIZED PURIFIED AND DEVOID OF ITS ORIGINAL BRUTAL CHARACTERIZATION OF OUR BRUTAL DISGUSTING AND FILTHY WORLD! QUICK ERECT YOUR BARRIERS SO THAT FUTURE GENERATIONS MAY NOT COME INTO CONTACT WITH THAT WHICH MIGHT OFFEND THEM TOO! (nevermind that these children will one day themselves be people who can and will make decisions for themselves, and by sanitizing them now your only setting them up to be harmed more by these nasty dirty filthy pictures/text/ideas)

    But back to the topic at hand

    What the hell makes you christians feel so damn special?

    IT'S BEEN 2000 YEARS, countless people have been born, lived full long lives, and died, with nary a breath from the lips of God, and yet you think you're so privileged as to live in the "end times"


    seriously open your eyes and use them for the first time in your life

    The Bible has plenty of things to teach us about how we treat others (including people you don't like :eek:) but the purpose has been twisted by this armageddonist or that into fear mongering

    you're being sold a bill, and that bill's name is fear

    stop and think, how enjoyable is a life led in fear?
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    Wow.... calm down I was saying be carefull if there are children around.... if you don't want them to see that. I have grandchildren always around. I dont want to be the one to be the cause of them seeing something their parents would not want them to see. Maybe some one else might care also.I guess I should have asked your permission to post that?
    That was about a 10 on the Richter scale.
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    I believe this is the reason that a religion catagory was not included in the forum when Dean launched it. He knew what could happen. :(
  20. faithmarie

    faithmarie mamoo

    I am truly sorry if I caused any problems.