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being in a short term rental we haven't had anything in for a while, but as we are looking at moving we have seedlings in pots getting ready.
Zucchini, cucumber, tomato, spinach, pumpkin, red lettuce and one or two others.
Can't buy good tomatoes these days, and my favourite variety of pumpkins are not around the local shops either....

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In the fruits I have: pears, plumbs, cherries, peaches, black walnut, and persimmion, blackberry, blueberry.

Veggies are just the basics: tomato's, multiple peppers, zuchini, carrots, patato's, beet's, lettuce, spinach, sunflowers.

The herbs are: garlic, thyme, basil, rosemary, chives, mint, parsley.

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I, too, am an apartment dweller, but I have small patio garden of aloe Vera, tomatoes, jalapeños, rosemary, and basil. I really love doing this and would love a large parcel of land and just "farm" it.

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Do you guys all use the same type of soil for all of your plants or do you use different types for different plants?
Good question. You actually CAN'T use the same type of soi for some items. I listed jalapeños in my list above, but they do not do well in a nitrogen rich soil. The need a lot of DIRT... which doesn't seem to be in abundance here in TX...lot's of clay.

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I have two apple trees, Two Asian Pear trees, A peach tree, A mulberry tree, A butternut ( AKA white walnut) Tree, Three Saskattoon berry bushes, Two elderberry bushes, and a limping along current bush
And then the rest of the garden includes
green Beans,
Swiss chard
Lemon balm
summer Squashes ( ie Zuccinni, Yellow crook neck and patty pan)
Winter Squashes ( ie Lakota, Butternut, acorn and hubbard)
Sunchoke ( aka Jerselum artichoke)
Common mallow

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I have a small plot for a garden, so I'm growing mostly for a hobby. I'm hoping this forum will give me ideas to improve.
I try to grow tomatoes and hot peppers, usually good crops but this year I planted late and it was pretty hot and dry. Also this year I had a fairly successful crop of okra. I love the stuff and it is apparently pretty healthful. Some vitamins and good fiber. I eat it raw, pickled or in stews like gumbo.

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I grow all our vegetables and am working on growing all the fruit we eat. I gardened back when the kids were little in northern Vermont, but last year was the first year at our new house in Mass. I'm hoping some of the fruit I planted last year will bear this year. We are also putting in a lot more next spring.

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My garden is put to sleep right now, but here's a list of what we plant

sweet potatoes
green beans
Lima beans

On top of this we forage for blackberries, gooseberries, elderberries, and polk greens.

We have a small orchard with apple, peach, and pears. We raise our own meat. Now I need to work on growing my own grain

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better question is what dont we grow...:D

and skip.. growing grains is a really labor intensive waste of time in my honest opinion unless you got a nice tractor n can devote a couple acres to grains it is alot of work for very little yield. That aint saying we dont plant it ... ;) I can say it is nice if you can use it for human and critter feed, like amaranth where you eat the greens and feed the grain to critters. We had a 1200 sf area of quinoa and amaranth last year and if we got five pounds of grains for our use it was pushing it.. It took about 12 hours of time to get that amount of grains between cutting and winnowing etc..

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I do hobby gardening and am nowhere near as experienced as many. No big crops. Here in CO I've grown tomatoes, carrots, radishes, zucchini, pumpkins. I did have massively great luck one year when the tomato plants froze...they came back with a vengeance. We had bag after bag of tomatoes.

I tried corn once or twice with marginal success. One year I left some carrots under the leaves from my tree in fall. Well, they grew all winter and I had a heckova nice crop of giant, tasty carrots at the end.

After landscaping the back we have a new garden area so had a different area to grow stuff. This year we grew one pumpkin, a few cherry tomatoes, some hot peppers. Not bad but not great. But, I'm working up to better results.

I have a crop of egyptian walking onions that grows like weeds without much care required. Zucchini grows like gangbusters here.

We also have a blackberry bush and raspberry bush that are still coming into their own. I know nothing about those, but I am going to assume I need to thicken them up via pruning.

The ornamental oregano and some dark colored sage that I don't recall the name of has been going nuts too. We have a fennel plant that grows huge every year. That thing would take over the back yard if we let it.

Had rhubarb for awhile but during our drought it died. :(

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Apples, pears, cherries, figs, pie cherries, plums, filberts, green beans, runner beans, broadbeans, broccoli, red cabbage, cauliflower, chard, bok choi, chives, cukes (English slicing and lemon), eggplant, beets, kale, assorted lettuces, Spanish onions, walking onions, rhubarb, pumpkins, elephant garlic, leeks, celery, sweet corn, blackberries (lots), bell peppers, banana peppers, radishes, turnips, green zukes, yellow zukes, butternut squash, spinach, sunchokes, sunflowers, nasturtiums, mustard, red potatoes, golden potatoes, paste tomatoes, indeterminate heirloom tomatoes, golden cherry tomatoes, strawberries, and all the snap peas we can stand to grow. Putting in raspberries, wolfberries, blueberries and a quince tree this year, we hope.

It was down to 15F the other night -- the beets, kale, broccoli, bok choi, onions and elephant garlic pulled through, but the celery and chard were hammered -- at least above ground. A deep mulch helps. We had some plastic to put over some things but ran out, hence the frozen chard -- our chickens, ducks and geese liked it fine but dislike the celery ...

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I'm curious, I didn't see anyone growing potatoes but I've always wanted to try. Is there anyone who's tried? Why aren't they a popular plant to garden?

I'm just getting started. I want to start with some basics, namely carrots, corn, radishes, beets, zucchinis and strawberries. My folks had a great strawberry patch growing up as a kid and they're a personal favorite.
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