What would you do if you were injured during SHTF.

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    I sprained my wrist yesterday (in an event involving stupidity and a pogo stick) and have to wear a brace for a week. I was wandering about what I would be able to do if I was in a SHTF scenario. I came to the conclsion that I am about half as productive than I used to be. So what would you do If you were injured during SHTF? How useful would you be? Would others leave you behind, or take advantage of you?
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    I have a pretty tight-knit little pack, so I am not worried about being left behind or taken advantage of. While an injury could seriously put a cramp in my contributions to the whole, in general, most of my value lies in what I know, rather than sheer muscle. I could still contribute quite a lot, even if injured, by directing people in how to can, or how to cook, or bake bread, or whatever...

    I have a recurring injury, so I am used to having to work around weakness or inability to do certain things. You adapt pretty quickly...

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    that's why there's the phrase:
    "I taught you everything that you know... but not that I know" :D
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    You need to practice doing things as if you were injured. I often shoot left handed and can shoot a handgun almost as well left handed as I can right handed. Long guns have been a bigger challenge. A couple of weeks ago I injured my right hand. The grandkids wanted to start a bow-drill fire so I did it with my injured hand. I had to modify it and do an "Egyptian" bow drill but it still worked. It was a good lesson.

    Practice skills with an arm in a sling or your legs tied together or under other stressful physical conditions to gain confidence and increase your skill levels.
  5. ZoomZoom

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    All my injuries of yester-years have come back to haunt me and it feels like something is always hurting. Like others, I'll work with my group to cover for an injured member.

    I'd also propose y'all look at your medical cache to see if you have some staple items that could make the injured at least comfortable but possibly productive as well. E.g. I have crutches for kids and adults. Beats the heck out of having to make them.
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    I have had many injuries over my many moons of existance on this little blue planet, and, just 'bout every one of them was due to my own follies.

    Twisted ankles (both about a week apart), cuts (put a 5" grinder with cutting-disk through my knee, put a computer case through my hand, put a butcher-knife through another hand, you get the point) - been knocked out due to falls (fell off a table, fell off a stage) ... and with every single accident, once I had recovered my "breath" I was able to drag my sorry butt to a place to get fixed up, either fixing myself up or having someone help to fix me up (ya, I did drive myself to emerg with blood flowin' outta my body like the Exxon Valdez).

    What would I do? I would just keep-on-keepin'-on, ya know. Slice me, dice me, break me .. and I'll just do what I need to do to keep doing what I do. :ignore:
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    I'll just follow the old Quarterback Mantra.... 'JUST RUB A LITTLE DIRT ON IT' and continue on. :nuts:
  8. ZoomZoom

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    I resemble that.

    My personal best (or would that be worst?) would be an ATV wreck. Once the ATV was done bouncing off me as we both tumbled down the hill, I ended up unconscious with a broken clavicle, 5 broken ribs, broken wrist and both bones in my forearm. Once I came to, I flipped the ATV back upright and drove it home (a couple miles through woods, creeks...). Laid in bed for awhile then woke up Mrs. Zoom and asked her to take me to the hospital (after I took a shower of course). Couldn't get into the car so sat around drinking coffee waiting the hour for an ambulance to arrive.

    Now, if that happened and there was no hospitals anymore, I would have died about 2 days later due to respiratory failure.
  9. Kaytastrophy

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    medical supplies

    Go shopping at the Dollar Tree for many medical supplies. Bandaids,
    hydrocortisone cream, vapor rub, wrist supports, ankle supports, knee
    supports, ace bandages, triple antibiotic ointment, alcohol, hydrogen
    peroxide, epsom salts, benydryl type med, ibuprophen, etc. etc etc.

    Then you can check out discount drug stores for caladryl, aspirin, acid
    reducers, immodium AD, gauze pads, tape, thermometers, blood pressure
    cuffs, stethoscope, cranberry pills, azo standard, laxatives, etc.

    Everyone should consider getting a great first aid book and also to get a
    book on austere medicine. Get your antibiotics from a vet supply or pet
    store. Learn how to administer them to children or adults. If you need some other medicines consider Alldaypharmacy.com I bought my husbands Glucophage and Lisnopril for him there. You can also get
    antibiotics also. Everything I received I in blister packs.

    When you are building your med kit don't forget dental supplies. Oil
    of cloves, temporary fillings, dental probes and scrapers to clean tartar
    off of teeth. Anbesol would also be good for ulcers and abcesses.

    Add drinking alcohol to your med kit. It will help coughs, numb the mouth
    and throat by gargling and can help with pain.

    Many essential oils, herbs, and tinctures and spices can help with many
    problems. Such as ecchinecea, golden seal, eucalyptus, menthol, mint,
    ginger, cinnamon, cammomile, lavender, and oil of cloves.

    There are many things I can't think of off the top of my head, but you
    get the idea.

    you can make bandages to use with boards for splints. Also make slings for broken or injured arms. A pair of crutches might be good as well.
    Pick up as much as you can from thrift stores and yard sales. Good luck.
  10. SurviveNthrive

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    This is a serious consideration...

    OK, so we know enough to get Quik Clot or a torniquet on, and evac to...where?:dunno:

    That's the problem, I don't think most of us are ready to conduct some essential, desperately needed field surgury and at best most us can slow the bleeding.

    ...But I do have a Navy Doctor living next door.