What Does Wal-Mart Know?

Discussion in 'General Preparedness Discussion' started by ToGoKit, Jul 3, 2011.

  1. ToGoKit

    ToGoKit Member

    I have never seen a store display like what I saw today, July 3rd 2011 in the local Wal Mart store in north Idaho.

    I took some pics of the display. Even back in the days of Y2K I never saw anything like this.


    This really made me stop and think what do they know? Is the demand up or is it going to be?

    Most people were just getting their hot dogs and burgers for the 4th and not even paying attention to this huge display.

    What your thoughts?
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  2. Frugal_Farmers

    Frugal_Farmers Good ole country folk

    I feel that the monsters, I mean executives, at Walmart watch trends closley.

    They have watched market trends and want to cash in on their piece of the pie.

    People are funny. When they see a big display like this they say "I gotta have it". "In fact, I'll take two and put it on my credit card".

    On the plus side, if folks do buy them, perhaps they will begin looking at other preps.

  3. floridacracker

    floridacracker Newbie

    has any other stores done this?

    my question is has anybody in other ares seen this? each store is local and they do tend to use some local marketing, however if it becomes a area wide stocking, or maybe even a country wide event, then it may mean something... I can't remember where I saw the info, but it said wal-mart and several large grocery chains would hold the price on the staples, humm for how long and at what cost....
  4. power

    power ExCommunicated

    They know they want to sell items. All that matters. If people will buy something Walmart will stock it.
  5. Turtle

    Turtle Well-Known Member

    Florida Cracker makes an excellent point; the ordering for each Walmart is done at the local store level. Knowing the sort of people that live in Idaho (which is not derogatory at all, as my Dad just bought 35 acres there), I would say that they are just trying to appeal to the locals. I can tell you for sure, there have been no similar displays at any of the Baltimore/Washington stores!
  6. lotsoflead

    lotsoflead Well-Known Member

    All they know is that some people are prepping like the world was coming to an end and they want their fair share of the loot.
    If they really wanted to help the country, they would have these same items and adds in the large cities and towns, not just out in the country where people prep anyway.
  7. OldCootHillbilly

    OldCootHillbilly Reverend Coot

    Ain't seen it at ours. An the ordererin ain't done at the store level no more. The regional warehouse dictates what them stores stock. I've tried ta get case lots a things before an talkin with the different managers they say they can't order stuff no more cause that be done at the regional level. Funny, our regional warehouse be Kansas City! What would they no bout our area? They gather all there info from numbers, so if prep food be sellin good in some region yall will see it in yer store.
  8. The_Blob

    The_Blob performing monkey

    Do different regions do things differently?... because I've never had a problem getting anything from ours, such as items 'discontinued at that location' or case lots. :scratch
  9. OldCootHillbilly

    OldCootHillbilly Reverend Coot

    Blob, could be, I sure ain't impressed with ours. They keep eleminatin stuff all the time. Told em one a these days their gonna look like the local K Mart!:gaah:
  10. Jason

    Jason I am a little teapot

    Some WalMarts seem to be really nice, with lots of merchandise, plenty of open registers, and a huge selection of products. Then others in the same area can be total crap holes. No idea the logic or why some stores seem so much better off than others. And I haven't seen any "prepper marketing" either.
  11. BillS

    BillS Well-Known Member

    I haven't seen those in my local Wal-Mart in Wisconsin.
  12. Meerkat

    Meerkat Seeking The Truth

    Here in N.Florida people I know prepare somewhat,some more than others.

    A few times my neighbor could'nt find canning lids anywhere and cannign jars have almost doubled in price.

    What I don't understand is all the new stores opeing up.
    :confused:.Espeically competing drug stores on every corner.

    If we are about to collapse and big busniess is to blame and run by Wall Street and banks,then would'nt they know more than us?If so why put all that money into buying stores no one will use?
  13. neldarez

    neldarez Supporting Member

    Our wallyworld has been carrying food storage items for awhile now.....I have noticed lately that they are expanding even more....... I've bought my powdered eggs and butter there, came home, looked up the company they bought it from and found that it was considerably cheaper buying it from wallyworld than from the company that made it and sells it..I was a bit surprised about that. Our home store can do nothing on its own, Arkansas dictates how long the a/c runs, the lights, and the ordering.........They have cut material and yarns until they are very small dept. now, they did cut yarn totally once but everyone screamed so much they brought it back. Their prices on the food storage items are just fine especially when you consider you don't pay freight, but might now want to buy much in your hometown store, know what I mean...:p
  14. Genevieve

    Genevieve I'm done - gone

    No wheat berries,no FD or dehydrated #10 cans, no nothing for preparedness here. Makes me depressed when others say they get this and that at their Walmarts and I look at mine and just wonder....wth?
    Shoot ain't even got this stuff at the Sam's I go to!
    Wish they did. I'd be buying that stuff up left and right and be able to pay cash would be the cherry on top!
  15. Immolatus

    Immolatus Just getting started. Always.

    That is a VERY good question.

    Either they do know something we dont, as in we are all a bunch of paranoid delusionals like everyone thinks we are.
    Or, they dont really know anything, and are just trying to sell a product people will buy, carrying out their day to day operations.
    Or, they know whats gonna happen and figure they should be gobbling up more and more before it all comes crashing down.
    Certainly wm execs and higher ups dont have to worry about a crash, because they have more money than they know what to do with.
  16. worldengineer

    worldengineer Well-Known Member

    We're a bunch of paranoid delusionals. And they enjoy money.
    Ours ain't started displaying that yet, but they do have a knack for screwing up an entire store by moving one item.
  17. BadgeBunny

    BadgeBunny Well-Known Member

    No prepper market as Jason calls it at the local Wal-Marts here either but I can order Auguson Farms stuff online and have it delivered to the local Sam's Club.

    Haven't done it yet ... trying to keep my money at a local store that just opened up that caters to "outdoor adventures" (what a cool name for prepping, huh?? LOL) ... just nice to have another option.
  18. gypsysue

    gypsysue The wanderer

    Well, our Wal-mart in NW Montana (Kalispell) doesn't have anything like that, and I'd say we're pretty like-minded with the folks in NE Idaho. Our Wal-mart doesn't even have the freeze-dried stuff I've heard people say theirs do in other parts of the country. Weird.

    It might reflect the beliefs of or those beliefs the ordering person sees in their area, when they order.

    Possibly it's another jump-on-the-wagon-Y2K-is-coming sales tactic in anticipation of the 2012 anxiety?
  19. JayJay

    JayJay Well-Known Member

    Here in my community, they already do---and don't get me wrong...I love kmart--just got great towels for 2.50 sale price and they were on my list of things to get!!!!:2thumb:

    So, Chinamart is the last place I shop now---the prices are not competitive..in fact, here, it's like they are pricing higher than other stores even on the other stores' sale items...'cause most don't know to say---MATCH THAT PRICE DUDE!!!:gaah:
  20. GatorDude

    GatorDude Well-Known Member

    Walmart does a lot to optimize their product mix to the zip code of their neighborhood. If you live in a prosperous neighborhood, you will see more high end merchandise. For example, in a ritzy neighborhood (in a non-gun control state), your Walmart might have over-under shotguns and other very nice firearms. But, in a lower income neighborhood, you might have fewer expensive firearms and more basic firearms. The same holds true for computers, flat screen TVs, etc. If you go from Walmart to Walmart in your area, you may pick up on the differences.

    They have also recently announced an effort to bring back the basics that lead to their success. You should soon see more gun sales, more sporting goods, and perhaps even a fabric section.

    Here is an account of my recent firearms purchase at Walmart:
    Buying A Gun at Walmart

    I'll bet they have a very good idea of what people buy in your area. They probably know that there are many preppers in Idaho.