"WHEN" we run out of Oil...

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    I remember about 5 years ago there was a period where the pumps were out of gas for about 3 days. I don't know the exact reason why, but something was going on with the oil in the middle east and that was the result.

    My mother commuted to the city for work at the time and had to take the day off of work because there wasn't enough gas in the car to make the round trip with half a tank. There was even one gas station that was trying to sell for $2/Litre(at the time .75c/Litre was normal).

    It got me thinking last night...(infact I spent an hour talking about it before I went to bed with the wife) about what would happen if there was no gas at the pumps for more than a week, a month, two months??? I mean they say that there is only 250-300 years left of fossil fuels. What happens when gas prices hit $5/Litre??? We've already seen it and just on a minor scale. The gas goes up, so does the food prices, electricity, water heating, in essence EVERYTHING/LIVING.

    This is not another 'paranoid possibility', but a WHEN and SOON. I would like to put some faith in human kind that we would come up with a quick solution and I think that humans are very adaptable, we always have been in history and I believe we would be today and sometimes we don't give us enough credit, but what do we do for that 2 or 5 or even 10 years while the government that the masses rely on figure out a solution.

    Unfortunately people like myself that live a modern life(although up north and not in a city) can't put all of our eggs in one basket financially, throw our jobs out the window and retire at 25 years of age. However, my wife and I have planned to live a modest life with a modest car, home, and living essentials all the while supplementing our food, beer, preserves, and overall entertainment with the simpler things in life like nature. This will allow us to acheive that self sufficient lifestyle earlier on in life.

    I will be ready, I'll tell you that. And I think this is a great site with great ideas, great people, and not like some other paranoid schizo sites, it's more realistic. So, in relation to prepping, it's the thought of the inevitable like this situation that lead us to prepare and to be self sufficient.
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    First of all, congratulations on the decision to be become more self reliant. and that is also the answer to the "Peak Oil" dilema. Just as you have decided to plan for your future, the energy companies are also doing the same. I know many of you are screaming right now about those evil oil companies. A few clarifications are in order: The Government is not in the Oil Buisness! Yet. Except for the taxes that they collect from on fuel, which, by the way is more than the Oil Companies profit on the same fuel. The Govt. does not control the price of fuel, Yet, the market place does. It really is that simple. The market is very complicated and just as volatile. Supply and Demand is what controls the market, when supply is limited and demand is high, the price goes up. This applies to everything, not just oil.
    The energy companies make huge amounts of money and this is the result of small profit margins on extremly high volumes. These companies desire to maintain these high profits and will supply the energy solutions at a price that the market will support. This has always been and will always be. The only obstacle for such solutions is in fact the Govt. Right now there are dozens of refinery projects that are ready to go and just waiting on permits, read that as Govt. approval. our gas prices would be less is we could refine more fuel. We have just been subjected to a 7 year ban on offshore oil drilling. Our benevolent Govt did this and the market has already responded, higher fuel prices. The more areas and the more often that we get the govt. out of our buisness, the better our lives will be. Government designed solutions always fail.
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    :2thumb: Exactly!

    As the price of gasoline goes up other solutions become viable. Right now the internal combustion engine is king because of economics. Research and development is expensive. Building factories is expensive as is training workers. The money will have to be there before change will occur. The most likely thing that will happen (and is happening) is the gov't. will impose taxes and penalties, artificially driving prices up to make alternate methods of transportation viable. As usual it's the little guys who feel the pain the most.
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    Oil supply is not the problem

    I believe the problem everyone will face is "lack of availability" not the lack of oil. No one will be transporting the gas/diesel, etc.. due to either money being worth nothing, or dangers during transport, or distributors have other priorities, and you are not included in them. If fuel showed up, there would be wars at service stations. If the cell towers are still working, word would travel like lightning if a tanker started rolling into town. You would be number 2354 in line for gas. You won't want to be there with the sheeple.
    Better prepare ahead of time for your fuel needs as best you can. Everyone is limited in what they can do to prepare. However, you better be considering all of the SHTF scenarios and what YOU can do to react to them.
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    We were here before oil and will be here after oil.........is all a state of mind.
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    PopPop is right on the mark

    Peak oil is a term used to designate a time in the next 10-20-30 years, where the yield of crude oil will decline, but it's not as if the oil spigots turn off one day.

    If you really want to learn about peak oil check out this link and it's the best example I've ever seen.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-QA2rkpBSY]YouTube - The Most IMPORTANT Video You'll Ever See (part 1 of 8)[/ame]

    The price of oil is set by a multitude of factors, including Wall St speculators, the gov't policies of handcuffing exploration, civil unrest in oil producing nations, OPEC, oil producing nations holding back production to rise prices, oil companies taking refineries off line thereby reducing available products,the value of gold & the US dollar.

    Up until a few years ago, oil was bought & sold in 2 curriencies, the US dollar and gold, but recently many of the non-OPEC oil producers are accepting other curriencies like the Swiss Franc & Euros. Don't forget that Russia is the largest oil producer, they supply 55% of europes oil & gas and they've got them by the short hairs, worse than the arabs have the US by the balls.

    The sick part of this oil game is that if the US decided to launch a concerted effort to save this precious resource, oil would be around $20 a barrel. It would be very simple to turn off all the wasteful lights at night, drive smaller efficent cars and place a higher reliance on high compression clean diesel engines like europe has done.

    These leftist environmental idiots like Al Gore would have you believe that we can run our economy from vegetable oil, ethanol, solar & wind power. BS !!!! At most 5% of our cars will run on ethanol because it takes more energy to grow the corn (the worst choice for a biofuel at a 10% yield), create the fuel, then transport it, than you get the benefit from. Hydrogen fuel cells aren't feasible and will only be used for a dog & pony show and electric cars are a complete joke. Between the waste & cost of the batteries, coupled with the fact that the electricity has to be produced by burning fossil fuel or nuke energy, it's a zero sum game.

    The fuels for the future lie with clean coal, high compression clean diesel engines, nuclear and natural gas. The thing people aren't understanding is that we don't have many hundreds of years of supply because the population continues to explode and you'll understand this after watching the 8 part video that I posted above.
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    My friend, who is prepping, says she sure wishes she'd kept her horse!!
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    You're right --the oil companies aren't always the bad guys--I read they spend billions a year on research for alternative energy.

    Of course they will profit..but is anyone else making the effort to tackle this problem---surely the CEOs have figured out by now it's their childrens' and grandchildrens' world too.
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    Interesting vid. I've thought a lot lately about the problem of overpopulation. According to the U.N. the population could level off in 20 years and start going DOWN 10 years after that. It's going to take a lot of war, famine and disease for that to happen. :(
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    actually, if you analyze the expenditures more closely, the money spent for "research" is usually a buyout of patents &/or small research firms/facilities after some for of success already occurs... this is a very smart strategy as: they get good PR for "investing in alternative energy research", they receive tax incentives dollar for dollar, sometimes from multiple govts for the same thing, they only spend money on proven successful processes, they then own (and control the dissemination of) the next chapter of energy use -- preemptively... it's brilliant, makes me wish that I would've thought of it :gaah: ;)
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    just look at the population breakdowns by age group (just google population pyramid images ) & you can tell that many countries are about to collapse (2050?) due to the fact that there will be too many older people to take care of, which to me is one of the greatest tragedies of the 'planned obsolescence' design of the human organism :cry:
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    In the latter half of 2008, we in the south east had a taste of 'no gas'..... A "One-Two punch of hurricanes in the Gulf shut down the rigs and refineries for weeks. I was riding my bike at the time (little car had problems, but was operational), and I had about thirty gallons of 'go juice' stocked away.
    When I saw what was happening, I told my friends and co-workers to "stock up for a few tankfuls!" They did NOT heed my warning. Gas got real scarce for about a month - it was being trucked in from the northerly states, and some stations jacked their prices to nearly five bucks a gallon! It was sheer chaos. Co-workers were hunting open stations, which would sell out quickly. The local online website that shows where gas stations are and what their prices are was a very popular site! ;)
    I was in good shape - had the shortage gone another month, I'd have been in trouble. I have since doubled my gas storage.
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    Tell me about it....

    My main concern is being in the military, being the arm of the government in a situation where I have to control the masses for an emergency like this, I don't know what's stronger... my sense of loyalty to country or take a stand. I plan to be out by then so I don't think it would matter anyways.

    Great Video by the way
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    Anyone truly worried about peak oil, fuel and energy supplies can get a diesel vehicle to run on waste oil. Of course there's not enough waste oil for everyone, but thanks to the laziness of the American people there is plenty of oil to go around for those who are willing to work for it. Just like there are plenty of dead fall tees or trash wooden pallets to burn in a wood stove. Most people are just too lazy to cut wood. They would rather pay public service and complain about the prices. (Does not apply to many on this group, just talk about Americans in general).
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    As I stated, my neighbor got rid of her horse, and in 2008, we had a very trying year of unemployment and sold our old Honda Shadow motorcycle...we did what we had to do to survive..but with EMP possible, and gas prices predicted to soar to $4/$5 a gallon...that bike would have been a plus in many ways.

    And, yes, they are saying an EMP won't affect any vehicles/motorcycles '86 and before.
  16. nj_m715

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    Chevy cars, but not trucks, went to TBI in '86. Before that they used HEI coils and they would probably be damaged, but I'm no expert. You might want to look for something older or a pre '86 and convert it to points or have the parts on the shelf. Other makes changed parts in different years. Even a voltage regulator in an older ride would probably take a hit. It should still start, but it would be charging.

    Who is "they" and why are we always firing at Will? (just kidding)