Whats everybody doing today?

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    Well my VIP is alive and well, he has been handed over to another team, my protection team is all de-gearing so they can go home and soon I will be on my way to watch one of my little princesses perform with her ballet troupe. I should say 'award winning' ballet troupe. My wife cries at every singly performance, probably because somewhere deep inside it reminds her of when she was a ballet dancer and of course because she is so proud.

  3. terri9630

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    The eggs started hatching a few days early so I figured I give the rest a bit longer before tossing them. Went a few minutes ago to get them and I have 2 more hatching! How crazy is that...
  4. Resto

    Resto Resto

    15219537_1403706739648549_8636408565351965624_n.jpg Went to town, stopped by to be with Ms Chen. She gave me more cartons of Marlboro Red Shorts in the box. My Faves. Her GLK 350 needs a "B Service". 300 bucs at the Dealer, no Dealer here. I ask to do it for her. She wants to cover the Cost this time. I told her she could pay my cost from receipts(its the only way she will let me do it again). I like that little GLK(Cherry Red). I saw a Black one that a mutual friend traded in, always garaged and very low miles and serviced at the dealer in PHX. I might buy it for her Daughter, she will get her DL in 3 years. While I was in town, I did some Christmas shopping for her Daughter. Ms Chen calls her Daughter "Ce Ce" its Local Chinese for "Hart Hart". I found this and I knew this was the best Christmas Present for Irene, from her Mother. I also order an Italian wood inlaid Jewelry Music Box, that plays "Music Box Dancer". Its Ms Chen and Irene all the way. DSCN0049.JPG
  5. Resto

    Resto Resto

    Irenes Music Box, The Necklas will be inside. She will open it with her Mother. 6912_1057973464254289_6805891995820670276_n.jpg il_570xN_1189844213_fbts.jpg il_570xN_1189844199_dvrx.jpg
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    Ms Chen knows that, she "Lives" it. A Traditional Chinese Lady, never says she Loves you. She Lives it. That's hard for the "Western" mind to grasp. We both know, that we will never be together. Too many years between us. We are both content with this fact. Soul Mates, separated by years, yet bonded by past Suffering. Such Friendship, is eternal. Only God knows. I have never met another person, so like myself.
  8. Resto

    Resto Resto

    Feelin Ya
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    I build a lot of buildings for other people and everything I have is rotting to the ground! Today I had a little free time so I resided our well house. I'm going to paint it in the morning after we hunt. I got done with the well house in time to help the wife and our son put up the Christmas tree.


    wh1.jpg wh2.jpg
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    Just walked the dog. Church this morning. Leading at conversation cafe this afternoon and guests arriving at our B&B this evening.
  11. terri9630

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    Went out to the range to re qualify for my permit.
  12. SheepdogPRS

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    I am doing as close to nothing today as I can. Six days ago I tore a deltoid in my left arm and didn't take proper care of it. Yesterday I went over the top and today it is in a sling with some cream slathered all over it for the pain. The cream doesn't work but keeping it stabilized and not using it for a couple of days will help.
  13. ContinualHarvest

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    I hope everyone is doing well. I've been working hard at the job, and at home. I moved in a new freezer for my deer meat and other wild game. Planning on building a portable solar power system.
  14. Resto

    Resto Resto

    Thing II stopped by. We had coffee. I asked him if he got a Christmas Present for his Mother yet. "Nope, I hadn't Thought about it, but She said she already got mine". Well DUHH? He has no idea how women communicate. SOOOOO, I said "How bout some earings and a matching necklass, YOU HILLBILLY". So we went to Dillards and I coached him into a 200 Dollar set, by the same guy that made, the necklass I got for Irene. Like a Dummy, I realized I hadn't bought anything for Ms Chen. Sooooo I bought a slightly smaller version of the same thing I bought Irene. Dodged a Bullit. Then we went to my Fave Chinese Place for lunch, came home and "Hung Out" in the back yard for a while. Grilled some steaks and Zuchini. Good day.
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    I'm just bouncing around .

    Stuck in the middle,

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    I photographed a couple's 50th anniversary party today after Church and that's about it. Slow and relaxing day! Tomorrow, I have an appt. at the eye doc to get glasses. I haven't had real glasses (or vision insurance) for the past 30 years. Just use different strengths of readers.
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  17. AmishHeart

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    Housework and getting some Christmas gifts made.
    On the new Homesteading website. It's great! So many posts, must of spent an hour reading just the new ones.
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  18. txcatlady

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    Had a busy weekend. Friday evening for Christmas on the Square and parade. Daughter and two kids came over and spent night. Two more came Saturday with 3 kids and we went to Bethlehem Experience. Sunday watched two grands in church program. Came home and had 5 daughters, 3 husbands, and 13 grands for lunch. Went to another church and watched another grand sing with his choir. Came home to an empty, QUIET, house and all toilets flushed. However dogs started barking at 5:30 this morning. When I closed chickens up last night, 3 were not in coop. They were running outside pen. Put them up, dogs dug out an hour later. Filled hole in and thought that's good. They were out when I got home tonight. Dad gum chocolate labs!
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    Making a new top trim molding for a China Hutch we just bought, it's getting hard to find light stained oak or any light colored furniture nowdays, everything seems to have dark depressing colors, can't even see the wood grain. I like oak, I used it when I build the kitchen cabinets, door and window moldings and they are all stained Golden Oak, anyway it's nice to find something that matches the tone of wood we have.
  20. BlueZ

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    Today I am home really sick.
    Lots better than yesterday though where I was toppling my drinks several times due to weakness and dizziness.

    But I sure have plenty of time for forums right now :D
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