What to wear to the Apocalypses

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  1. HozayBuck

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    This is a subject I think we have all kind of slipped on, or maybe we just don't talk about it so I'm going to pretend it's all my idea :2thumb:

    What to wear to the Apocalypses ? I think I'm pretty OK in a lot of the prep stuff but I'm really not.. when we have to start living rough then we need rough clothing... I have a young friend who's Special Forces in the Stans , and I have a picture of him in his gear, and he's all decked out with great gear but he's wearing gray Carhart bibs ! now I hunt in the same bibs except in tan but his gray ones really blended into the rocky background !!

    This photo made me start thinking about what we wear.. as I said I hunt in bibs mine are insulated and I've worn them every winter in MT for the last 25 years !! the same set!!.. they are a tad bit tight in the gut :eek: but they are still in good shape.. which brings the point of this..

    I'm of the opinion that levies just won't cut it and that Carhart's will and bibs are much better then coveralls simply because they are easier to get into and out of..

    When hunting in MT I wear sweat pants under them , if you spend the day in them doing nasty work you can just take them off at the door and stand them in the corner , you can work in dirty cloths and still be clean when you take them off... they are very tough and not easy to tear, they protect from briers and with padding in the knee just make things better ..

    Carhart makes pants also and jackets and hip length coats.. they will keep you warm and protect your hide.. they come with or without insulation .. also your shirt stays tucked in lol..

    I've mentioned having a pair of lace up boots since 73 I do, and they are still in very good shape, they are on the 3rd set of vibram heels and soles , the day I bought them in Alaska I set them on the open door of the oven and after getting them hot I rubbed mink oil into them and repeated it every once in a while.. the leather is still soft and while not water proof still keeps my feet dry unless I have to wade thru a creek..

    Most of us will buy a gun or ammo and never think about covering our hide.. and how long it may be before somebody can make clothing again.. or boots...

    I couldn't knit a wool cap if my life depended on it..which it may!!..

    I won't go on with this but hope others will jump in.. it's a weak place in my preps and maybe yours...
  2. TheAnt

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    Very good post!

    We all need good boots and tough clothes if you believe you are going to have to go any time without Wally World or Targei (Target?).

    Ive never worn a "bib" since I was a wee lad though.... I absolutely LOVE my Cabelas boots though and mine usually last at least 5 years and I wear them EVERY DAY. A little soap and water, dry them, then apply mink oil and they are as good as new!

  3. SixGunsRattlesnake

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    I keep a set of warm weather clothes, and cold weather clothes. Both pants, one is thicker and looser to make room for a set of thermals. Three layers is important. Thermals layer one.
    Loose fitting cargo pants and shirt layer two
    Then a set of carhart overalls and jacket.
    Cold weather waterproof boots and thick wool socks.

    It's a pain to carry but I keep the lot in my BOV.

    I fear no weather
  4. JustCliff

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    I have to admit, I have way more clothes then my wife or daughter. Massive amounts of socks, underware and tshirts, all from holidays. Maybe 20 some pants that are put back. Many of those are in smaller sizes. I know I will loose weight.
    I have 3 new pair of boots, still in the box in the closet. My feet havn't changed in years. I have snagged all of my wife and daughters old work boots. They are still in good shape, they just get new ones every year or 6 months.
    I buy close out and end of season specials for winter things like thermals. My size is tough to get but, my wife and daughter wear very small so I buy the boys sizes.
    I think the only thing we really lack is gloves. Good gloves never seem to go on sale.
  5. md1911

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    Good thought I have military issue fatigues. Their tough and u can get tjem cheap
  6. mdprepper

    mdprepper I sold my soul to The_Blob. He had candy...

    :gaah: That was an eye opening post HozayBuck! Thank you for bringing it up!:beercheer:

    I must say that this is an area I am truly lacking in! Time to start checking Goodwill and the thrift store!
  7. Emerald

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    I just got hubby a pair of insulated carharts for the holidays(with my swagbucks thanks Pam!) and they only cost $67 thru Amazon.. he likes them so much that I may get myself a pair and my son and son in law and daughter.. that way we all have a pair of really nice outdoor clothes.
    I do have some nice hiking boots that are well made and about 10 years old and other than replacing the shoe strings and rubbing them with mink oil they still almost look new.. Now there is a thought.. freaking shoe strings will be a hot ticket item for the stash!)
    I do know how to make moccasins and while I know the basics of hide tanning.. I have not done it.*yet*
    Plus I have tubs of jeans that we have either out grown or the style went out or I just can't fit into and I do make quilts from them but with having that many in storage.. I think that I will probably lose weight and be able to fit back into many of them again.. see everything does have a silver lining.. :2thumb:
  8. GaryS

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    Guess I'll have to get by in military chic. I still have three pairs of woodland BDUs, starched and ready for inspection. Two new pairs of Air Force boots, one pair sage green, lightweight Danners with GoreTex uppers, and a pair of standard issue desert tan. Still have two lined field jackets...one OD, and a waterproofed woodland pattern. Throw in the web belts, boonie hats and OD underwear, and I could almost pass for active duty! I even have several sets of OD fatigues left.

    Cold weather wouldn't be a problem, as I still have my hiking gear from years ago...good Raichle boots, wool pants, down parka, and lots of layer stuff, but I'm too old to do much tromping around in the woods, so hunting gear isn't required. Also have several pairs of moccasins, shoes and lightweight boots, including a couple of new pairs of crosstrainers still in the box. Ditto for underwear and socks. If it seriously hits the fan, my clothing supply will be around long after I'm gone...but while I'm still around, I won't win any fashion shows.
  9. Emerald

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    Your post made me remember that my hubby has two foot lockers of his old military uniforms and such..sure he is gonna have to lose some weight but the boy can fit in them and so can I.. haha.
  10. DJgang

    DJgang I put SAs on IGNORE!

    My bikini, it will make the zombies turn the other way.

    In seriousness, I did get a good pair of winter hiking boots this year.
  11. Genevieve

    Genevieve I'm done - gone

    Yea, I or I should we ( hubby and I), have all sorts of different clothes. We have the heavy duck bibs, and also the non rip military clothes. We also have the different kinds of camo. We also have some CC Filson's clothes. Talk about heavy duty wear and tear clothes. They're the best. I love the chaps for walking through briars. It's what they're made for and they work like a charm.
    Hubby has always worn earth tone clothes, but I've been working on replacing my more colorful things with the greens,gray and browns and darker reds.
    I've been working on finding boots for different things.Also gloves.

    We've been collecting socks and underwear for a couple of years now. Same with coats of different weights.
    I've found a couple of linen shirts, long sleeve that work well at keeping me warm but dry fast when I sweat.

    Of course folks down south wouldn't need all the winter gear that those of us more north would. But it just makes sense to have extra clothes and boots put back.
  12. Jason

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    I prefer jeans from the thrift shops for day to day wear. Either a tshirt or button down shirt. I like the button down shirts for the extra pockets that they provide. I do have a pair of Carhartt bibs and a coat that were provided to me through work (read: free for me) and my own Carhartt coat. As far as boots, I like Timberland Pro boots but I have a pair of RedWings that has held up fairly well. When we hunt we'll sometimes wear Polypropylene underlayers, which are really hot and do a good job of keeping you dry.
  13. TimB

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    Excellent point, HB. :2thumb: Being a hunter, I'm pretty well set but the wife could stand some cold weather gear (thermals and some bibs- she has several heavy coats w/ one being an AF parka).

  14. katfish

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    I don't want to sound like a salesman so I try not to plug specific brands. I must admit though that the "firehose" jeans Duluth Trading Co. sells are probably the toughest jeans I've ever had. They may not be the prettiest but they can take some abuse!
  15. goshengirl

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    :lolsmash: :lolsmash: :lolsmash:

    Diet Dr. Pepper up my nose, thank you! lol
    (and I'm right with you - previously had not thought of a bikini for security purposes, but now I think I might.... :D )
  16. Jezcruzen

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    Considering my age and location, I was thinking Speedo, lizard-skin cowboy boots, and a beanie with a propeller on top.;)

    Agree with you, HB. While I wear cargo shorts seven months of the year, and jeans mostly at the other times, I do have Carrhartt canvas work pants and five pairs of boots. I watch for when durable work clothes goes on sale, usually as seasons change, and buy then. I was at Tractor Supply buying feed the other week and noticed they put most of their winter hats and stocking hats on sale. Bought four insulated stocking hats for $3 ea. Same with boot socks, gloves, etc.

    I shy away from the military stuff. Remember, it was low bid! Besides, I would rather blend in, and in my location jeans, cargo shorts, and Carrhartts do that. Oh... a NASCAR cap helps, too. :D
  17. BillM

    BillM BillM

    I believe

    I believe I and my wife will dress down for that event!
  18. DoubleXL

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    If there is anyone who cant afford the Carhartt jeans. C.E. Schmidt "sold at TSC" makes some that IMOH are just as good and cheaper. The only problem is finding ones in my size. It seems most jean company's have stopped carrying 44 waist by 36 inseam.
    Looks like i will be adding the Duluth Co. to my new list of suppliers lol
  19. Freyadog

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    One problem that I have is boots, well shoes in general but boots I need. I have neuropathy in my feet and have not been able to find a decent pair of good walking/hiking boots that I can stand to wear for more than just a few minutes. Anybody have the same problem and has found a good pair?
  20. Emerald

    Emerald Well-Known Member

    Our TSC has a brand called "wolf" too and it is like the carharts.. I was wondering if your store carried them and what your take on them was?