What are your perparations for?

Discussion in 'General Preparedness Discussion' started by longtime, Nov 30, 2009.

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    My wife and I have been preparing for a long time (20 years). During this time it has been for general peace of mind, with no urgency or reason. Today we are more committed. This commitment is not because I think the world is coming to an end. But because of Climate Change, no not AGW but Global Cooling and the resulting crop failures. I do not want to start a thread on AGW; we have plenty out there already, so let’s not get off the subject. But for the last two years we have been having problems with food production, from cool/wet springs and early falls in Canada to wet fields at harvest time the US. The world has gotten complacent with the abundant food production and uses almost 100%. What are we going to do if production falls by 10% to 20%? It’s a good time to stock up.
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    Excellent reason to be prepared.
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    In terms of long-term preparation, my biggest concern at the moment is a Peak Oil scenario. It is definately going to happen eventually. There is no way around it. We simply depend too much on oil. And we have been given 2 great examples of how a limit on supply can work against us (1973, the present).

    Without a steady supply of oil, harvesting food will become prohibitively expensive. Transporting that food to your local supermarket will be too expensive. Those millions of people who need to drive for a couple hours to and from work every day will be out of the job.

    And then there are the widely used products that are petrochemical based. Anything made of plastic, various medicines, and even the asphalt we use to make our roads. Of course, without the equipment to lay the asphalt down, it wouldn't much matter anyway.
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    As for what I prepare for, I prepare less by type of disaster than I do by basic needs. The basic needs are pretty much the same, no matter what the disaster. As I meet my goals for the basics I do specific things for specific disasters. There really aren't that many individual elements that aren't appropriate for several sets of circumstances. My ultimate goal is to be as self-sufficient for as long of a period as it is practical to be in modern society.

    This is a list of the things I consider when I’m making preps, in no specific order after the first four (No. I’m not ready for all of them yet. And yes, some of them simply call for having your affairs in order.):

    Global nuclear war
    Limited nuclear war/attack
    Chemical/Biological war/attack
    Weather Modification attack
    Major conventional war
    New colonial activity (Fr., Sp., Port., It., Germ., Japan, China, Russia, UK, Brazil, Ven.)
    A new Persian Empire
    Invasion of the US
    Regional climate change
    Global warming
    Global cooling/Ice Age
    Celestial object impact/near miss
    Nemesis induced Oort Cloud meteorite rain
    Black hole appearance
    Dark matter/anti-matter incident
    UN/One World Gov
    NWO (New World Order)
    US Coup
    US revolution
    Government Tyranny
    CME (Coronal Mass Ejection)
    Ozone layer depletion
    Solar radiation increase/decrease
    Gamma ray burst from neutron star collision
    Earth orbit shift
    Magnetic pole shift
    Rotational pole shift
    Earth Core Cooling
    Massive tectonic activity
    Grand Alignment induced tectonic activity
    EMP attack (Electro Magnetic Pulse)
    Major nuclear power plant incident
    Utilities failures
    Terrorism in about a thousand different forms
    Martial Law
    Travel restrictions
    Communication restrictions
    Weapons restrictions
    New, more restrictive assault weapons ban
    Total gun ban
    Local/regional gun grab
    Gold/PM restrictions
    Gold/PM recall
    Rampant inflation
    Major economic depression
    Nationwide/global economic breakdown
    Personal financial breakdown
    Loss of job
    Personal/family catastrophic illness
    Bank closure/failure/mandated bank holiday
    Strikes/boycotts/embargoes/price controls
    Food shortages/price increases
    Water shortages
    Shortages of goods and services for a variety of reasons
    Peak oil
    Fuel shortages/price increases
    Methane Hydrate release
    Gulf Stream shutdown
    Rapid Population Decline
    Social break down
    Widespread civil unrest/riots
    Aztlan/Reconquista Uprising
    Civil war
    Ethnic war
    Racial war
    Religious war
    Resource war
    Becoming a refugee
    Sea level rise
    Sea level drop
    Mega Tsunami (La Palma, West Antarctic Ice Sheet)
    Mega Volcano (Yellowstone Caldera)
    Pyroclastic flow
    Heat wave
    Antibiotic resistant bacteria
    Rainforest deforestation
    Forest fire/wild fire
    Fire storm
    Sand/dust storms
    House/apartment/building fire
    Crop failures
    Hazmat incident
    Medical emergency
    Local major accident (aircraft/auto/rail/building)
    Airplane crash
    Automotive accident
    Becoming lost in the wilderness
    Becoming lost in the megalopolis
    Crime wave
    Local major crime
    Dangerous wildlife confrontation
    Wild animal rampage
    Addictive Entertainment
    Eco-system collapse
    Out of control bio-genetics/bio-technology/Nano-technology/robotics
    Sub-atomic particle research accident
    Extraterrestrial biological contamination
    Evidence of extraterrestrials
    Hostile extraterrestrials
    Peaceful extraterrestrials
    Biblical flood
    Biblical plagues
    Second coming
    A New Messiah
    The Anti-Christ
    Zombies/vampires/werewolves/other supernatural dangers (just kidding!)
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    What Jerry said......:2thumb:
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    No real scenario in mind- just want to be prepared for pretty much anything. I'll have more peace of mind when I get away from the metro Atlanta area though. :sssh:

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    I agree with you Tim. Metro Atlanta will not fair well in a ST or LT SHTF scenario (just my opinion)! :beercheer:
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    I've got some TVP that I stored in 1971 in 5 gal metal cans, and food grade plastic bags. Still good, just refreshed with CO2 gas, resealed. Also have about 3 units of 6 #10 cans from the 1960s. Only a small amount compared to the other units I have stored.
    Trying to be prepared for whatever, maybe even z o m b i e s:D only time will tell for sure.
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    I'm just going to paste my response from the other thread so the newer folks don't need to jump around.

    In the winter of 06-07, we were at the grocery store and noticed that the packaging had shrunk while price did not. About the same time, I discovered SurvivalBlog.com and had my eyes opened to the fragility of our food chain. We've always had a garden but decided to expand. As we started growing more of our own food, a few chickens seemed like a prudent step. Every step we took led us to think about another step we should take.
    We got a few goats and then thought about how we would feed and them and the chickens ( which we have 40 of now ) over the winter if our regular suppliers were no longer available, so we grew some hard red wheat over the 08-09 winter. We plan to add oats in the spring. These are only small plots of about 1500sq ft each, and with the 2000sq ft of corn, will give us enough grain to feed the animals and us, as well as save enough to plant next year.
    So, it started out as just a way to avoid being caught off guard in the event of any unforeseen circumstance and has grown into a goal of becoming as self sufficient as possible. If you grow or raise most everything you need, you're fairly well prepared. :)
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    Went to "Why?" and that was what I had in mind. Should have looked a little harder. It's still a good question.
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    We are preparing for short term disaster now, and once I am happy with that we will start laying in stores for SHTF scenarios. It helps the later that we are also starting to change the yard to an urban homestead.
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    I'm afraid of short term scenario's turning into shtf situations.
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    The event does not matter to me at this point because I am Just getting started with the basics right now but I have formed a short and long term plan to work on. Once these are complete I will begin to address specific events
    Right now just basic storage of food and firearms and looking at purchasing land to begin a more serious off the grid location should it become needed. Since I have young kids it should be fun to include them in the adventure of a new vactioning/camp site and all that will follow getting an off grid location up and running. Right now Im selling many things That have been fun the past few years but really serve no purpose in my life anymore (I think we call them toys:D ) they will provide me with enough working cash to buy some property and get further along in my plans.

    My head hurts when I think about all that I need to prepare for so I keep things small and in perspective right now.
  15. NaeKid

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    When you make your plans - keep things really simple and don't think about the huge picture which can stress you out quickly. Straight-forward plans work the best. Set aside a section of your house to be your own personal grocery-store. Slowly fill it with canned and dried foods. Purchase several cartons of toilet paper. As time allows, re-fill water jugs with water.

    Get a label-maker and label everything that can be reused. Anything that is "throw-away" just mark it up with permanent felt-marker (date purchased, consume-by-date and if required, what is inside the package).

    Baby steps will help you get prepared - good luck! :2thumb:
  16. Kriket

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    I prep for job loss, postpartum periods, unexpected expenses (we had to replace the house heater last year and wiped our $$ pretty good) and natural disasters like tornados, epic snow and power outages.

    I strive to one day live a lifestyle where the world could collapse around me and I don't notice for a few weeks :D
  17. Turtle

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    That happened to me when I lived in Ohio two years ago . . . the town flooded and I had no clue til I drove in to work! lol Of course, in Ohio, the world could stop spinning and no one would notice until they realized that Michigan wasn't showing up for the big game . . . lol
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    I was just talking to my neighbor about having items stored for an emergency. Granted he is a small business owner, a one man painter, in and out of work, works when he has to basically. He said he couldn't afford to, but he has some Ramen stashed away, ha ha.:D
    Then I asked him how were the garage sales this weekend, good he replied, found some good collectibles. Hum, found some 'good collectibles' he collects baseball memorabilia. He said not to worry, if there were a emergency he would come over here.:scratch
    I also have collectables, Aladdin oil lamps, old hand tools, semi-old reloading equipment, see where I'm going :rolleyes: Items that can still be useful, and especially in the event of :shtf: event.
    I'm pretty sure how most of you feel about this, but, maybe I'm too critical sometimes.:dunno:
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    I'm a collector too. I collect hand saws, cross-cut saws, hand powered drills, human powered farm implements, oil lamps, cast iron cookware. I guess you get the point.
    I do have one small vice though. I also collect guitars, although I haven't bought one in three years.