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What does everyone envision happening as far as social chaos if the economy were to collapse?
I think that some movies have really done a good job of describing what the "worst of the worst" that can happen. Combine what was put onto big screen (post apocalyptic style movies) with the reality of what happened in the US southern states during hurricane season, in California during an earthquake, in British Columbia during the last fire-storm, in Africa during their drought, in the Asian countries during that last Tsunami and you will see what people will be willing to do to survive - ANYTHING!!!

The mini - level of social chaos is a localized problem - where the locals do what they can to survive a problem, but, if they travel far enough away, the problems are left behind.

The small - level of social chaos is something that reaches further than what a family can drive away from on a tank or two of gas.

A medium - level of social chaos is something that affects a region the size of a small country (or possibly half of the US main-land)

A large - level of social chaos is something that affects a large country


The ultimate level of social chaos is something that would affect an entire continent. This could expand to affecting the whole world (think asteroid hit).

As a survivalist (term given to people like me from people who think that the government will take care of them) is someone who plans to live in the face of mini to small levels of social chaos. Anything beyond that, and we are at the mercy of the controllers (government, military, etc) restricting where we can go, what we can do, what we can say, what we can write, etc.

The USA is in a level of "small chaos" with the hurricanes and the restrictions that are being imposed on its citizens - and - partially still in a level of large chaos imposed on the US citizens since Sept 11 NewYork. Until the US government relinquishes their hold on the law-abiding citizens and repeals the laws imposed on travel, etc - they are all bound by the rules of "large social chaos". It might feel fine after this many years, but, tell me, in your heart, do you feel that it is right for the way that the government is controlling what you see on TV (news), where you go (Cuba), what you buy (import rules and taxes), etc.

Sorry for the book - but - what I see from world news that cannot be controlled by our local governments - we are already in a state of chaos.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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