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Wow .. a bit of a read, but, good to read!

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I agree that any thing could be misconstrued if one uses the wrong words.. in the gun games such as IDPA there is some movement when shooting but not a lot.. there is now and has been for a while the term "getting off the X" meaning... MOVE your ass.. hitting on the move ain't easy but it ain't that hard.. and with practice you can do it quite well..

One of the things that have changed in defensive pistol shooting in the last several years is the triple tap..two to the chest one to the head.. this due to the prevalence of body armor these days..

If you should choose to become involved in such events you will have one major issue to deal with that the BG don't.. people in the back ground.. I would hate to have to live with the knowledge that while turning out the lights on some BG that I also killed or wounded an innocent person... but that should not stop one from acting.. because more people will be harmed with inaction..

It's a tight rope to walk , but when we get CC permits that is among the reasons even if we don't believe we will ever have to do it...

Calling out to a shooter to "drop it" is foolhardy at best.. doing it to make him turn and face you is even worse.. shoot the bastard in the back.. back of the head is better.. your not in Dodge City and you ain't Matt Dillon... and the shooter may just be a terrorist also wearing a bomb... one to the head ... you win and many live..

If your not shooting you should be reloading.. think Cooper said that... true then, true today...

I'm not a big Tom Cruise fan, but his portrayal of a hit man in "Collateral damage" was a very good one.. he was trained by one of the top IDPA shooters , I can't remember who... but the scene where the two punks stole his brief case was perfect.. I went back and watched about 20 time with my finger on the pause button.. he did draw that gun and damn well.. plus he did it perfectly.. took out the one to his left with 2 to the chest then the other one with 2 + 1 , then when picking up his case he popped the first one in the head...

If your going to carry and your going to be brave.. practice!! then do it some more .. I've not done as much shooting in the last 2 years as I used to and I can see the lack of practice when I do shoot...

I will be back at it very soon.. in a week or so we will be moved to the new homestead where I will have a small plan is to shoot 100 rounds a day thru my 45's .. and at least that many thru 22 auto handguns... shooting is shooting... plus it helps make you aware of any bad little things with your gear,

And after reading this post I "will" be working on head shots a lot..

I'm only 20 miles from Tyler by the way..

Two brave men who did not have to get involved.. Bless them..
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