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  1. SimpleMan

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    Are there any wild seeds out there that can be eaten as food?
  2. dunappy

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    My favorite is Pinyon (from the tree)
    then there are sun flowers
    Dill weed seeds ( domestic plant,but can reseed itself in some climates and become like a wild plant)
    Common mallow seeds
    Kuzu if you live anywhere in the south, you shouldn't have much trouble finding this plant.

  3. Blissness

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    And all of these are tasty? Do you eat them by theirselves or do you have any mixes/reciepes that you would like to share with us?
  4. dunappy

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    Pinyon is AWESOME and sells locally for between $7-$14 a LB. So not only is it good for eating it is also good for barter and selling in some parts of the country.

    This is pinyon,
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    Pinon, pinyon, pinon pine nuts, Food Values & Species - p.monophylla, p.edulis

    Common mallow is also really good and has been used as a substitute for capers.
    Wild edibles: Common mallow - Slashfood
    Common Mallo

    Every one should know about sunflower seeds and dill seeds.

    Kudzu, If you live in the south, then you should know Kudzu.

    But the whole plant is edible except the vine parts which are useable for baskets.

    Kudzu Tea -- The Amazing Story of Kudzu

  5. lanahi

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    Any seeds from pine cones. Wild grass seeds (any grass. Our grains like wheat and buckwheat are also grasses) can be ground into flour, although most of them are tiny. Amaranth and dock both send up seed stalks with thousands of seeds, and the whole seed can be ground into flour, although some winnow them to get rid of the chaff. Amaranth can also be popped like pop corn.

    They are all good.