When Russia invades

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  1. Raven348

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    When Russia invades (I strongly suspect they will), what is the best strategy for remaining self sufficent and not get noticed by the invaders? I am thinking a farm small enough not to get noticed and some form of shelter some distance from the main building.
  2. carnut1100

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    I don;t think you need to worry too much about Russia invading.......but on past form, if they do then the best bet is not to be where they want to go.
    That probably means up in the mountains or out in the desert I reckon.

  3. Denny

    Denny Praying for America

    Go rent "Red Dawn." ;) WOLVERINES!!!! LOL

    Seriously, though, I doubt any country (Russia included) will invade. Attack, maybe, but not invade. We're too geographically sound have an invading force try to come here. We MIGHT lose something like Alaska, but not the lower 48.
  4. JeepHammer

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    Seriously, This just HAS TO BE A TROLL!

    Would you invade a country that has the most heavily armed population in the world?

    Would you invade the country that buys about half of the worlds gun manufacture every year?

    Besides being THE most armed civilian population in the world, we are the only active military superpower in the world with a full complement of conventional and nuclear weapons,
    We are the only nation in the world to have used nuclear weapons in war...
    Isn't like we would be setting a president by whipping out the nuclear six guns and blasting away!

    Nope, the rest of the world thinks we are all crazy, and the watch us for entertainment...

    The only bug-humper crazy enough to attack the US (and is still alive) is Osama bin Laden, and now he's living in a cave eating moss because every time he sticks his nose out of that cave 6", there is a Cruise missile with a US flag painted on the tail fin whizzing past it!

    Now, on the flip side of things...

    The only other 'Terrorist' to try anything here was a home grown nut...
    Timothy McVeigh.

    This goes to show you what one well motivated US Soldier can do if you piss him off enough.
    With a shoe string budget, he planned, coordinated, mobilized and executed the most deadly attack in US history until 9/11/01.

    Osama bin Laden is estimated to have spent nearly 10 million dollars on two attacks, and the coward didn't even have an active roll in the execution of the plan!

    Nope, Russia isn't the problem, but Russia should watch it's back door, since China is looking at their Oil and natural gas reserves and salivating like a pit bull in a hot dog factory....!!!!
  5. Raven348

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    JeepHammer: I don't mean to be insulting, but you sir, are a complete retard. When did I ever say I was from United States? Calling me a troll will you? It so happens that Russia invaded Georgia not to long ago, a nation not to dissimilar from my own, thus my worries.

    You need to learn that the Internet is an INTERNATIONAL NETWORK. There are 6 billion people on earth and only 5% of them are American. Please refrain from telling me I should have told everyone I wasn't American, because the only answer you will get back is why you didn't let everyone know you aren't Chinese or Polish.

    As a side note, Russia has invaded my country before, what stops it from happening again?
  6. gds

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    Good point Raven. I have made that mistake many times. Assuming my answer or reply is going to someone in the US. I'm guessing here, but from what I have seen on this forum I would say about 90% are US people, so from our perspective, Russia invading, yea right. I almost replied to your post about Russia invading thinking you were in the US still living in the 70-80's. Have patience with the dumb Americans, we usually come around sooner or later.

    "As a side note, Russia has invaded my country before, what stops it from happening again? "

    YOU and people like you.
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  7. Raven348

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    gds: Here in Finland we have the third highest firearm per citizen ratio (after United States and Yemen) in the world, so I think you are right in civilian gunowners having a great impact on such a war. Finland isnt a NATO member either, so one can assume that their would be no NATO support.

    I really feel for the Georgians. I think it's great that the US president object to what Russia is doing and doesnt give in to Russian demands to keep Georgian ISAF soldier stuck in Iraq.

    Just to clear a few things up; I don't have anything against Americans, I would have responded the same way if it were a French person or anyone of any other nationality that had made such assumptions. Every now and then someone pops up thinking that the internet is a short-range ham radio.
  8. JeepHammer

    JeepHammer Well-Known Member

    'Refrain' from calling people names...
    And assuming I'm a 'Retard' would be a mistake.

    And you fully intended to be insulting... At least be honest about it.

    My mistake.
    From grammar, syntax, spelling, sentence structure all looked 'American'...
    And the fact that this is an 'American based site and half the people here are from Texas could have effected my assumption.

    So, where is your push to join NATO?
    Where is your push to join the EU?

    Wrote the guy as I'm 'Chatting' with people in the Philippines about China encroaching on their coastal waters, and the bug *** crazy bandits acting like Islamic extremists,
    Chechnya about the on going problems with Russia, and the problem with organized crime and breakaway groups,

    Roughly 6.5 billion people on earth, and that is most of the problem, they keep rubbing on each other and making friction....
    The lesser of them doesn't know how to handle that friction, so they lash out instead of thinking it through...

    With about 6.5 billion people, the 300 Million US Americans make up about 21% of the worlds population.

    I won't, since you should be able to see the obvious...
    Posting on an American based forum with mostly American users about Russia attacking and not giving your location is a folly.

    You mean you can't tell from the AMERICAN use of ENGLISH, The fact that I'm on a mostly AMERICAN web site...
    The glaring fact I'm not using a language translation program?

    Or do you think it's maybe the fact that I often reference 'Indiana', a state in the USA as my base?

    Just wondering how you know I'm not Chinese or Polish?

    Well, throwing down your weapons and running home didn't work for you...
    So I'd try something different!

    How about the OBVIOUS!
    Russia doesn't invade countries that are in NATO or the EU.
    That would get them spanked by the worlds only standing super power... And they know it...

    Stop thinking 'FIGHT ALONE' and start thinking 'GLOBAL ECONOMY'...
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  9. ldmaster

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    Hey Finn,

    A very poor excuse to insult a person. Grow a pair and TELL someone, because you did a very trollish thing.

    AND I'd like to point out the following graphic.

  10. Raven348

    Raven348 Active Member

    Who is Finn?

    JeepHammer: English is the world language and doesn't tell anything about location or nationality. I wouldn't have been insulting if you had not come out saying I was a troll. Regarding NATO, it seems that NATO members give up some of their freedom in joining and being more exposed to things like terrorism (Spain had trains bombed not to long ago). EU is very much about giving away national independence for the sake of the common European goals and there is even large fines for leaving EU.