When slums get out of hand...

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    Yeah...now that they're having the Olympics down there, it's suddenly become important to clean up the slums and clear out the bad guys.

    They didn't care about what people suffered over the past however-many years at the hands of these gangs.

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    We in Ohio have police with the same type of equiptment, just haven't used it yet except maybe @ KSU years ago. Our local swat teams have M16s and the next county over has a vietnam era APC for their SWAT team. We also have alot of Homeland Security in our town, kind of like a non military military unit. I guess it creates govt jobs for vets who were MPs. It's amazing the big SUVs they drive around in and all the govt. only parking spots they have. I'm glad I'm an elected official.:D

    One thing we put an end to , maybe thank the tree huggers is the 30 cal. machine gun ranges the patrol boats had out on Lake Erie. Guess they are worried about Naekid:p:D:eek:

    I also look around at how the prisons in my state have grown and grown. One I see regularly is Mansfield, 40 years ago it was an honnor farm. Now it has huge cell blocks with razor wire and looks like about 400 employees a shift. Has our society gotten that bad?
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    or was that a rhetorical question?... I'm so bad at irony :rolleyes:
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    I ain't makin excuses fer there actions, but most a the drug dealers er very well armed, if yer goin head ta head with em ya better be to.

    Local PD had a armored vehicle, don't quite no why, they go ta the wrong bank when one was bein robbed!:eek:

    But taday's criminals er gettin bigger weapons all the time, so I guess if the police forces er gonna tackle em, they need the stuff to.

    Sad the world is comin ta this.