Who is the most tin hat prep group that you have met?

Discussion in 'General Chit-Chat' started by SnakeDoc, Nov 24, 2009.

  1. SnakeDoc

    SnakeDoc Well-Known Member

    I belong to a religion that fosters the idea of prepping. I am a convert but had lived in Fairbanks, AK and understood the need of being ready for just about anything.

    A few years ago I ran into a bunch that are end timers. Nice at first, but became scary and obsessive quickly.

    Have you guys had similar experiences?

    This experience has lead me to being much more private in my prepping.
  2. Jason

    Jason I am a little teapot

    Here in Penn's Woods there isn't much of a prepper attitude at all. We have very small Mormon populations (I never met one directly except for at work where nobody talks religion) and the people just don't have the rugged ready for anything mindset that is so prevalent out west. We have sheeple. We don't have earthquakes, volcanos, hurricanes, or any of that. Bad winter weather, yes, but it almost never gets below 0F. Maybe that's why...nothing to keep your attention. Complacency.

    Anyhow, I never met any prep group, tin fiol or otherwise.

  3. Expeditioner

    Expeditioner Well-Known Member

    I have met more individuals than groups (though I suppose that the individuals belong to a group of like minded people) that could be described as tin-foil types. Some of them have been very nice and others have been less than friendly.
  4. SurvivalNut

    SurvivalNut Retired Army

    Back in '90 I delivered some MRE's to a guy answering a newspaper ad. He said just put 'em in the barn. I walked in the "barn" and inside it was about a 40x40 ft fully secured modern arms room. Full wall to wall tactical weapons.

    We shook hands and I left quickly.

    He seemed like a nice guy.....

    Did not see any tinfoil hats. Didn't think to ask either.
  5. Vertigo

    Vertigo Member

    Well honestly... I think some of you guys are pretty high up there :D

    nah, just kidding

    Where I live, if it freezes for 3 consecutive days (-10°C or something) the government already needs to call it a national emergency... Most people here are just way too comfy in their 'government-provides-all world' So no preppers here really.

    Having food reserves for more than a week already gives you funny looks from people around here... :D


  6. TechAdmin

    TechAdmin Administrator Staff Member

    My Father is pretty crazy as in he wore a foil hat most of my child hood but I think looking back on it that it was a joke between my mother and himself that got taken way to far. Seriously he wore it for years.
  7. allen_idaho

    allen_idaho Well-Known Member

    I've never met any large groups of people that I would define as tin hat wearing crazies. But there have been a few small groups. Usually around 3-6 people. And it seems to be the ones you wouldn't suspect.

    It all starts out fine. Usually you get talking to these people about being prepared after it somehow crops up in the conversation. Then, all of a sudden, they go off on this weird tangent about how Planet X is going to wipe us all out in 2012 or how their uncle Jeb was abducted by aliens and got a metal rod stuffed up his corn chute. Maybe even how they have some psychic link to ancient atlantis.

    When it gets to that point, I usually just smile, nod, and excuse myself from the conversation. What can you do?
  8. TechAdmin

    TechAdmin Administrator Staff Member

    Never talk to them ever again.
  9. Vertigo

    Vertigo Member


    Brought a much needed laugh!

  10. SnakeDoc

    SnakeDoc Well-Known Member

    I was getting to know them and mentioned that I had been in the armored cav and was familiar with the operation of the M1A1 tank. They indicated that their group had one.

    I made a polite exit and have avoided them seriously for 3 years before their infighting seems to have them more interested elsewhere.
  11. WHISKEY 6

    WHISKEY 6 Guest

    I guess I've lived a sheltered 47 years.I can't recall,and I'm sure I would,coming across any
    folks like you guys are talking about.I guess I knew they were there,just never really thought about them.I'm thinking I should,if there coming for what I've got in an M1A1.


    Soldiers are hard on the outside,but have a soft heart.
    There wives are the opposite.
  12. rflood

    rflood Well-Known Member

    Never met a group, but have met a couple of individuals that I was happy to end the conversation with. Never been one to go for the black helicopter crowd but do realize that the government can do what it wants when it sees fit. What happened during Katrina when weapons were confiscated from law abiding people, when people were left to fend off the hordes themselves, when the govt screwed the pooch at Ruby Ridge, Waco all make me aware that things can go into the crapper pretty quick and the govt can become a hinderance to our own preservation.
  13. hank2222

    hank2222 Active Member

    i would have to say people tend to say iam wound up little tight but my wife would say that i had a view of the world that a little stange and we had a laugh at my view of the world but she would tell me i love you for stange outlook of the world..
  14. OldFashionedMama

    OldFashionedMama Partyin' like it's 1699

    Before my parents found their current group, we met a few weirdos-you know the "every plane that flies over my house is from the government" type, even though I live by a major airport LOL! We didn't know that the leader of this other group was notorious for being strange, and once we found out and spent some more time there, we knew it was time to leave. Even now in the new group, they'll get some crazies that show up at the meetings wanting to join, screaming about politics or how they want to assasinate the president (yeah, they actually got one of those...had to escort him out and call the feds about him...) That's why there's a disclaimer on their website now-if you are a homicidal conspiracy-theory nutcase, you aren't welcome here.
  15. Diego2112

    Diego2112 Well-Known Member

    Heh... My wife's, well, as she calls him "male counterpart half responsible for my being here," because "father" is a name he has not, nor will he EVER earn.

    Full blown, flouride's in the water, government's after me for mah "[email protected] 1337 [email protected]" skillz, did you just see that laser pointer? Must be a sniper... Those cops at the intersection? Yeah, they're after ME! etc etc type dude. Smoked pot every day of his life (and I'm pretty sure he smoked ALL the pot in NC, too! :D).

    My wife is TOTALLY convinced that she'll one day see him on the 11 o'clock saying "That UFO dun went off over THAR!" or MY favorite: "The tornadie just up and lifted muh trailer CLEAN OFF THUH GROUND! It jus' AINT THAR NO MORE!"

    Spoke to him ONE time. Will NOT again!

    Now, dont get me wrong, I'm pretty out there (and PROUD! :peep:), but this guy... MY GOD! He's a total SKITZO! ... Part of that MIGHT be from riding the white pony though... Ah well, cant be helped! tee hee hee

    But to bring this back to serious, our alien fathers from atlantis will return to teach us how to prepare for the coming of planet X before the comet sets in the SouthNorthern sky, on Friday, the 64th of Tuesday, when we have the ladies meeting for men only. Admission is free, you can pay at the door, and bring your own chair. We'll be sitting in the floor. If you noticed this notice, you've probably noticed that this notice is not really worth noticing! :nuts:
  16. The_Blob

    The_Blob performing monkey

    oh yeah, I had one of THOSE I let stay at my former BOL (just a hunt-camp site) after about a week I told him "this isn't working out, you gotta go, if you stay here any longer, I'll shoot you MYSELF"
  17. HozayBuck

    HozayBuck Well-Known Member

    I knew a couple of the Montana Freemen and was invited to join their little group but said no thanks.. I will fight for freedom in America but I refuse to shoot it out with the feds because some stup don't pay his tax's... it didn't go over well with one of them who was standing nearby but there wasn't a problem a couple of months later they ran into problems and made national news for several weeks..

    I know several people who fit the "black choppers are coming to get me" image some are flakes some are folks who listen to that Jones guy too much... I also know a lot who are just like each of you they prep they fully expect things to go to hell in a hand basket... but none belong to a group... I know nobody in a group... groups are poison.. having a few good friends who prep like you do is fine... groups will get into problems real quick..

    I don't wear tin foil but I believe out Gov is not working in my favor and I don't think I can trust the Gov to fulfill it's duties under the constitution ... which all of us know they aren't doing at all...

    I believe in me... and a few close friends and that's about it... and we are all free thinkers and follow no one person... so..no groups... and I avoid overly religious people also.. most of my friends have their own belief in a creator but only one try's to push it on others at every chance..
  18. Riverdale

    Riverdale Well-Known Member


    Where I grew up, we had Bug Out Bags in a vehicle for each person from November to March (lotsa snow/sleet freezing rain). 3 day mins.

    I once spent nearly 2 days in a 15' deep ditch in Feburary, It was freezing rain, the roads were shut down and before cell phones.

    We have BOB's in both of our vehicles, ALL the time.

    Won't talk about ammo and canned food tho ;)
  19. iouJC

    iouJC MAGIC Bullet

    WOW!! You guys have had all the fun!! I have never met any groups, but have met a few indivuals... one thinks the jets are poisoning us all......oops, maybe I shouldn't have said that. But really he thinks that every time a plane flies over he should get sick.

    I guess I'm the strangest person I know, because I believe in prepping, and most folks I have ever talked to about it just think I'm nuts. Or they go on spending all their money and say they will come stay ewith me when TSHTF. I learned quickly to keep my mouth shut.
  20. BadgeBunny

    BadgeBunny Well-Known Member

    Hands down it's got to be the Alpha-Rubicon bunch ... you haven't lived until you have bought a membership and looked around the on the "inside" :eek:

    And the members I FTF'd with were quite the characters too ... like others have said here, everything starts out pretty good but the more you get to know them, the more you feel the need to sleep with one eye open and your back to the wall. :eek::eek:

    There are some strange people wandering around out there ...