When is it Time?

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    Someone on another forum asked the question, "will the **** hit the fan, when, and what will it look like?

    I wanted to share my answer here...

    And what if it does? Is the question really, where will you be when it does? Many think that WHEN the SHTF, it will be time to change their lives. We (my husband and I) have already changed our lives and live way out on a huge ranch (we have 40 acres of it), away from people, off the grid, self-sufficient, etc. It's a beautiful, fulfilling, peaceful way to live. It's also a spartan way, and not physically easy.

    Some people have inquired about why we do it. Of course there are many pieces of **** that can hit the fan, but the question I always ask back is, "If nothing in the world changed from how it is now, wouldn't you want to live this way anyway?"

    I do.

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    You are way ahead of the curve. The ONLY long term "survival" plan is to have a homestead. The goal for preparing for TEOWAWKI is to not even notice when it happens.

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    For some it already has hit the fan,for others, things will get bad for them in the next couple yrs, for others, it never will hit the fan, it'll be business as usuall.
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    The "S" hits the fan every day in this country and in the world. Every day, someone loses a job, a parent, a grandparent or a child. Every day, someone get's into a car accident or get's diagnosed with a disease. Every day someone battles anxiety or depression. Every day, someone's home get's burglarized or a woman get's attacked, or a terrorist praising Allah decides to plan his dirty deed and get's one step closer to his ultimate goal.

    Every day a car jacking takes place or someone get's hit with a large bill they can't pay. Now that I'm done posting all of this negative stuff, we must remain positive and just plan for the every day stuff. This was just on my mind and I had to post it, after reading the OP. It's not always the big catastrophic events that we should focus on, but rather the every day events. So, the "S" hit's the fan every day. Are you ready for it?
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    Stay connected and you will know. You may not know (or care) if disconnected.