White chili

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  1. tsrwivey

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    White Chili
    2-cans chicken (12oz each)
    4- cans white beans (15 oz. northern, butter, navy, lima) or 1/2 cup each dried
    2- cans green chile enchilada sauce (15oz)
    1 -can corn or hominy (15oz)
    1 TBSP garlic powder
    4 TBSP dried onion
    1 TSP turmeric
    1 TSP cumin
    Simmer on low an hour or put in the crock pot. This recipe is a huge hit with the herd of teens at my house. I love that I can use canned beans for a quick, low cooking fuel usage meal or dried beans.
  2. Ezmerelda

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    I've wanted to try white chili, if you use dry beans, you'll need 2 cups? Do you pre-cook the dry beans, or just a good soak?

    Thanks for the recipe!

  3. *Andi

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    I'm like Ezmerelda, I have wanted to try white chili ... but never have. :dunno:

    Thanks for posting. :)
  4. MrSfstk8d

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    Hmm, looks good. I'll have to give this one a try. Thanks!
  5. Frugal_Farmers

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    Sounds AWESOME--will have to give it a try
  6. tsrwivey

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    Yes, you'll need about a half cup of each for a total of 2 cups. I soak my beans in hot water to speed things up, when the water gets cool I drain & refill with more hot water. They'll be ready to cook in an hour or so.