When you water run out what water can you Trust?

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    Check out this article about water purification. It talks about common water problems, the health effects, and the solution to those common water problems. Emergency water purifiers link. From following these steps you can even drink your chlorinated pool water!
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    Pre pre-filter....

    With all water filters, the cleaner the water going in, the cleaner the water going out, and the longer your water filter will last. (Doh!)

    OK, so use clean, washed, terry cloth as a pre-filter if there is any hint of particulate in the water. Your filter will work better and stay good longer. Most bacteria stick to the particles in the water, so by removing as many of those as possible, you're half-way home in (potable) water safety.

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    I bought a big Berkey which is pretty much top of the line for home filters. I also bought extra filter elements for extended use if called for.
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    Remember to filter and settle your water before treating.

    This can be done by running water through cloth such as a Tshirt then allowing sitting until solids settle. The clear water can then be skimmed to be ran through your filter etc.