What I'm thankful for and how it helps me survive

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    Today I'm thankful for volunteers, fireman, law enforcement, medical professionals, time, family, freedom, a job, a home, my wife, my son, my dog, my health, my friends, my faith in God, my church, my home, food on the table, my computer and all the things my poor memory has forgotten. So...what's not to like? I had to put into words how these help me survive, so if you have an extra 1/2 hour this weekend check out my most recent podcast too Today's Survival Show. Happy Thanksgiving!
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    That's a wonderful list, TSS. Thanks!

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    Great list! We so often forget how very much we have to be thankful and joyful for. Unfortunately it is especially true in our country, which is so very blessed by not only God, but in natural resources and the amount of land we have, as well as the variety of land types in just America.

    Here's my list......
    All the ones TSS listed & JC....who died for me and without whom I am nothing, God's love and blessing on my life, even though I am a horrible sinner (still cuss like a sailor sometimes!).
    My house, and the new metal roof, my dear Fur Kids...all 4 dogs and all 23 kitties. Rain, the wind and a cool breeze in summer, indoor plumbing, toilet paper, the wonderous amount of food I have at me very fingertips by just going to the grocery store! The feast being prepared today.
    The joy I feel when I see a baby goat jump and "spin" in the air!!! Being able to walk and stand and use my arms and legs and being able to do things for myself without having to depend on others to help me do them.
    The years of experience I have, all of them and EVERY SINGLE experience....good and awful, because they have made me who I am, and they allow me to relate to so many different people, and try to help them as they stuggle through some of the things I have dealt with.
    Pain.....because it teaches me many things....patience, courage, faith, kindness to others, consideration for others and empathy.
    That I live in THIS country, AMERICA, and not somewhere that is not free, even though our freedoms are quickly disappearing, we have experienced a brief point in history in which the greatest amount of freedom EVER was available for us to learn, pray, grow and live, basically WITHOUT FEAR......
    That I have electricity to cool me in the summer and gas heat to warm me in the winter. The joy of cutting, hauling, stacking firewood and building a fire in my wood stove, to stand in front of it and warm my body and then snuggle in my warm bed, knowing (probably) I will be able to sleep throught the night without fear that I will be robbed, beaten, raped or abused and be able to enjoy the same things for at least a few more days.....months, maybe years......
    To be able to have WATER. After living without running water for almost 3 years, to be able to fill a tub with water and wash myself, and linger there in my comfortable quietness, knowing that life, right now, in this country, is PRETTY DARN GOOD!!!!!
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    Well, I'd put my list too, but right now some of my kids (adults!) are squabbling, and I'm in an unpleasant encounter with one of them. Sigh...

    But when we get our acts together and sit down to dinner this afternoon we'll all be friends again (hopefully) and remember all we have to be thankful for.

    I guess the sweet innocence of our 7 grandchildren stands out most right now!

    Ahhh, families... :D
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    thankful for what I don't have...

    I woke this morning thinking how thankful I am for things I don't have...volcanic ash all over my house, yard, and furnishings(Indonesia)...water from the rivers flooding my home and yard(Haiti)...earthquakes destroying furnishings and home(parts of U.S.)....you get the point.

    Happy Christian day.