What list would you give?

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    As I have said in previous post if family and friends want to join us when things get bad I would give them a list of things to bring with them. Some of the items would be all the food they could carry, bedding, medical supplies, water or water filters, weapons and ammo, special needs items. Just wondering what others list would look like.
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    I tell mine to bring climate appropriate clothing. I let them know that when their provisions run out they're hitting the road to go get more. If they ran out of food, the women and children can stay but the men are going out foraging. Don't come back empty handed... Also bring the standard clothing and, shoes, boots, gloves, hats

    ll the fuel they can (and I'd put this above bedding since we have extra). Gas, diesel, kero & propane.

    If they have children, I'd ask them to bring appropriate entertainment or whatever they need to keep their kid(s) happy. Don't bring anything electronic as we may not have power. Books, games, cards, crafts...

    Any cooking items made of cast iron. No such thing as too much, especially once you add the extra mouths that need fed.

    HABA (Health And Beauty Aids) Soaps, deodorant, toothbrush and such.

    Disinfectants and anti-bacterial items (Lysol, hand cleaners, etc.)

    Some utility items. Tarps, siphon hoses, lighters, flashlights, batteries, rope and such.
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    In addition to what others have already stated: toilet paper, toilet paper & toilet paper, diapers and more diapers, tampons, soap, lots of small denomination money ($10 & $20s), meds & med kits, winter clothing and footwear, clorox, gasoline, kids' games and no friends, repeat, no friends.
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    Address a the local FEMA office!:D

    Well, really, everthin they shoulda been preparin for in the first place. They should be on board now, not tryin when it goes ta pieces an relyin on us to take care of em. Sounds harsh, but ya can't prepare fer everone. Food, fuel an water er gonna be the most important items.
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    I started with lists like the above, but I could read the gleam in their eyes. They'd bring their 3 rolls of TP and personal items or stop at the store for some items on the way:dunno:

    So I made it simple, I told everyone to bring gardening tools (hoes, rakes, shovels, spades) and work gloves. Plus seeds and a bucket to water by hand. To GROW YOUR OWN FOOD.

    They said, "what, we're not welcome?".

    They get it now.
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    This is an area that I have not fully addressed. I have copies of "the letter" to give to friends and family (family need the letter the most) but an itemized list woul;d be a great accompaniment!!!
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    So you give everyone the list, everyone shows up at your door, everyone has some items, but are short on others, you don't have the heart to tell them to hit the road,you're all heart so you let them stay.

    then one of your friends or inlaws relatives shows up with nothing, you hardly know them, but they're brother to your best friend,and there are only 5 of them,so you let them stay or have your best friend hate you.. how many people can you allow to show up at your door before you realize you should have stored a freight train full of food and had another 30 rooms on your house?

    I know it may sound good to say you'll take people in, but it ain't going to happen that way, people don't even do that now. I hear people telling others that they just lost their job,and it's like, oh well, at least it wasn't me.GL and hope you find something soon.
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    For those that come ill-prepared (invited or not), my plan is to put them in a half-way house of sorts. There's a pretty hardened but vacant building nearby. I'd have them go there and live a communal life with others in the same situation. As a group, they can figure it out.

    If it's a short-term SHTF scenario, I may not be so cold as I'd think my preps could carry over several people. If it's long-term or TEOTWAWKI then they'll have to fend more for themselves.