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The shelves would empty fast and people would want what you have.

I have been buying and prepping for quite a while now and know that if something were to happen tomorrow, my family and I would be able to survive very well for the next 6-8 months.

I have already got the seeds for next years garden. This year was my first garden attempt and I learned a lot from it. I made plenty of mistakes but felt it was better to make them while I wasn't hungry than to make them when I was.

I took up canning this year so that I would know how when the time comes. I have invested in a lot in canning supplies so that when things go bad I will already have them on hand.

I have tried to get my friends to learn and prep now, but unfortunatley they just think I'm a kook. I also know that I should keep my mouth shut so they don't arrive on my door step when things get ugly, but I just can't, in good conscience, not say anything. My DH says that the only thing anyone will get from us is lead poisoning.............we'll see.

I've got some things for first aid, but will continue buying for that in the next few days.

It takes time, so for those that haven't started, get busy!!

Pretty good for a city girl, huh :p

(where's the spell check?)
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