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Which One Are You?
December 4, 2010 America, Capitalism, Liberty & Freedom, Constitution, Crime, Featured, Heritage, History, Politics, tldavis 5 Comments
by TL Davis
Wikio - Social Networking News - Das aktuelle Geschehen aus Sicht der sozialen Medien

The parent company of NBC and MSNBC (Olbermann's domain) is General Electric, which also owns GE Capital, a company that received 139 billion dollars from the bank bailout scheme. Never heard a word from Rachel Maddow, or Keith Olbermann disclosing this fact. Isn't that a violation of SEC rules? Oh, that's right, we have a Democratic president, which means that regulatory rigor is not applicable, it is, rather subjective. I mean, why be a hard-ass about things like bankers and Wall Street types? Especially when you can demagogue them all day long since you BOUGHT THEM OFF with the shades pulled down.

Look, I grew up during Watergate. I watched it all on TV. I was captivated by it at the age of 11. That's how far back I remember corruption in government, so I'm not playing the fool here. I know that high stakes require some level of dirty-dealing and outright corruption. There is nothing about America that makes it above such antics, but there is also a level of corruption that turns one's stomach. Yes, there is corruption in America, but what we are seeing now is different. It is worse than crass corruption typical of Sub-Saharan Africa, or third-world dictatorships.

Everything you see on the news has been paid for by the Obama Administration. This is what it comes down to: the press is pulling out all the stops. They are willing to go broke to push their socialist agenda. They are willing to lie, dissemble, deflect and demonize to get their way. Nothing they say is the truth, because they can smell the finish line and realize that everything they have worked for over the past several decades has led them to this moment in time and they will not be deterred. And, we have now paid them to do it.

Our government has funneled trillions of dollars into the coffers of the socialist media. You wonder why the Republicans haven't stood up to this? Because they have given up, they are fighting over definitions. To be blunt, they are on the train destined for the gulag bargaining for a better seat, a more comfortable corner. They have cast their lot with the socialists, but they won't admit it because they know that while we believe in America there is a chance they can bargain our lives for their comfort.

The politicians in Washington have robbed the treasury to fund a war chest to oppose the very people who put the money into the treasury. Don't you get it? They are literally enslaving you as I write this post. They know that if they can just get Obamacare fully enacted the biggest battle is over, they have made us all cows to be milked at will.

If you are not ready to stand up to this sham, this organized crime because you are afraid of losing your job, you are missing the point. You might never get the point. It doesn't matter if you have a job if your job is nothing more than serving as a pod hanging in the matrix, the lifeblood being drawn to power the machine that enslaves you. I don't mean to be disrespectful, but you don't have any more time. The game is over in the next few months. We either back this socialist monster down and shove it back into the dark cave of despotism right now, or we accept the demise of liberty on earth. There is no other champion to carry the torch.

I don't know what you hold dear, but if you recognize that the decisions you make about your life right now can be the difference between liberty and enslavement and you would turn away, then do so. Call out your name as you walk away. Be proud in your acceptance of your role. Embrace the yoke the socialists have waited so long to hang on your neck. Liberty was never meant for the likes of you.

The script has been written by our politicians and it dictates that we will succumb to the pressure, to the constant machinations of collectivism, and that we will willingly relinquish that last bit of liberty that has kept our hearts alive. To them we are play-acting. They think we have secretly given up as well, but our bravado won't let us go quietly into slavery. They think we need just one more little push.

I will not. I don't know who will stand with me, but I will not live in a world without liberty. There is no place for an American in such a world.

You must by now know how this plays out, right? They wreck the economies until no private enterprise exists. News anchors ignore the horror in the streets while they pump up the brilliance and benevolence of the leaders of the world governments who are coming together to save us all. At the same time these so-called leaders starve most of the people and let the others claw each other to pieces while they hide behind the last lines of defense, the ones established by the traitorous armies. It becomes a world of survival, betrayal and death. The last vestiges of comfort are enjoyed by George Soros and his government cronies in the one world government. Our Constitution is no more than a rag to these people, it is a false flag of truce under which they move their troops into position.

And, that's how it ends. But this script can be all wrong, it can be rewritten by honest-to-God patriots who understand the issues, who will not let them go behind closed doors and commit this crime against humanity. It will take people who mean what they say, a precious commodity in today's world, and who will act selflessly. They must be willing to put everything else in this world aside to secure the blessings of liberty to their posterity. It has to mean less that one survive and more that liberty lives; less that they can breathe and more that there is the breath of freedom on earth.

I don't know which one you are. I know which one I am.


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The WAR is real. This is the beginning of the full-on end game.

Funny how people believe the media is factual and un-biased.

NOTHING is accidental.

The media are whores....absolute corruptable and willing accomplises.

Great post OP.
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