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it means anyone that Big Bro doesn't like. Those who voted to pass the Patriot Act need to be strung up as tyrants. Ditto anyone insisting upon us not using ethnic profiling at the airports and street policing. Of COURSE we should be "pre-judging Arabs and Muslims. THAT'S who attacked us, so why are we waging war against little old white grandmas at our airports, hmm?
Its the by product of living in a police state. The police have MRAPS and fully automatic weapons, essentially serving as a military on united states soil. They are geared up all the time and when someones grandmother gets murdered by accident the police officers get paid vacation, instead of being reprimanded thus continuing the cycle of further police brutality. Same with the TSA, how many terrorist did they catch last year? How many childrens parents filed inappropriate touching charges last year?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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