Why We Don't Open OUR Oil Wells Here!!!

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    My husband grew up and graduated(1969) with many 'pipeline' guys; talks to them often. They have reported for YEARS that when they drilled, and found oil, they capped it and moved on.....now, discover why those wells were never opened and used.

    Alex Jones talks to Pastor Lindsey Williams detailing Bush Sr's New World Order | T-Room

    Alex Jones talks to Pastor Lindsey Williams detailing Bush Sr’s New World Order Targets Iran & Saudi Arabi Next, Oil to Hit $200 a Barrel

    My notes, condensed:
    OPEC made an agreement with all oil nations except Iraq and Iran in the 70's.
    These oil nations own our federal reserve bills/bonds.
    This was accomplished by our president agreeing to not produce any oil here and buy only OPEC oil.
    In Alaska, one of the biggest deposits ever was found on Gull Island.
    The ELITES are destabilizing the oil nations to intentionally take the oil barrel prices to $200.
    The standard currency in a sense isn't the dollar-it's crude oil- and the elites have been sponsoring the MUslim Bro. since the 70's, as long as they hold our federal reserve bills and we don't produce oil here.
    But, the elites in 2012 will reneg on the deal, leaving the Arabs holding worthless dollars; therefore, oil will be cut off to us leading the need to open our wells and produce here.
    Remember when Pastor Wms' dying friend said watch Russia and China??? forget about the ME????
    China made an agreement to buy all Russia's oil (huge oil wells there)so China will not be affected by this mafia-style deceit and will remain independent of the U.S--they don't need our oil.

    So, who's playing who??? The 'Chicago way' has come to the world!!
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    This needs posting everywhere

    This needs to be read by every prepper here.

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    JayJay- There are some oil wells being drilled and producing oil, but that only amounts to a fraction of the oil deposits that we're sitting on and not using. In late 2009 and early 2010 the Shell oil company signed a bunch of lease agreements with people and companies to do exploratory oil drilling on their land. Some of the land that they signed a lease for hasn't had a well put on it yet. A little while ago, the company sold all of their assets in southern Texas to a company called Occidental Petroleum (OXY USA). The deal will be finalized on May 1st of this year but OXY can start drilling anytime they want to. My guess is that with the turmoil that's been going on in the middle east, they might start soon and expand their exploratory drilling efforts.
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    So if I am reading the summary correctly it is saying that the U.S. is going to open its own wells in 2012 so that we are not using foreign oil?
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    Is OXY to company that is 41% owned by China??????
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    Sounds great doesn't it?
    Nope, here's the deal from the one telling all this on Alex Jones:
    The elites staged the riots in Cairo, hoping the riots will spread throughout the M.E.
    The elites want disruption of oil so they can get the crude oil prices up to $200 a barrel, the true objectives behind the staged riots.
    With this taking gas prices to $7/$8/$9 dollars a gallon, definite economic collapse will happen for sure here and worldwide.
    Because for years, the U.S. has had fields and fields of oil deposits here.( my GH knows and talks often to 'pipeline' buddies he graduated with--they talk often of drilling, finding oil, and capping the well, and moving on, so this is true)
    Four oil wells here...503 billion barrels in Montana, South and North Dakota, the Balkans..light sweet crude, easily processed
    Stanberry, has 2 trillion barrels
    Gull Island at Alaska, huge
    Wildlife Refuge...

    The elites objective is to drive the oil price up to cause total economic collapse here, then buy EVERY piece of commercial and residential real estate here and enslave us.
    Pray for divine intervention or a total domestic 'coup' throughout the world in every nation.
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    The price control

    The price controll on the production of domestic oil is enviornmental regulation. It is cheaper to drill almost anywhere else on earth.

    If the enviornmental regulations were eased and the government would subsidize oil by guarenteeing $90.00 per barrel for all domestic oil produced in the U S , we would soon be oil independant
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    you did not read the posts---you did not watch the videos---this is not about crude---this is not about price of oil---this is about elites owning us, and what's ours, and the sovereignty of not only our nation, but the entire world.
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    You are correct

    You are correct regarding theFederal reserve banking system and our dependance on others to buy our treasurery bills.
    In 1913 the U S Congress and the President sold this country to Five U S Banks and two Forign banks when they created the Fractional Reserve banking system.

    China was the last country buying our treasuery bills. They have quit us.

    We are now buying them from our selves.
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    I just read today that China only owned about 20 % of our debt...the deal was that the oil countries buy our debt.......as long as we didn't produce the oil fields in our nation.....that makes perfect sense as to why we pay half what other countries pay for our gas...also makes sense why we have been drilling for years and finding oil to simply cap the wells and move on...this is not hearsay..my husband's friends of 40+ years have told this for years.

    Well, it makes sense now...and the Arabs will sit quietly while they are being swindled out of bonds/bills/C notes worth 'nothing'??
    I have argued for years, that if we had oil, we'd be using the oil, or someone was holding it to do to the oil nations what they've done to us for decades..hold us hostage.
    Wrong on one account---we won't hold them hostage...the U.S. is about to pull a stunt that will alienate half the world.

    Another thing, I believe some of us place far too much stock in the information planted on the news stations.

    After all, they are owned by the 'elite'.
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    China is the worlds largest producer of oil

    Russia is the second largest

    Venisalia is the third largest

    The middle East is the forth largest

    We are the fifth largest

    Right now China is demanding silver from J P Morgan for their federal reserve notes.

    J P dosen't have the phyisical silver but has been promising it.

    The whole house of cards is going to fall and that is when the SWHTF.

    The sole hope for the U S A is for us to go back on a Gold and Silver standard for our currency.

    The goverment would have to set the price of gold and silver real high to prevent the Saudis and Chinese from emptying out Fort Knox.

    The EPA should be abolished, The IRS should be abolished, and the Federal Reserve should be abolished.

    The U S goverment needs to subsidize domestic energy.

    If these things are not done, the U S A will not survive.
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    Oh, so China didn't just sign a contract for all of Russia's oil??

    My bad!!
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    Thanks Hillary..may you rot in HELL!

    I edited this post.............

    regarding eminent domain by China:
    As I researched this topic, I found some information from 2009---
    If tomorrow, the blog owner posts more, I will share the info...it isn't like the owner to post unless verified...
    however, finding this word for word from 2009 on another site makes me fearful of its validity.
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    I don't always trust everything snope's has to say but this is a little far out there even for me. I have serious doubts that the US would grant China eminent domain over mainland US real estate. The US has control over lots of South Pacific property that could be put up as collateral if China is looking for something tangible.
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    Uncle JOe, I had heard this a few times months ago.....finding the information word for word elsewhere as researching --except the first sentence-- does make me cautious..
    I know the blog owner,,,and it's not like her to publish info until corroborated---in fact...she has been known to research material for days while we wait for her post of information..still, I found this word for word from a 2009 article---I removed until tomorrow.