What are the possibilities? What is most likely to happen?

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    There are many things that could happen. The supposed "apocalypse" has so many versions that I don't know what to even try to prepare for. The list is as followed:

    Virus (some say zombies)


    Economy crash

    Government crash

    Natural disaster

    Loss of thing like,

    The list is almost endless so do I try and prepare or a certain one? Or do I just hope for the best and preparefor the worst?
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    There are so many possible things that can impact you that it's often hard to prep for all of them taken individually.

    Instead, if you move toward preparing for IMPACTS on your needs you can better work for mitigation.

    Each sort of diaster might have different levels and affect different aspects, however they generally affect one, two or all of three primary needs:


    If you accept that you need to preserve safety, sustenance and shelter, it's easier to deal with what seems like an overwhelming problem.

    Solid preparations address these comprehensive areas. Large bug out bags address all three of these areas and even small ones often have means of securing all three. For a person not bugging out, there's huge advantages in realizing and addressing these needs. Each need can be comprehensive, for example, safety might encompass medical, sanitation, security, and other areas. Shelter ranges from being in the shade during hot days to the clothing you're wearing to temp repairing damage to your house with blue tarps and plywood.

    Before a single dollar is spent on preps by a new survivalist, he or she should take a look at all three of these things and consider the threat in his or her specific area.

    Prioritizing them when things happen is essential.
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  3. mosquitomountainman

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    You should also do some research on likely disasters or legitimate threats for your area. When I lived in Kansas, tornados were a legitimate threat. In northwestern Montana a tornado would be the least of my worries but forest fires are a very real threat. In major cities terrorism (car bombs, suicide bombers, etc.) are a more likely threat than they are here in our very rural area. If you live near railroad tracks or an interstate highway you might need to be concerned with chemical spills. So, evaluate the threats you're most likely to deal with. FEMA has some good tools to use on their website.

    The good thing is that many of your basic preps will cover a lot of bases. For instance. A three day ""bug out bag" to keep you alive until help comes will be just as useful after a tornado as it will be if you have to bug out due to a chemical spill. The main differences being that for a tornado you'll need a good underground shelter and for a chemical spill you'll need a good escape vehicle and plan.

    SNT has some good points with the Safety, Sustenance and Shelter concept. I'd recommend that you prepare in stages. First for a three day catastrophe, then add on until you could last ten days, then a month, etc. until you have enough resources to carry you and yours through for a year or even two. The next level (which you can start on now) is to learn and put into practice wherever possible the skills to be self-sustaining for the rest of your life. In other words to be able to provide on a continuing basis the same resources that kept you alive the first year.
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    MoskitoMountainMan hit an essential part, breaking it down in what can be managed, the 3 or 7 day plan, then other periods like 30, 90, 180 days.

    If a person explores the FEMA site, they can find the actual natural and man made threats in their area.
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    We lose electricity pretty regularly where I reside, most times a few hours but it has been off for days and over a week once that I remember. I started there and made sure I could ‘survive’ that ‘disaster’. I’m at home (or would be able to get there) so have shelter; I needed to address warmth and food/water for a week. Next would be a snow or ice storm. The snow removal abilities of the area are low at best so we have to wait it out until it melts. Same as above, shelter, food/water, heat for a week. I took care of two KNOWN survival situations already! I then setup my situation to where I could survive many other situations, while at home anyway, for up to a week.

    I then looked at other possibilities like you listed. I made sure I had some cash on hand, I think it was $100 in small bills at first. This covered banks closing or any other situation where I might be able to buy something but not use plastic. Little by little I have saved so that now I could pay all my bills for 3 months in cash.

    Little by little I started with what is likely to happen or will happen in my area and expanded to less likely situations for an extended time period. Except for the un-dead kind of zombies. I need to watch more zombie movies so I know for sure how to deal with them. For the wandering hoards of zombies I’m in as good a shape as I can be for now.
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    Don't get overwelmed. Just keep working toward food, water, shelter and defense. I do believe as shakey as the economy is right now and the mess with Korea, it would not take much to start things unraveling, then we may have a domino effect. Everything we do to become better prepared makes me feel more confident we can handle almost anything that should come our way, manmade or nature.
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    This is a good website that has a few videos on the death of the dollar....
    I would start with, "Then End OF Liberty" and then "The Day the Dollar Died".
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    most likely economic crash with hyperinflation and a depression for 10 plus yrs then we'll just slip into a 3 world country as the jobs aren't coming back. we can't keep spending 4.2 trillion and taking in 2.3 trillion a yr plus keep printing money out of thin air just to keep the market looking good . If you've got a ton of rice and beans put away, better put away another ton of each.
    Another war wouldn't even help us as we outsource everything to other countries, just the very rich and the bankers will survive.
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    IMO, Anything that stops, or drastically slows the flow of oil will have huge consequences.
    Limited food deliveries, and you may see how crazy people can become.
    Kim Jong Il is a nutjob, and I think his boy wants to prove himself.
    Iran wants to erase Israel. If they try, or N Korea does the unthinkable, oil will be the factor, I think, that does the biggest damage to us all.
    Every week, I pick up another 20lb. bag of rice, or beans, or wheat, or other basic commodities. I'm even thinking of burying stuff, in case my home gets raided.
  10. NaeKid

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    Out of your list, I would prepare for natural disasters.

    The out of all the disasters that can happen, the ones that I would prepare for are based on the 4-elements - Fire, Water, Earth, Air. Each of those 4 elements are doubled edged swords - they can save your life and they can erase your life.

    #1 Fire can come in many destructive forms, forest, field, apartment, condo, house, business and when contained properly can help feed you and keep you warm.

    #2 Water can hydrate you or drown you. A flood of water can sweep you away and bash your helpless body on rocks or trees. When you hear that the waters are rising, go the opposite direction, away from them. When you hear that a storm is coming, do you go outside to watch it or do you take shelter from the rain, hail, wind, lightening, etc?

    #3 How can earth harm you? It sits under your feet and allows grass and trees to grow? A cave is exciting to explore, but, given the right circumstances, that cave can become your grave as it has for thousands of miners looking for gold, coal or diamonds. Only you can decide if the chances are worth the goal.

    #4 Air gives us life, but when that air gets a little angry, it can throw dangerous things at you. Finding solid shelter when it gets windy (tornado or hurricane) will keep you alive another day. Don't rely on a vehicle or tent to keep you safe, they are not solid enough.

    :bullit: :bullit: :bullit: :bullit: :bullit: :bullit: :bullit: :bullit: :bullit: :bullit:

    With those four elements in mind, you can start building your plans to survive their destructive sides. Storing food, water, temporary shelter, fuel, communication devices, etc in containers and places that the four elements will not be able to ruin them.

    FireProof and WaterProof safes for important documents, plastic containers to keep dry-goods safe for eating, plastic containters to store water in (think of a water-cooler), metal containers (AmmoCans) work well for clothing, tools, etc.