Widespread protests in America?

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    Would love to hear what you folks feel will be the trigger point for widespread protests in America.

    As we progress down the road into this financial abyss, we will see radical shifts in public opinion. Until now, we have seen where the American public has practiced "passive acceptence" when it comes to the degragation of liberties.

    We predict that when state and federal government implement radical program cuts, people in the inner cities will begin to uprise. Stay tuned, but we feel this will begin very, very soon.
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    Internet. Same as everywhere else. Take away the freedoms we use, we will get angry.

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    Wisc is just going after the teachers and other state workers union, not the cops or fireman which will come at a later date,right now it's devide and conquer. Just wait a couple yrs when a state like NY goes after the unions, all highway workers,troopers cops,teachers. It'll be chaos all over when it happends as they'll have a choice soon,(1)either raise taxes almost double on the people,(2) bust the unions and get their pensions and benifits in ck or (3)cut the people on social programs,welfare,food stamps,HEAP., anyone of the 3 will cause roits. I would say cutting the social programs will be the most dangerous as they have nothing to lose.
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    I see on the news the big labor protests..I worked as a union welder for yrs..but if this countrys economy is as bad as I think it is..and the debt obama and the democrats are/have created is going to be laid on the next generation of children..I cant side with the unions at this time..wait til the country gets back on its feet somewhat..everyone I know has had to sacrifice something during these bad times..and if you have to pay a few bucks more for your healthcare..do it!..I do!.as far as the govt goes I see them backing us into a corner..to keep this or get that..its going to cost you something somewhere else..this administration to me is unbelieveable..Im suprised someone hasnt started a movement or something already..maybe its because they are like me..thinking in less than 2 yrs..he will hopefully be voted out of office and better days will be coming
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    I totally agree with you ... Several years ago my husband's pension plan saw a need and increased the required employee's contributions to the plan. Only state agency here to do it on their own BEFORE lack of funds became a problem. Now the teachers' union wants to "tap" the law enforcement pension to help "stabilize" the teachers pensions ... HELL NO!! :mad:

    Last year when the Legislature was talking about furloughs my husband's department trimmed more off their budget than the Legislature asked them to (and avoided furloughs) ... all the while other state agencies were whining and pissing and moaning about how they couldn't do it ... especially the "for the children" agencies. Those agencies furloughed employees. :mad:

    At some point EVERYONE needs to take a turn in the barrel ... the private sector has been suffering for some time now. Not all public employees have that "entitlement" mentality ... problem is most of the public employee unions seem to be oblivious to what is coming down the pike.
  6. pandamonium

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    Well, the way I see it, widespread protests, riots/looting, could really only come from one thing. I am talking protests and such on a national scale, not just in NYC or LA, but everywhere. And that is economic collapse. When the banks are closed and your money is no good, it wouldn't be a localized event. This would cause people to freak out in major ways, anger, fear, desperation,etc. I don't see a foriegn invasion happening, or EMP, or nukes. And if you think about it, it wouldn't only be the US that would collapse financially, many countries depend on import and export with the US, and many would go down with us! It could all start with a country in europe, remember when Greece had their problems? If they fell, it very well could have had a global dominoes effect.
    The US and world economies are too fragile. The US is printing money like it is going out of style, what happens when it does...:scratch
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    Already happening. Obama will piss on the fire - pull the internet plug.
  8. IrritatedWithUS

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    There has been 3 protests, one turned violent this week in Seattle against police because they have killed so many unarmed people this year. There have been 2 protests in 2 days. One about the police and one about the police's dispatch system in which a citizen witnessed a person being robbed on a city bus and the dispatcher told her she couldn't report the crime because SHE wasn't the person being robbed. So no police showed up. Using that logic, if I see a bank robbery or a house fire, I shouldn't call the police?

    Then there is Wisconsin protesting.

    In Portland, OR there were protests TODAY because Odumba, I mean Obama, was in town speaking with Intel and made a 'speech' on education. Portland is always protesting something but this past 2 years it's outrageous. There has been numerous protests in which police arrived on horses in full gear and pepper spray people for protesting against corrupt police.

    There was also a protest a week ago about a Redmond, OR police officer Larry Prince was stealing police guns and re-selling the parts to the police force. He was put under investigation back in December 2010 with paid leave. He was arrested last week and charged with ONLY misconduct, theft, and forgery. And since he is union, under union law he STILL is intended to be paid while in jail until he is let off the force. And people are protesting about this.

    Seems like the Washington and Oregon police system is poorly run the past few years and the amount of protesting involving the police is increasing very rapidly and the protesters grow more violent.

    Oh and let's see in Vancouver, Washington (5 minutes from Portland, OR) the Mayor is requiring that comments in town hall meetings by citizens "don't pertain to the meeting at all" and "should be suppressed" until the end of the meeting and WITHOUT the CCTV cameras or microphones recording.
    So they've had public protests over this due to censorship.
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    I dont support the union thugs, there past their usefullness and full of coruption. Much like the liberal politicians.
  10. nj_m715

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    There is corruption everywhere, but I've work a job or two where I was happy to have a union behind me. Heck, look what walmart was doing to people, asking them to work through lunch, clock out and continue work until they finished their task etc. I don't have an magic solution, but I think they still have a place.
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    I believe you are right. We may have riots in different places for different reason, but for a nation wide riot, it will take an economic crisis and that I fear is coming.:cry:
  12. BillM

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    I agree with you

    Hyperinflation is going to be the trigger!
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    Government programs won't be funded because the money is gone.
    Pensions agreements won't be honored because the money is gone.
    Medicaid promises won't be kept because the money is gone.
    Medicare won't cover health expenses because the money is gone.
    Social Security won't provide enough to survive because the money is gone.
    ObamaCare is a silly pipe dream because the money is gone.
    Government services right down to the local neighborhood will be cut because the money is gone.

    So things will get ugly when reality intrudes on fantasy and people realize the money is gone. No amount of protest, no amount of political activism, no vote, no riot, no nothing will bring it back. It is gone, gone, gone. When that sinks in, things turn ugly.

    Where did the money go? It went to corrupt politicians and international bankers. They looted the nation and they are gone - with the money. That is the way socialism always ends.

    The sad thing is that when reality hits, people will not be able to touch those who are guilty. In frustration, they will sh it in their own nest and attack their neighbors. That is the way socialism always ends. It is already happening.

  14. pandamonium

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    Exactly, let 'em keep on printing and devaluing the dollar! Can they really be so :nuts:? Or is it all part of the plan...? Now where the heck did I put my tin-foil hat??:dunno:
  15. nj_m715

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    Wiss has had mass protests for the last week. Union vs. Tea party folks are showing up in force. Try finding out about it on the 6 o'clock news.
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  17. Jarhead0311

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    The government will not default on its debt, it will print money to pay them causing inflation (happening already), then hype-inflation (coming soon).
  18. nj_m715

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    Maybe the feds can, but not the local gov. Didn't a retired fireman die in his own home in Al because they stopped paying (defaulted) on the pension? Here in NJ the State has been reducing it's contributions to the pension, while the worker continue to make their payments. They have even "borrowed" from the fund, but now they want to restructure the system and default on what they borrowed/failed to contribute for the last dozen or so years. I think it's F-ed up that they do not keep up their end while reaching further into our pockets and now all of a sudden there is a problem? The problem started when they couldn't balance a budget, it was made worse when they began stealing from the pensions with no way to pay it back. Our fat a$$, I mean fat cat gov. wants us to "share the pain" (his exact words) in a situation that they created. He has a guy making 6 figures and his primary job is to update the fat cat's facebook page. What kind of crap is that? I'll be happy to share the pain when all those over paid, over health cared, free state car driving slobs share the pain too. Let them get min wage, give back the cars and live in a row home. Until then F- them all. Share the pain, my ***!. One look at his 300+ pound body tells anyone with 1/2 a brain that he has no idea what pain is. The town wants more taxes to pay the bills, but when I go in to pay my taxes in Jan, the girls have the windows cracked because it's 78f inside the twp building. It's closer to 62 in my own home. No wonder they can't pay the bills. Take your head out of your butt, turn down the heat and for Christ sake SHUT THE WINDOW! and maybe you could pay the bills. Somewhere common sense has been lost. (deep breath) Ok, I'm better now. rant off.
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    Well, well, well ...

    The hubby tells me last night that he is oh so grateful that he does not work at the Capitol Building anymore. Although we had talked about this when he received his promotion a while back I am curious as to why he is bringing it up again now.

    Apparently there are going to be protests at our state Capitol Building today to change the pension plans here in Oklahoma. There is a push (by whom I do not know yet) to do away with the pension system entirely and have new hires and future employees contribute to a 401(k) like private sector employees with a greatly reduced contribution from the state. (Like some employers do with a percentage of matching funds, but the majority of the contributions come from the employee.)

    No one has said a WORD about making this retroactive or changing what is in place for existing employees but the word on the street is the State Employees representative organization is having a melt down.

    Oklahoma has taken steps to address these issues in the past. And the public employees' rep association has had a hissyfit every single time. About 10-15 years ago they went from the Rule of 80 (your years of service plus your age had to equal 80 before you were eligible to retire, but you vested at 5 years) to the Rule of 90 for new hires. My husband's pension system raised the mandatory employee contribution by almost 50% at just about the same time because they were anticipating shortfalls but they were the only state agency to do that.

    On the surface the 401(k) idea looks good to me. Pretty much the same type of employee retirement that the private sector has and it is good enough for them. :dunno: There is already a state retirement option that you voluntarily donate to (and the state provides some matching funds but it is a nominal amount -- roughly equal to the administrative fees you pay) and the returns we have seen from it have consistently be a little better than market.

    While I am all for power in numbers and negotiating the best deal you can for your employees but at some point in time these reps need to realize, like the rest of us have, that robbing Peter to pay Paul is simply not going to work anymore.

    I have a really hard time with the fact that my husband's rep. association can quietly handle whatever has been thrown at them and all the other representative associations continue to push for more and more and more ... the rest of the state be damned.

    I honestly feel like these associations (and the unions) are NOT looking out for the best interests of their employees anymore. And it breaks my heart because in the end it is going to be all of us (both public and private sector employees who pay the price). After all ... these reps already HAVE their salaries and benefits (which, I might add are higher and more lucrative that what the vast majority of the rest of us have.)


    Sorry ... didn't realize I was so upset by this whole thing til I started typing ... :peep:
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    I don't have a rant---only been here 3 and 1/2 years...but the 12 million used to build the unnecessary court house could have been used elsewhere(use it or lose it my a$$..) --I guess the old one can house the street people or the state employees when they don't get their pensions..because an article I read said Ky was tenth of the top 11 states to have pension problems soon.:eek: