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Local elected officials. Still having to put up with these gang peoples. Still doing there sex and violence training, practising, for booze, and drugs, and vengeance, and hatreds, as taught to them, to hate others, blame others (you infidel, honky, slaver, white p0wer"less", racist, criminal now), and others vengeance, and well, they like it. Done by criminals.

Even though the troubles-makers drug dealers, junkies, jihadies, living here, still get free booze. It is not enough. They want to fall asleep, in there own vomit, and excrement, basically, daily. That is what happens, when they get enough, right then, of booze and drugs. The convicted sex offenders, like pedophiles, still want to have others abused for fun, when older (personal entertainments and stimulation). Will do this daily, for years, for decades, and do.

The junkies and jihadies talk about me, around me. They know where I go online, and talk about it. (Super Creepy). Make various comments. "He's not following the rules, he knows, we can not hurt him now, he's talking about us". Various death threats, from someone, who has made death threats before, and threats of extreme violence. The self proclaimed gang leader, in the room, next to me. Maybe he is the second cousin, of some elected legislature in the local Yellow knife assembly, (no joke). A elected legislature, from one of the small communities around here, or he (others) knows stuff about them. From growing up with them.

Junkies growing up, and partying with now elected legislatures, in these small communities, of maybe, a few hundred or so people, or less, in some cases. Home | Legislative Assembly of The Northwest Territories Mayors, city councillors, gov workers, etc. The same.

Perhaps you think, having more women, in the local legislature, would be better. They are already, up to there eyeballs, in everything that goes on, around here. I'm sure someone once said, there ankles are fat, or something similar. Do I need to talk about mayors, town councillors, etc, like local enforcement officers also? Being like the elected legislatures? "Just one" R.C.M.P. officer posted there (murdered), in many of these places, as I have said before. In these little places? Read about how nice the R.C.M.P. were, and now killed there in some of these places. Trying to be nice, (R.C.M.P.) and then, having to do there job, with a violent angry person(s). Kind of like with spousal violence. (Dangerous). So many family members, and relatives, to get out of control. With a lone, R.C.M.P. member. Lots of booze and drugs present. Taught to hate and blame others. One story here. Other RCMP have been killed.

Even if true, (abused) in there cases, it is just a excuse, to dominate, and hurt others. You say this, and many groups, will come around, calling you a racist and doing all kinds of things, to you and yours, behind the scenes. Trying to get you say comments, that can be taken out of context, to tell the world "you are racist." Members of all minorities, will come around doing this. Involved in drugs, violence, making sure the modern day slaves, want nothing, to do with you. Making sure, they do not want to hear, what you say, or to read about it. They must, so do. Do this to people. Covering up the truth of what they do to others. Do all this to you and yours, because they want to, is enough.

Heard some street people, get angry at one elected legislature before, and start talking about, crimes he did, with them, in a local coffee shop, screaming about him. Never really payed attention, just remember that part. Another local coffee shop started playing Jihadi music, right where I was sitting, on the speakers right there, when ordinary people, are not present. Like when the delivery people, at the time, dresses up like Afghani Mountain warriors, who show up sometimes. I joke not. They do not dress like that anymore. Whatever takes with me, I guess. I can understand that, screaming at/to god, screaming to the heavens, about the injustice of it all. (Sound familar). Even though I do not understand a word of Arabic. Forced to listen to that crap, when trying to study. Even though the music in itself, can be OK.

As a melody distilled down to it's essence. Nothing else, over and over again. Trying to turn you, or me, into a special type, of religious nut. Dangerous stuff to do to a person, kind-of like ritualized chanting, A.K.A. repetition. Trying to make me turn to god, in a special terrorist way, for justice. Then you get paraded on TV. Or talked about on TV. Various forms of "he is crazy, violent, extremist (I watched gun videos, etc)."

Easy, fun, get great lives, get great careers, get great pensions, not boring, stimulating for some. Others get to rage still, another socially acceptable way, to rage at us in fake "just cause". Rage at the victims, the modern day slaves.

Like now, being kept stressed out, but wanting to study. If you were beaten, even day severely with a stick. Then people just tap you ,every day with a stick, and sometimes, beat you some more. It still hurts, you still have to focus on the abuses. Not be able to concentrate, etc. Maybe fight back, and the RCMP are waiting for you. Just get jumped, like they show in these shows, about being in lockup, jail and prison. Constant threats, constant harassment, constant constant constant. What does that do to your mind? I have personally gone beyond that, in some ways. As a human rights activist in Canada. The Chinese better watch out, they are second best, when it comes to violence, of Chinese water torture style techniques.

Some examples of when the level of violence become public in the N.W.T. Budging at the seams, into public consciousness. convicted wife abuse&section=all&sortOrder=relevance&media=all

Remember all the the population of the NWT is less the 46,000 people. It use to be around 80,000 to 100,000 a long time ago. Not that you can find that anymore. Or so it was said. I think I looked that up before and it was one hundred thousand ish. Maybe 120k. Edmonton is just one flight away from Yellowknife. Hundred of people every day back and forth, before covid-19. Street people too, sent there, for operations and such. Not allowed to do autopsies here, has to be done down south. Edmonton. A capital city not allowed to do autopsies. Rightly so too.

Story about another R.C.M.P. police officer, being killed here. Police officer shot dead in Canadian Arctic community - Wikinews, the free news source A quote "Constable Scott, who had been on the job for six months, is the second northern Canadian RCMP officer killed on duty in just under a month."

So now, these people are in prison, and doing what you see on these TV shows, to others in prison. Still getting there booze and drugs. Having fun, doing what they can not to be bored, staying stimulated. But maybe not in this case, who knows. After killing a R.C.M.P. officer anyway.

The story about the "Edmonton teen sues employer who assaulted him on remote site". Link here. If that teen had attacked his employer. Even hit him once with what was being done to him. That's it. They might have left him to freeze to death. Based upon other knowledge I have from around here. That was a real possibility. Being left to die, or, lets say. Merely trapped, in one of these communities, and impoverished. To poor to leave, and with a criminal record now, and no references. A horror to live in. Waiting for you to give up and turn to drugs. The criminal justice system there, and other government workers and local businesses to and the press. Do I need again to talk about the local city hall and other government departments just "pretending" to help. Out daily, various peoples, seeing who the new people, they are going to "pretend" to help are?

In that story, there is a link, to another story about this. Even explaining how they were "Trapped" "Trapped:Edmonton teens recalls employers abuse at remote work site". Why not been going on with me here, in full view of the pubic, for more than a decade already. Make a mistake, this employer. Went after two people, at the same time, in the same place, in full view of each other. If it had been only one teen. He would have ended up trapped like me and on the streets. Just another local crazy person., Assuming he did not commit suicide first.

Had to listen to them for years screaming about how everything, I do online, is some type of crime or something with how they act. I go to, the default gateway web page here and a username/password prompt appears. They were given access and or now get told by staff I guess where I go. Same with the video surveillance in my room. Having to listen to convicted sex offends talk about me not dresses and such until recently.Did again one a few days ago. Even after the police showed up as they were getting more extreme. That was weeks ago now. Telling people outside I guess. Was not a issue for years before.

Still making moaning noises lots through the day. One of the gang leaders, in the room next to me does this now, or gets his crew, to do that, and other things. Perhaps you think it is funny. Have you ever been living, in a homeless shelter before, or just have street people around you. Lets say, you want to watch TV, in the public area, in the street shelter. Just like on these "60 days in" and such TV shows. The channels, will be changed. Fights over the TV remote. Showing you, who is in charge, just like on these TV shows.

At the same time, one or more people, will be masturbating, while watching TV. Some on them are almost certainly on medications, to chemically castrate them, or as good as. They are still trying to masturbate. They can not, but they are still trying to. Physically trying, hand down there pants, and physical masturbating motions. You learn, they are some of the most physically violent people there, pretty fast. Not when older though, well directly. These are the types of people, who hit women for fun, stimulation, while having sex for example, or worst, to sexually dominate them, or children. Maybe just using terror, to dominate them. Like they like using, violence and terror, to dominate people, on these TV shows.

What was done to me, by my former employer on purpose, started before the year 2000.

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Forming a "Proud to be White, which is our right too" group. Instead of joining one of these "white p0werless" full of criminals, as said before, on TV, and now implied. So they will make you, become a criminal. You might want to join a "Proud to be White, which is our right too" group. Teach white "proudness" and not hatred. Let the others come around, and teach you, to hate them. Or well, you can start blaming them, to as they blame you. Eventually do that to, as they now do. Whatever.

Don't forget. The racist they have, will come around and be racist to you to. But pretend not to, until they do that to. Out in the open to.

Various groups, may want to argue to you, all the bad things, white people have done, and do. Just like they still do, and have done too, for thousands of years, to all they can, and still do. Just talk about, how in there traditional homelands, to this very day, they have tribal warfare still. Some of there traditional homelands, have slaves, to this very day. Some of there traditional homelands, women still have no basic human rights, and can be beaten, or killed, to this very day, even princesses can be beheaded. This is very important. They will want to argue, this and that still. Just keep talking about that.

I guess, you can say, white people are superior, in that, and other ways, as a race of people too. Or were, if only for a moment in time.

So if you form a "Proud to be White, which is our right too" group. If only a few, watch the power, of that to. Signs that say only that to. You will all be called a racist, hatred group to. But when they do to, and they already do to. They are not racist to. But are to. Do you understand now to, a slave, you are to, and yours to. To be victimized, by many to. Who only pretend to help you, at best to. If they must, to pretend, you are not a slave, to them to.

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Masturbating noises and such. Sex and violence. They still do this to me, because I believe, there are other people in Yellowknife, right now, having this done to them. To drive them insane, or to commit suicide, or try to commit suicide, or get into a fight, with one of them. Then the R.C.M.P. show up "not understanding" what is going on, and so a criminal record for you. Psych ward, first for you. A mental evaluation.

Just your beginning, of the horrors, that will get, even more intense afterwards, because of the threats, that get said, around you, in the psych ward, and what the police act like, and say, as you maybe, call them out of desperation for help, as I have, did, and learned not to bother. (Some became mass shooters). You crazy, violent, insane person, and having delusions now. Still being done to me, torments. So still being done to others, torments. I have seen this, a few times over the years. I realize what it means now. You can not literally think clearly, with what gets done to you. Constantly over a long period of time.

Just as, with what started to happen, as show on TV, as happened to, the former president of the United States of America, Donald Trump. As they were doing more, and more, to him, and he gets worst and worst acting. (I email the press about this stuff. 1000s of emails.) As seen on TV. Just a little of what gets done to me, and us, and has been done to me. Will be done to others. May 5 2021. At Arnika Inn here in Yellowknife. Still going on. A science now, for countless thousands of people to use, against others. Forcing people to have mental breakdowns, on purpose. Whatever takes. It gets much worst, after the RCMP get involved. Not understand what is going on, apparently. Well when the so called "justice system" gets involved.

Going to add some more audio recordings, what it is like here. Trying to sleep like just now. The noises they make, to wake you up, that just happened to me again, for the 20,000 time. Walking down the street in Yellowknife, and getting screamed at by a junkie, and death threats and such. Hopefully can be heard. In the Listen to the devil voice with me forum link. Listen to the devil voice with me Assuming my internet does not get cut off again.

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Merely trying to get a education, is enough, when poor, for these people to come after you. Like happens to me. So you can get a job and get away from them. All are suppose to be just drug addicts and junkies. The government doesn't want people thinking about how they throw other people in with the gangs to be brutalized.Not the same as in having law enforcement shoot you to kill you. Just another way to destroy someone. Waiting everywhere now, for all to experience.

Maybe you think I should get a student loan. I can not do that. I go to some university say with 10,000 other people. People from Yellowknife will go there with the explicit into of harassing me. Then thinks at that university will get more and more like Yellowknife. As the years go by. Then even more will be done to other victims. New victims now and spreading from somewhere else, with lots of young (victims) people around. So then this type of things, will spread even faster, and new techniques, will be figured out, to victimize people. They only hire the best here, after all, to work here, in the government. Paperwork proves it.

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The poor. Especially when white are the modern day slaves. Everybody in government gets to live off your suffering. Poor white women are a close second. In some ways they have it worst. Violence and sexual assault and fear of law enforcement.

You will not hear the press talking about modern day slavery, but only in the past, slavery. Not actual slavery, taking place today, and tomorrow... So they must ball and scream loudly. So you do not realize, what is being done to you, or to people around you, or is waiting, to be done to you. You racist. You criminal. You mentally disturbed person.

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357am in mourning may 4 2021 2021_05_04_03_55_35.mp3 178MB

Made May 4 2021. Some swearing. Almost 4AM in the mourning. Constant nonstop taping. Had already been going on for more than 12 hours straight. This is exactly the type of thing they do to people, to give you a mental breakdown. With others lying, they can not hear anything. Other abuses at same time. "He thinks people are talking about him". Laughing. "He thinks people are after him". Laughing. "He says people make masturbation noises around him". Laughing. "Don't talk to him, he's crazy". All kinds of moaning. No laughing anymore but use to all the time with that to.

May 4 2021 3:57am Some swearing. Can hear the constant, nonstop, banging. Some of these people have been doing this type of thing to people for more than a decade. Not letting people have a good sleep and keeping you exhausted. No deep delta sleep. Experts.

Want to pretend, it was only the junkies around here, doing this now. By having them constantly after you in various was. Still lots of people involved still. You can not think clearly.

May 19 2021. Listened to some of recording myself, at random.

So several minutes picked after listening to a few places at random. Must be basically screaming for me to record them. So just 5 or 6 minutes of this recording transcribed.

Time are length into recording.

2:10:06 loud "owea..." than again "owe..." a few more words. lots of sort of honking noises.
2:10:17 "owe..."
2:10:29 "owe..."
2:10:30 "ass-hole"
2:10:36 "owe..."
2:10:38 "owe..."
2:10:40 "owe..."
2:10:49 "owe..." a few more times
2:11:00 "owe wake up owe"
2:11:04 "owe..."
2:11:05 honking and saying "mother fucker owe...". Disguising there voice
2:11:10 honking saying "fat fuck". Disguising there voice. "owe..."
2:11:15 "owe..."
2:11:19 honking "god" Disguising there voice
2:11:22 honking "god" Disguising there voice
2:11:25 "owe..."
2:11:28 fast with Disguising voice "fat fuck" and "owe..."
2:11:32 fast with disguised voice "fat"
2:11:35 "owe..."
2:11:41 "blow your head" disguised voice
2:11:45 "fat" with disguised voice
2:11:50 "blow your head" with disguised voice and then "owe..."
2:11:55 "owe..."
2:11:58 "owe..."
2:12:02 "owe..."
2:12:05 "I'm warning you" with disguised voice and "fat Albert" at the same time
2:12:09 not sure what said with disguised voice "warning" then "owe..."
2:12:12 "sorry you" with disguised voice and the "owe..."
2:12:12 "fat Albert" in disguised voice then "owe..."
2:12:15 "fat Albert" in disguised voice
2:12:18 "fat Albert" in disguised voice
2:12:22 fast in disguised voice "fat fuck"
2:12:25 in disguised voice "belly fuck"
2:12:29 in disguised voice "fuck"
2:12:32 "owe..."
2:12:35 "get out of here" and "owe..."
2:12:39 "owe..."
2:12:41 fast in disguised voice "fat" then "owe mother fucker" and then "get out of here owe"
2:12:44 "owe you perv, get out of here, owe..." 2 different voice
2:12:52 says in disguised voice "fat"
2:12:54 in disguised voice "get her out of here, fat Albert" Albert is my middle name.
2:12:04 "owe..."
2:12:06 "I know" in disguised voice
2:13:11 "owe..."
2:13:13 "now" in disguised voice
2:13:15 "fat Albert" in disguised voice and then "owe..."
2:13:18 in disguised voice "fat Albert get out of here" and then "owe..."
2:13:22 "fat" in disguised voice
2:13:25 "fat" in voice
2:13:28 "get out of here" in voice
2:13:32 "fat Albert out of here" in voice
2:13:34 "owe..."
2:13:35 "fat Albert out of here" in voice
2:13:39 "fat Albert out of here alright"
2:13:51 "moaning in voice "fat Albert out of here" they are experts at doing all kinds of special effects to voices. Decades of experience.
2:13:54 "you" or "go" in voice
2:13:56 "you" or "go" in voice
2:13:58 fast "fat Albert get out of here" another voice moans "get out" and 1st voice "fat Albert get out"
2:14:05 fast "fat Albert get out here" in voice
2:14:10 "fat Albert get out of here" in voice and then "get the hell out of here"
2:14:17 "get out of here" in voice. Get is also "fat Albert" at same time
2:14:19 "get out of here hurry up" in voice
2:14:24 "get out of here" in voice
2:14:28 "fuck"
2:14:30 "get out of her Albert" in voice
2:14:38 "fat Albert" in voice
2:14:40 "fat Albert" in voice and "owe..."
2:14:45 "fat Albert" in voice
2:14:51 "fat Albert out of here" in voice
2:14:55 "fat Albert out of here" fat is "get" at the same time in voice
2:15:01 "fat Albert hell out of here" in voice
2:15:05 "get out of here" in voice
2:15:10 "shit" in voice
2:15:12 "get out of here weirdo" in voice
2:15:16 "shit"
2:15:57 "why are you here" in new voice and repeats several times. do this type of stuff in timing with mt breathing. They like doing that.
2:16:26 "Jesus" and continues with "why are you here" repeating in new voice
2:16:25 "someone else makes a comment. The more that one person "why" and "why are you here"
2:16:45 "owe... oh..."
2:16:47 fast "this is end" or "this is the end"
2:16:52 back to "why are you here" with someone else making comments in between
2:17:01 woman "owe..."
2:17:04 women "owe...lay"
2:15:07 "owe..." woman
2:17:10 "owe.." someone else says "get out of here" at same time almost
2:17:13 "owe..." woman
2:17:16 "owe..." woman
2:17:20 "owe..." woman
2:17:23 "owe..." woman
2:17:27 "owe..." woman
2:17:30 "owe..." woman
2:17:33 "owe..." woman
2:17:37 "owe... lee" Leroy, the self proclaimed gang leader. Well pod leader of some. As you see in shows like "60 days in"
2:17:41 "owe..." woman
2:17:43 "owe..." woman
2:17:46 "you need to get out" in muffled voice

Lots more I guess.

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So talked about this, and now, there is talk about reopenings and such. Probably not related. The problem is, they already did, what was needed, in there actions, to make sure, covid-19 spread all over the world, and all over your personal governments country.

We will see what happens. If we survive. Well lots of vaccines done anyway. Not effective against the flue. Usually you need a new one every year. So we will see.

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So the war against Israel had is over. Or flareup with Hamas. Hamas means "Islamic Resistance Movement". Hamas - Wikipedia

Suppose to use special words like "Hamas" and not Muslim. Lots of special words get used. Instead of Muslin. To complicate situations for you. Unless you understand.

Junkies lead from the front, in 1st world countries. Are the holy warriors to.

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The province of Ontario Canada has a population of almost 14.8 million people. Premiere Doug ford says. I quote: "Our public health experts tell us we could see hundreds of thousands of cases every day," I will say Premiere Doug ford seems to be quite the honest person. Even when it's not in his best interest, even as a politician. Not saying he's a good person, or anything like that. At least he tried to be honest.

Basically a high level government official is admitting, almost all are going to get covid-19. What will the next mutation bring? Was said before the covid-19 is a low mutation virus by experts of TV. Millions of people were not infected before. Seems to be, whenever millions of people get infected, than it is, for all practical purposes, a high mutation rate virus. Prevention in the future is key.

Local lock downs locally. A.K.A. state and province wide, and surrounding state and provinces. I suspect, we need criminal laws, put in place, and for government officials to and the press to (board members to). Same for press to, constantly whining and complaining at first, causing delays in government actions, and causing serious trouble, (how many dead and wishing they were dead now? More yet?). When your government, does try to do different stages, of lock down. Remember the nation press wining constantly at first.

That's the problem when you are dealing with people, in the press for example whom can not be trusted to do what's best for you and yours. Even when there very life is at stake. Criminal and such want us to change. They don't want us justly punishing them. Prison for example. So it never truly gets better for us but it gets better, easier for them. More laws against them, mean in real life, more laws the get enforced against us, to intimidate, and control us, your families, further. It's been like that, for a long time now, getting worst and worst. Real fake justice, just on TV. Mostly. They are the problem. Not us.

So when people lie about some issues and you know. Not all 100% facts. They lie about everything they can. Lets them manipulate, and control us. Use us up, and toss us away like garbage. Just part of modern day slavery. Those type of peoples, can not be trusted in anything, at all. Nothing at all. Nothings prefect, but they should strive for perfection. For what's best for us. They are supposed to be working for us. So they claimed and still act. At least, we need facts, and all the relative facts. Who can figure that out, always. No one, no one group. Therefore, they should never act like, they know whats best for you and yours, ever. Warn you, I would, and do. I try though. You few.

People whom think, are dangerous to them. So thinking people, do not trust them. Since they lie. Easiest to think of them as lying to you. Easier. What's best for you. You and yours life, my depend upon that. Not fun but real. Oh so, very important now. In that story, no claims are made, that things, might not get a lot worst, with covid-19.

So if hundreds of 1000s of people a day, get covid-19. In Ontario alone. Triage will start taking place, nation wide. Deciding whom gets to live and die. Say if you grandparents get a medical issue, and it's decided, behind the scenes, that old people, will almost certainly die of covid-19 anyway. Even if they survive a trip to the hospital, that one time. Car accidents, other serious accidents, etc. Maximize resource usage. Want the press and locals, seeing them, do lots, to lots of people. Like in a movie. P.R. damage control. Helping as many people as possible. That's how I see the future anyway. Might even be best, for a population base. Not for indivual people though. Looks like we are going to find out. Maybe. Self isolation is best then. Been doing that lots myself, as much as possible.

Hospitals then, more likely (high probability) will become, hot beds, of all kinds of infections, like in a movie. You may not be able to do much about covid. But other medical issues you can. By isolation if nothing else. People rubbing shoulder to shoulder, and all that. Closed air system stained. I hope the government is preparing other infirmaries anyway. More sites. No one should have to go to the hospital because a non life threatening cut became infected. That was common knowledge 50 or more years ago. Taught by schools and the church. The church was the school.

My grandmother use to scrub any scratched with soap and water vigorously, and immediately. Didn't like it at all, painful. Didn't dare not show up though. So frantic acting sort of. Checked several times afterwards, for signs of infection. Several times in several hours. Covered to protect wound for getting infected. Gauze, bandages and taped. Good tape back them. Painful band-aids to take off. Band-aids did not come off, by putting your coat back on, for example, and then rub your jacket against wound (now infected). Checked and checked, and checked. Kids. Never trusted us. I realize now. Kids. Always checked. Told me to stay inside usually I think. Long long time ago. Pedal dirt bikes and all that.

Career criminal street people should be a low priority. They will not be. Not all. Not even close. Maybe where you are but not in other places. A core of murderous cancer that will grow and thrive. Again.
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