What's happening in Canada?

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    So, it seems all the reading I do is talking about America, or possible scenarios taking place in the US.

    Obviously, with Canada sharing a massive border, and a huge amount of trade with the US, there would have to be some sort of 'fallout' if anything were to happen in the US.

    Terrorist attack shuts down airports/sea ports, shipping routes, borders close... etc. But what's the impact on Canadians?

    Nuclear weapons used against the US... impact on Canadians (assuming no Canadian targets)? Just how far will radioactive fallout travel with prevailing winds?

    Perhaps I'm checking the wrong sites... all of my information seems to be US-based... but I'm Canadian, I want to know whats happening here too!
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    Here in Alberta, on the radio, we hear primarily local news first, then provincial, then country - then we hear about other countries and what is happening there. I don't watch TV, so I get my news-feeds through other countries news-services. I try to get a well-rounded idea of what is happening without the local-newspapers take on things.

    If you want to get started reading news from other countries, check out: Online Newspapers

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    Nobody knows. What we're into is way out of the mainstream. There's no real source for information. Plus an event of that size is unprecedented. I guess you could roll back the clock to 9/11. The Toronto stock exchange took a dive just like the Americans. We all watched TV just like the Americans. Had to say I did feel way safer being in Canada. I'm sure the terrorists don't see us as a credible threat or a good target when the U.S. is close by.
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    I would have to say that what might affect Canada, would be a domino effect economics wise. Any nukes here, may carry fallout to ya all because of the winds. Seriously, does Canada have any enemies?
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    Well we're killing a lot of Taliban in Afghanistan so they don't like us too much. Other than them we're on good terms with most other nations. Sometimes we get into it with Portugal over cod fishing. Sometimes with Russia over arctic borders. The French still have a tiny island of the east coast that they fish out of and it causes occasional conflict.

    Our main conflicts are over fish and trade.

    The country we get into the most conflict with is the United States.
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    That's just your basic neighborly squabble ..
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    I like this resource more.
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    Hey... I still like it here too... simply posting that site for people who want a more canadian-centric forum.
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    Looks like that site is very (very) young still. It will be interesting to see how it does. Other "Canadian" sites that I visit (off-road related) don't seem to do as well as "international" sites that I visit / run. By limiting the membership down to a single group, the site doesn't seem to grow as much as it could.

    I think that being prepared goes a little further than just within the borders of a single country and I hope that I am doing the right thing with having an "open" forum for members from all kinds of countries.

    :idea: I am thinking of limiting the board to "english-only" because the translators don't work very well between russian and english .. :hmmm:
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    I get Cleveland and Toledo Stations, our news is a farce.:scratch Each evening usually starts out with a shooting, almost always its in the minority community. Then we get the weather and sports. CNN is nothing more than a dog and pony show about missing children.:nuts: I prefer to listen to BBC World at 5am when I'm up.:2thumb:
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    American news is pretty awful. The focus in always on sensational stuff that has nothing but shock value going for it. BBC is very popular here too. Canadian news is alright. It's sort of half way between both. Reuters is good as well. The BBC still tend to put a bit of spin on things but in general keep it pretty clear.
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    About the news.................

    "They only tell us what they want us to know or what they cannot longer hide"... Ponce
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    One of the car forums I moderate... we used to get a lot of fake accounts from russian women looking to get married... very attractive women... ;)
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    Those ones end up in the moderated que automatically - and - most of those "attractive women" like having pictures taken without their clothes on ... :nuts:
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    Oh - just so that you know ... this is about a week's worth of spam-killing that I have done - picture is from the deleted-spam section ..

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    I do the one touch ban & clean on a few every week. Good work Vance!
  18. Canadian related..

    Hey bud..
    kinda quiet..same folks carry the posts across the whole network of sites..americanpreppers.com etc..

    What to expect Canada wise..
    thats a loaded question..may border on the inflammatory..first we are as targeted as any other free..so far..states..we have assets across the country that add to the NATO defense grid..the arctic..passages and resources..
    America upgrades their invasion plans every three weeks I understand from scouting around the net..since 1812..but is a mere formality..:)
    ah..movin on..
    shipping..St Lawrence and Great Lakes..few nuclear reactors Ontario. nuclear bases..but if you repeat that Ill have to kill ya..:) heh..Ottawa will deny it all..
    SO expect more financial creativity..while the Banksters pillage as much as they can from the various programs of bail outs and scams they call standard banking practices up to the implementation of the NAU..
    thats after they have gutted Canada, USA and Mexico, pretty much gutted, is the spear tip of the globalists drive to create the one world govt..screw it all up..offer their covert agendas as a cure for the problem..our, all our politicians take orders from corporate..so elections etc are just political theater to keep the sheep chewing lawn grass..
    New currency will wipe out middle and upper classes finished off with OWG..inflation, exchange rates..thats one world government..
    it's a tangled web being woven..some of the obvious uglies are probably to inflammatory to discuss not sure..but I see clearly what's going down all over the planet.
    I'm self censoring and will get used to it..
    If I said Herr Harper was trained for 3 years state side and funded to the tune of 4.5 million bucks we know of by the Bush regime, that should provide a clue to the coming events.. our fore fathers built this country with such care it is proving more difficult to gut than was anticipated..
    hence the turn around in attitude we see in our esteemed leader ..all the plan was blabbed during Kelowna accord on captured media.. few even watch the news or vote so it's a result of this drunk on excess and political chicanery that has got us here..among a train load of other factors..
    treason..oh shut my mouth..:)
    We are treated like mushrooms and kept in the dark and fed manure..
    hint hint..
    see the other unions globally and get an idea of the future here..
    just going to take a little longer than they thought..as for the grass roots.. forget it they are in a zone unreachable :0)
    playing into the game and not realizing the seriousness of the implications.. like..food shortages..NAU and lost sovereignty, voting rights, civil rights, human rights, seniors pensions, social programs..health care..etc.. an illegal taxation scam since ww2 ended.. or ww 1 Forgot the revoking of private property ownership..herding the masses not starved or shot into high density population areas..cities..prisons..grave yards..mass graves ??.
    Not allowed to travel without permits..classical fascism....clean toilets for globalists.
    Mackenzie King allegedly forged the kings signature on taxation documents :0) etc..
    student loans..minimum wage..no environmental restraints against the corporate globalists..Nazis in my language..oops..synonymous with Zionists..the late terrorists of the 20th century too..just as vicious and wanton as the Taliban..I was there. Ashkanazi..what ever..frauds..identity thieves, obvuscators and dangerous fascists..usurped the actual Israelis..one of which the Ojibwe tribes have the dna of Abraham and are more Israel than the current frauds.. a university study easily searched using Ojibwe, dna tests..israel etc.. Not all Ojibwe have the dna..just us good lookin smart ones :0) ya they can arrest me kill me what ever..too old to care been there..no gets off this rock alive but Astronaughts.
    so fascism..eugenics..the first neo con platform of Harpers dumpster divers laid it out pretty clearly and was pulled after a they saw they were not getting a majority.. I emailed the thing to senate the supreme court and every other party in Ottawa with NO responses..nothing.
    Tells me everything I need to know..Iggy the democratic plant and Harpo the republican plant..now..have we resolved the question of the legitimacy of the Neo cons in govt ? Take 40 years to find out..theres a matter of out lawing all organised religions..all..and implementing pantheism..or get a needle or who knows..what inhumanity they have planned.. current events today shows..starvation..fema camps.. prisons..euthanisation..the riots, dissenters, martyrs will be taken care of..
    it's ugly..
    but..like all lunatics they have their built in sabbatage too..in the long term..
    after all the chaos and killing and other means of population reduction..like starvation now ongoing..wars..etc.organised crime, drugs..cars pollution..smokers hah.
    After all is done.. not counting weather, solar flares, harrp, nukes, martial law.maritime law...quakes, volcanisms.. etc..pole shifts.. all possible.. probabilities will show them selves when they appear..or don't..Nibiru..another interesting situation..allegedly causing problems throughout the solar system already..
    We have a lot to look forward too. Time lines ? All over the place. Probabilities..possibilities..flip a coin :0) so we prepare.. do the best we can and :crossfinger:
    Galactic core, gamma ray bursts..ecliptic..black holes..its endless and a spiritual shift of ages.. :2thumb:
    hot times on planet earth..
    So simply retreat into fantasy and kiss the butt good bye..:)
    thats about 10 years worth of searching and analyzing.:D I forgot asteroid strikes and freakin aliens..:beercheer:
  19. Not much changed so far. :)


    has a great run down on current situation with our global delusions. Law, govt, politics of deception, even a good look at biblical frauds, but that's for open minded folks, belief systems are cause for war :) to some.
    No time for arguing religion here..none issue..resolved. Offer info, that's it. Every body has to do their research and soul searchin, dealing with the consequences of their own choices no matter how deeply or carelessly they bet on em.
    Some folks appreciate alternative views. Learning is work, so is survival. The facts of our deception are wide and deep, many just do not want to know what the facts are..and I can understand that too.
    Any above ground surviving depends on some highly spiritual interventions in our lives. The war isn't simply about power and resources for rogue nations and over consumers. The war also about the system on our global prison. Fraud, treason, corruption, hate fear or terror within the guts of the corporate globalist Papist Fascists and multi nationals fronting the theft of the planet from free born beings enslaved in such a clever way, cradle to grave illusions blind most normal people. That realm of the norm nothing to write accolades about either..:)
    But the majority rules whether rightly or not.. without training in the psychological and psychiatric, law, politics as it is not as it is portrayed, biblical, spiritual, being informationally disarmed is called being ignorantly deluded :) dangerously stupid and not likely to survive for long..
    Easier to just deny and avoid reality than go hunting for it..:) Famous last words..my govt would never hurt me, I don't wanna hear it..Jesus is comin to clean up the polluted mess and take us fine Christians to heaven and leave all the sinners behind :0) GW Bush..:) I am afraid it is too late for billions of sheep already..Or how about H Kinsinger..There is no room for morality in population reduction..:) and his final words, The Carlyle Group are discussing at what age to involuntarily euthanise the middle aged, seems that concensus is around age 54..by injection. Think these maniacs are boy scouts ?
    If I was 30 years old I'd be very very worried, since I am over 60 I am not at all worried, I am prepared for death and survival if the Gods allow it :0) Dualities, light and dark. Truth and fictions.
    But, resistance though futile is alive and well among the deniers, resisting the truth all around them, corruption. The scoffers. The ones yu be blowing to hell sooner than later because they are starving and desperate enough to run into bullets. Attack a compound well armed like deserters from the military. Crime gangs. Nut bars. Not to forget corrupt police or other authorities.
    SO we live until we die. Each minute of joy is precious. Being aware educated and prepared will help to greatly aid ones survival. Who we pray to if we pray, is as important as who we don't :) Concensus among the true seekers is that this planet is ruled by Satanic, powerful word that, forces. Corruption and fiction are the truth while the true is seen as the evil.
    Better have more than blind faith goin on if one really wants to win this test. who else would set you up with such a simple way to heaven, than just sayin believe on me and I will save you all. when a little research soon shatters the illusions being fed as realities.
    To each their own poisons. :) Only one I know who needs all that fawning and worshipping is Satan.:) The real Jesus had a very different message hidden by the Unholy Roman Empire, The papists destroyed what they could not control. Burned scriptures and missed a few. Jesus went to the east and learned to meditate, realeased his Gnosis, Christ Consciousness, two separate consciousnesses, one mortal one divine and all men, humans carry it behind the engineered social ego..that intelligence is a moronic idiot compared to the cosmic. But zealots won't grow or challenege outside their comfort zones, they might learn something..the truth.
    Their choices might destroy them for eternity. Some beings are not humans, their spirits are dead and scoff and leer until they are dead for good.
    No loss. Just another battery for the Satanic Souler Power collectors of their trapped spirits.:)
    Fear is a trait of the insane. :) The uncertain. Things unknown and never examined, like a life or belief. They think they are a majority that is always right, mwahahah..:D Funny thing though, religiosity is a trait of a minority on this rock :0)
    No man can speak with equinamity about that which is beyond his realm of experience. A Einstein. Are you experienced :D
    Kundalini also is great survivalist tool. It super charges the mnd, spirit, body, creativity, energies most western hedonists know little about but condemn without shame. :)
    Good. Those who don't, and put it on fly like eagles.. not graze on lawn grass and deluded thinking.:) NO grass stains on my teeth, don't have any :0)
    I'll tell ya what is on my mind, not what you think you want to hear too fraidy for the truth, or to even look at it. Self identify and wear it.:) Mugigway moonyass :)