What It Cost To Live in 1950

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    Here's what the cost of living was in 1950. It's from a book called Remember When, and it was put out by Seek Publishing.


    New House $8,450.00
    Average Income $3,216.00 per year
    New Car $1,511.00
    Average Rent $75.00
    Tuition to Harvard University $600.00 per year
    Movie Ticket $0.65 each
    Gasoline $0.18 per gallon
    U.S. Postage Stamp $0.03 each


    Granulated Sugar $0.85 for 10 pounds
    Vitamin D Milk $0.84 per gallon
    Ground Coffee $0.70 per pound
    Bacon $0.50 per pound
    Eggs $0.24 per dozen
    Fresh Ground Hamburger $0.49 per pound
    Fresh Baked Bread $0.17 per loaf

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    When my mother passed away a few years ago I found some books from 1948 to the early 50's where she kept records of the family bills. Phone bill $4.00, electric $ 11.00, Doctor visit $5.50, and so on, wow talk about inflation. My electric bill is over $300. a month now!

    Of course my father only took home about $100.00 a week back then.

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    I read somewhere that what cost you $20 forty years ago would cost you $115 today! :eek: What cost $20 in 1915 would cost $400+ today! :eek::eek:
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    from DollarTimes.com | Inflation Calculator

    $20.00 in 1915 had the same buying power as $434.02 in 2011.

    Annual inflation over this period was 3.26%.
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    I put today's converted $$$ amount in parantheses above... :scratch it seems the more things change the more they stay the same? :dunno:

    today the avg income is supposedly $52500 in 2008 for full time workers :dunno: according to the census ( http://www.census.gov/compendia/statab/2011/tables/11s0704.pdf )... personally, I think that's a high estimate unless they're including the value of benefits packages (which many people don't have)

    In 2007, the median monthly housing cost (rent, utilities, and garbage and trash collection) for renter occupied homes was $755 according to http://www.census.gov/prod/2008pubs/h150-07.pdf

    7/6/2011 http://www.realestateabc.com/outlook/overall.htm
    The median home price, the point at which half of all homes are sold for more and half are sold for less, rose in all regions but the West.

    In the Northeast, the median price rose to $241,500 from $225,400 in April, and it was up 6.1 percent over May 2010.

    The median price in the Midwest rose to $136,400 from $133,200. The new price is an increase of 8.5 percent from the year before.

    In the South, the price rose to $149,200 in May from $142,800, and fell 3.1 percent in a year-over-year comparison.

    The median price in the West dropped to $192,300 from $203,400 in April. It also fell 12.6 percent from the previous year.

    figuring for all cars sold in 2010, the aaverage cost was about $32,000 Useful Information on the Average Cost of a Car in 2011

    Harvard tuition (only) for 2011-2012 is $36,305 :eek: , with associated costs (fees) it is $54,561..............

    movie tickets are $8 ($11 for 3-D) national average

    gasoline is arm/leg/1st-born depending on octane rating :eek: or $3.75

    at least stamps are only $0.44 ... :rolleyes: and MILK is NOT $8 a gallon
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    Ain't it a kick in the head.:eek:
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    Milk was $8.21 A Gallon when we were in Hawaii last Sept.
    Eggs $4.99 a dozen but vodka was $10.49 for 1.75 liters.
    I have pictures to prove it.
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    In Willow, Alaska I bought milk for almost $9 and a bag of Doritos for $6
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    yes, but the national average for a gallon of milk is $3.92 retail (which is double what it is here), according to the American dairy Council, which puts it slightly below total production costs... if subsidies disappear (like many think they should)... well, I hope all ya'all have a cow or some goats :eek:

    P.S. Hawaii & Alaska were NOT states until 1959(?)... F.Y.I. ;)
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    Yup Yup!
    Alaska was a shocker. I knew things were expensive but I didn't think it would be that expensive. I went there a few years ago and was shocked. I spent $25 on a chef salad in a mom-n-pop shop in Anchorage... PHEW!
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    I remember when that happened.
    Doesn't change the price.
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