Why us?

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    One has to wonder why those of us here and others who are prepping but haven't discovered this site yet, are convinced there is a need to prep while so many others are not. Those of you who are just prepping for tornados, hurricanes or other natural disasters would be understood by most others to be a prudent thing to do if one lived in the prone areas but I would guess that the majority here are prepping for either an economic collapse (as I am) a nuclear war or a pandemic and THAT is what seperates us from the unbelievers. So what is it about us and them that is different? Is it because we educated ourselves about the current global issues that could cause these events while many others are more interested in their golf scores or the lives of pop celebrities, for examples? Or do we have a stronger desire to survive, to be more willing to overcome obstacles and hardships? Or are most of us more "the planning type", more obsessive in our approach to problem-solving? Maybe all those things and more...
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    The prepping you are talking about is based on our own personal opinion of what is to happen in the future. We could just as easily be wrong as be right. No one knows the future. Plan for the worst-hope for the best.

  3. This has troubled me for some time. I think many people are scared to let their mind wonder what could happen in the future. They take the government's word to not worry that the mighty US will always keep them safe and protected cause that's why we pay taxes.....right? It is scary to start questioning what ifs. Where does it stop when you start questioning the present foundation of this great country. I think many people sleep better just going whith the flow. I think what sets us apart is we won't just bury our heads and take someone's word that all is well.
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    Because it's something people feel they're in control of.
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    Personally, I just feel more attuned to things. No one has to tell a wild animal to prepare for winter. Not that I consider myself a wild animal, but I think people get my drift.
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    Do you remember the moment you got it?

    I remember when I got it. It was the early 70s, I was a college student. I was in a bookstore and saw a book that was about the coming collapse and how to prepare for it.

    I have pondered the idea of why I get it and others don't. My grandparents, who survived the Great Depression, spoke of the fact that if it happened once, it would happen again. A cousin of mine mentioned this to me a couple years ago.

    I have wondered if there is a spiritual piece, as in a religious practice, that speaks to those of us who get it. Why do some people come to believe in Jesus while others don't? Or Budha?

    And with that, I also believe that prepping is no guarantee of survival, it just seems like more insurance. I know that children who practice fire drills are less likely to react hysterically when there is a real fire. That may be true to a degree with prepping, but sometimes when I read about people who have tried to tell anyone and everyone who will listen about prepping, I can visualize the same people being hysterical, to their own detriment. Actually, any preppers could become hysterical. That hysteria will draw attention in a not good way.
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    I think it's awareness and a sense of personal responsibility that sets some people ("preppers") apart from others.
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    You guys are all wrong, Its because of the glasses they wear. THEY wear "Rose Colored" ones, we dont.

    Just get them to take them off and their IQ will instantly increase by 20 to 30 points.
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    I can only speak for myself here but I was prepping before I even knew why I was doing it. I think subconsciously I was taking in the world around me which eventually led to nightmares, night after night of pending doom and every part of me said this was what I needed to be doing. We know that in some major event the goobs cant take care of us all and I'll be damned if I am going to sit around and let my family go down. Maybe we have a strong sense of self preservation. You know..the strong shall survive. Maybe we are control freaks. The world is out of control and this is what we do to feel in control of something. If you want to touch on the religious side, maybe we are the ones seeing what god is trying to show us. Whatever it is, never question it, just go with it!
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    Most people do not want to conceive of the world that they move in daily changing drastically.

    It is outside of their comfort zone.

    The person whose life revolves around modern comforts of all sorts does not want to contemplate being thrown back to an 18th century level of existence. I believe that many people would rather die than survive at that level.

    We are an extremely spoiled nation in that regard
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    I think it takes a certain amount of intelligence to see what's coming. Along with intellectual curiosity to do the research. I was awakened after seeing Porter Stansberry's "End of America" video. I also think God wakes up certain people. Having said that, it's also clear that preppers come from all kinds of different backgrounds. The thing I find interesting is that we tend to be disproportionately white and I have no idea what that is.
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    My reasons for prepping have evolved over time. I found this site from a recommendation on a Christian Women's site. I had wanted to change our diet to include more scratch cooking to save money and to make our meals healthier. Then I needed to find ways to store foods. Once I came to this site I realized that food was important, but water was even more important. Then it just kind of "snow balled" from there. Food and water are important but how am I going to cook without electricity, heat my home, what if the stores are closed, what if the one road that leads in and out of my community is closed and the list goes on... Thanks to Jerry D. Young and his stories, I had started considering things I had never thought of. Thanks to the folks on this site I found ways to put in to practice those things.
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    prepping is simply knowing things change, realizing that that change is not always good, and kept one's self safe. many don't prep because they feel comfortable in the stats quo. change can be scary and painful. the stas quo means everything is stable as it should be. the government tells us that if we do as they say they will maintain that stats for us. we are comfortable, safe and don't have to do anything. the question is do you trust the government to do what is best for you, or do you trust that you know what is best for you?
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    I think that there are a lot of people/sheeple on both sides of the pond who cant see further than their next paycheck, there are many here (UK) who dont believe anything bad will happen and if it does the British Government will come rushing to their aid like the 7th. Cavalry, i think the opposite, the govt couldnt organise a chimps tea party and i wouldn't trust the lot we have in power at the moment as far as i could throw them....as we say over here.:D
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    If you were raised by preppers

    I was raised by grandparents. Both sets of grandparents and their children had nearly starved during the Great Depression.

    They both had huge gardens in the summer and canned the abundance for the winter time. The basement had shelves and shelves full of canned tomatoes, green beans, corn, peaches, pears, plums and whatever else they had access to. They ordered baby chicks in the spring and raised them for egg laying and to slaughter. Often, we would butcher a chicken and fry it for dinner. Sometimes we would slaughter a few more and put them in the freezer. The freezer always had some part of a half a hog and a quarter of beef.

    We would get milk and a little fresh produce at the store, but mostly lived from the pantry, freezer and home stores. They also received government commodities as my mother died short $3.00 earnings to have allowed us to receive SS survivors benefits. The 100# + flour each month was baked into fresh bread and we rarely had bread from the store.

    I believe that in a way, these people were preppers. They were not living for SHTF, but they did not go to the store daily to buy tonight's dinner. I know this kind of people.

    One grandmother lived on the ranch and her children went to school in town, boarding with a family there. Grandpa would take the kids in on Monday morning and pick them up on Friday afternoon. Grandma told me she would rarely go to town, and at one time, did not go for more than a year. They had a country church they went to.
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    If you subtract the last 100 or so years of human history the mindset we presently have was the prevailing school of thought. Because the people either lived in or at least had exposure to agrarian communities. So what you have is roughly 50,000 years of people planting in spring, growing in summer, harvesting in fall and survivning the winter through the fruits of their labor oh yeah also hunting and foraging. Now people just go Safeway. In just 100 years 99% of the people have lost their way or should I say were willingly lead a stray. Why us maybe we are independent thinkers willing to ask questions and think for ourselves. We may not be right in our expectations. The worse thing that could happen is we were prepared. They say that those who forget the past are bound to repeat the same mistakes. I say the farther we get form the last calamity the nearer we get to next on. Its not a matter of if but when.
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    As an Air Force brat, growing up on SAC bases during the "Cold War," it really doesn't surprise me I am the way I am. We were stationed outside ConUS, so the base was "America," once you crossed the line at the maingate, the skycops couldn't save you. You were in "indian country."JA

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    I agree with your analysis. I also don't like the idea of going back to that level of existence, but with how screwed up our country has become, sometimes I think a reset wouldn't be such a bad thing.
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    That is it! Why us, why not someone else? As I said, why do some people accept Jesus and not others. Not to be religious, but I believe the book of what is going to happen has already been written, it is simply unfolding. We might think we have some control or influence over it, but do we? I know that not everyone believes this. I understand that. Just as I understand that not everyone understands the need to prep.

    If I were to prosletize about prepping, I might be able to convert some people. But I do not feel called to prosletize. I feel called to keep quiet and to do what I can to prep. I have felt called in the past to start a food coop so that people could purchase quantities of simple foods in bulk. That is a good place and way to meet other preppers.
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    Why me?

    I've studied history. :cool: