What If You Don't Want to Be Found?

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  1. Idaholady

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    I've had this scenario in my head for many years, and need some suggestions. If things were really bad and the military was going house to house to confiscate food, etc and round up people, I would take flight. I'll have plenty of time to bury food, etc. in advance of possible action, like this. I have acreage around me and a mountain nearby to escape to. I would hide on the place until the unwelcome visitors had left. What if, they had dogs to find my scent? I want to hide without being detected, but some stupid dog would find me in an instant. What can I do to cover my scent? Chili powder? :)
  2. backlash

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    Mythbustes tried it and nothing seemed to work.
    Try hiding in a cave.
    Works for Osama Bin Laden.:)

  3. CulexPipiens

    CulexPipiens Still waiting for the zombies.

    If you are that worried, instead of hiding, just hide your stuff in caches somewhere.... except for some token amounts. Then when "they", whoever they are, shows up, cooperate fully and be helpful in turning over whatever they want... although don't forget to be a bit pissed off about just how much they take. Chances are unless you're on one of their "special lists" they won't bother looking for more stuff thinking they got it all.

    Or just leave your scent all over the place. Many tracks, looping back on themselves, dig many holes but leave many empty, etc. After enough failures they'll probably just give up and leave.

    I would guess that in a shtf scenario, more heavily populated areas will get the majority of the attention as that's where most of the "problems" are going to be.

    Personally, I think the majority of the confiscation martial laws are intended so they can go into food supply businesses (or whatever commodity they need) and take it. They'll be looking for truckloads, not the few years of LTS food that a prepper might have on a single pallet. Realistically, a 2 year supply of LTS would not even feed a modest sized subdivision for more that a day or two while a fully loaded Semi could last weeks and perhaps months. It will be much easier for them to, at first, grab semis and to "loot" a restaurant supply company, for example, than to bother with hundreds or thousands of houses in an attempt to find any substantial amount of food. Once you know that the main sources have been depleted, then you know that house to house might be next... and you should have had more than enough time to take the appropriate precautions.

    Not to say there won't be abuses or some overly zealous types out there. Also depends on if there is a record of large purchases that can be traced to you. In this case, perhaps actually using some before hand and keeping some of the empty cans to store old nails and such giving you the readily available excuse that you've used most of it and the few cans they found on your shelf are all that's left.

    Most of my preps are done via cash from a variety of area stores. it might mean paying more than I would from a wholesale place, but there is no traceable record to come back and haunt me.
  4. mosquitomountainman

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    You can't really beat a dog's nose. I can't see them going to a lot of trouble unless they've made you a target of interest for some reason.

    Keep a low profile. Most people and governments aren't going to work too hard to find you unless there is something you are or possess that's important to them.

    If they are in earnest get as far away as you can as fast as you can. If they're using dogs to follow you concentrate on making life miserable for the dog's handler. Crawl through brush, rocky areas and anything else to make his life miserable.
  5. BasecampUSA

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    Throwing off the dogs???

    That is easy, and WELL known to bloodhound trackers, and just as well as the convicts they are chasing...

    Dried Blood! -old trick!

    Can be bought as an organic soil supplement in most garden stores (blood meal) or self-made.

    That's why I have a 35mm film can full of it in my BOB!

    Yep, no BS... that'll work every time, just ask a dog tracker!

    Sprinkle a little across your trail and head another direction.

    As soon as the dog gets a good whiff of it "he ain't worth a sh*t the rest of the day" they say !

    - Basey
  6. Idaholady

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    Thanks for your replies. I don't want to be rounded up for any FEMA camp, 'for my own good.' I refuse to have any vaccinations either. They can take my food, but not me.

    I'm in a rural area, and in a SHTF situation, it would mean hiding from mauranding gangs as well. I'm by myself most of the time; no neighbors within sight of the place and I don't get cell phone service out that way either.

    I feel a little too isolated at times too. Being out away from people has its good points and its bad points. I'm still a little pissed that DH bought the place; moved me out there and then goes back to CA the rest of the year. He's only in Idaho for a few weeks in the spring and the fall, that's it.

    Thank you BasecampUSA for the useful information. Wow, you carry some in your BOB? Now that's the first time I've heard of that in a BOB!
  7. BasecampUSA

    BasecampUSA Sr. Homesteader

    Yes, if I HAVE to evacuate, I've got a dirt bike with an extra big gas tank and large panniers on the back as well as a substantial pack on the front for going afoot.

    If I have to, I can ditch the bike, put on the pack and carry the 2 panniers like 2 big attache cases full of freeze-dried food to the "hideouts" and supply caches. The bike can get into many places any 4-wheeler can't, even the thickest of woods.

    I don't carry a lot of unnecessary stuff, but a small film cannister with bloodmeal to throw off tracking dogs (AND wolves and bears) could come in handy.

    If they have picked up your scent, the bloodmeal will knock it out and throw them completely off your trail. It takes just a small sprinkling of the powder, it goes a long way. That's been proven many times.
  8. OldCootHillbilly

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    If you know there comin the sooner ya leave the better. The older the track the less likely that pooch is gonna foller it.

    Also, he ain't gonna be yer only worry, if they wan't ya bad enough ta bring in a dog, they been watchin ya long before that. There be lots of electronic gadgets they can use to. So best ta leave before ya become a pain in there backside, or just don't become the pain. Keep quiet, don't make yerself obvious that yer holdin out better then others. Stand in the food lines, act like everbody else.

    If yer gonna leave, figure yer gonna wander round fer a long time, never stayin in one place cause if they come after ya, there gonna keep comin. I don't see em wastin to much time on individuals unless yer very important to em. Ya may have ta deal with a rogue offical, but they can be dealt with lots easier then a large group a feds.

    As for these FEMA camps, I sure wish somebody would show me one. Bein in the Emergency Response Team an dealin with all levels a government includin FEMA, I have yet ta see one. Now, they do have lots a gear an equipment that can be placed perty quick in a disaster, they do have rules in such disaster camps because they have ta maintain safety an order, but ain't never seen no body brain washed in one yet. Would I wanna stay in a FEMA camp (er any other disaster camp fer that matter)? NO. But, that's why we prepare fer times like that. I don't wan't ta be around that many people after a disaster hits unless I have ta be.
  9. Tirediron

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    Just knowning how to evade the "Helpers" should make you feel more secure, another though might be to be ready to make the place look like it is only used seasonally .ie weathered firewood pile etc
  10. Mobster

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    In the scenario suggested, food collection etc, I doubt that they are going to be exploring well hidden bunkers. Any methods of detection would focus on the food itself. In pretty much ALL other contexts it seems to be a case of 'do not draw attention to yourself'. So no acts of foolishness that gets the local militia etc knocking down bunker doors and throwing your *** into a camp of any kind. The last suggestion above, a run down / rarely used look seems a good one. Better migght be well disguised security and a 'abandoned' look. Something most would pass right on by.
  11. BasecampUSA

    BasecampUSA Sr. Homesteader

    Heh... I'd like to see some militia try and knock my bunker door down...
    They'd have to have something a lot better than .50 BMG armor-piercing... that's what it's designed to handle @ 250%...

    They'd also have to cross a deep, wide electrified moat with razorwire in it to get there under a hail of bullets anyway, then there is that damn Draggon™ of mine to contend with :D

    After that, there's a lot of jackhammering and digging to do in the blazing inferno scorching everything within 40 feet that you could only begin to attempt in a full-on flame suit with scott airpacks.

    Naw, it jest aint a-gonna happen, that's all...! :club:

    - Basey
  12. thunderdan19

    thunderdan19 Shoots to Thrill

    Well, at least now they know not to bother and just to take you out with a Hellfire rocket off a Reaper... :D
  13. BasecampUSA

    BasecampUSA Sr. Homesteader

    I said militia (or even zombie hordes), not the US Gummint or the military... - clean your reading glasses!... ;)

    Up here, even your friendly hometown volunteer fire department has enough vigilantes to give you the creeps! -but I doubt they have anything that exotic.

    If I'm up against 'ol Uncle Sugar, I'm a-runnin, I aint crazy -I've got a well hidden bunker wayyyy back in the Maine tanglewoods where not even an indian has set foot for the last 150 years.

    Moral of that story is: "Never carry all your eggs in one basket" - and leave your cell phone behind!

    'Ol Basey aint no fool...
  14. Sonnyjim

    Sonnyjim Prepping

    I can only see this type of scenerio happening if you are a partisan against your own government in a shtf scenerio. They will not waste their time with blood hounds to find you unless you've done something wrong, it's not worth their time. But as we all like to think about what if scenerios, I think the best thing to do would be to stay put, give them what they want, and hide somewhere else in a cache what you don't want to give them. It won't happen, we aren't in a Jew/Nazi scenerio anytime soon. A few supplies taken by the army in a shtf situation maybe.
  15. sailaway

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    I think I will be going to my local garden supply center shortly.;) They can also use heat seeking viewing equiptment to identify you hiding out in the wild.:eek:
  16. BasecampUSA

    BasecampUSA Sr. Homesteader

    If they are looking for me out there, somewhere in the Maine wilderness, they've got several thousand square miles to choose from. :D

    ...and heat signatures don't show up under 4 feet of dirt covering the bunker. I would be more afraid of GPR... (ground penetrating radar)... it can go to 8' deep to reveal bunkers, etc.

    But all that requires intensive searching by aircraft, and unless you are just about "public enemy #1" they won't bother...

    ...just like SonnyJim said.

    JUST REMEMBER... the USGummint have thier own web-crawlers sniffin every survivalist forum on the Net for potential trouble makers - DON'T KID YOURSELF, it's true... :eek:

    If you don't think your computer don't have a signature to follow, get wise fast!

    ONE GOOD REASON not to brag about all the weapons you have or stashed-cached somewhere... if you are bullsh*tting about stuff you got, they will take it seriously anyway, and you'll sit in a future Gitmo-type FEMA camp's sweat box till you come clean.
  17. joedirt

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    thats just how I feel Basecamp! I dont tell anybody nothin' just that I have a knife....let'em keep guessing
  18. Clarice

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    Like I've said before you don't have any idea who is reading the things we post.
  19. carolexan

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    We may very well be chatting with posers of the government at anytime. Also with all the computers having IP numbers it can be traced back to you.

    I assure you that none of us want or plan to be found if the big SHTF happens. Make your plans for several ways to relocate now, should someone find you and and your BOL in the worst times.
    This is a very good post, thank you.
  20. worldengineer

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    Uh-oh I might be an agent and not even know it! Ahh, tin foil time.

    On a slightly more serious tone.
    Reason number one to have dial-up from AOL, anyone can already be using your IP, their is a large list of interchangeable ones. I don't remember ever getting the same one twice for a week period. That kind of stuff causes some hell on certain websites. Especially ones that think your burning up bandwidth with the 1 million log ons in a day. Plus its cheap.