What a Big Bird Told Me

Discussion in 'General Chit-Chat' started by Viking, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. Viking

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    Today while I was uphill from our home putting on a fresh coat of paint on our firewood/garden tractor shed when I heard a loud chirp chirp---chirp chrip and when I looked to see what it was I was suprised to see a young wild turkey by the corner of the house circling something on the ground while chirping, I immediately figured it was a rattlesnake so I ran and got a shovel and after I killed the snake I went and got a cup of cracked corn and threw it out on the ground for a reward to the young turkey as a thanks for warning me. If the turkey had not warned me I might have ran across that snake somewhere else around the house with possibly not so good of an outcome. The unusual thing is that normally when the wild turkeys come around they are in groups of four to eight and the young one would be with the mother and other siblings. Sort of an angel in feathers!
  2. GatorDude

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    That's pretty cool. You might have to go for ham this Thanksgiving. :D

    I've found that if you watch the birds, they'll let you know about snakes. Several years ago, I saw some mockingbirds diving at a piece of ground in a large city park. I sauntered over and saw that they were harassing a big black snake.

  3. sailaway

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    Eat the snake tonight, keep feeding the turkey and eat it at Thanksgiving next year.:ignore:
  4. Jason

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    I never knew birds did that. Good to know. :)
  5. Canadian

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    The lord works in mysterious ways. Peace!
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  7. OldFashionedMama

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    Yikes! Too bad my stepmom didn't have a warning bird when she found a black snake in the backyard years ago. It took several rifle shots fired at close range to kill that son of a gun. I think I'd call 911 if I saw a snake.
  8. TechAdmin

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    Wow. You that's a useful turkey. Whenever we had chicken snakes in the coop all the chickens would give the same response.n They would cluck and puff up real big then we knew something was going on. Them tiny snakes will get ya!
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    Eat the dang snake, like they said feed the lucky turkey, put on list " go to store and buy turkey and more corn" ;D O and those bird's can see a nat picking it's nose at 300 yard's, now that's a fact.
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    For an ugly bird, them turkeys rate right up there on the smart scale.
  11. Mmfroigginipskla

    :ignore: Mmfroigginipskla
  12. NaeKid

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    Umm ... what does that mean?
  13. Lonewufcry

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    good bird now eat this corn and fatten up for the winter. keep it around and use it to lure other turkeys for dinner.
  14. OldCootHillbilly

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    Ya just might got a new friend! Ya never know he might bring relatives!

    There good eatin an a real interestin bird to. Gettin lots more of em round here.
  15. Yo Naekid :D
    That means censored...
    I read a lot about the future and how important it is to be prepared for what ever may come..there are a lot of possibles..I get hyped up over some of the things I see going on for a number of years now..up close and personal threats from all directions..it's got to be a habit writing about it all..explaining to anyone who asks and some who don't.. so I'm working at toning down the rhetoric here..I read the rules and had every intention of following them..
    so I guess it's a private joke with myself to shut up about it all and get in synch with the site and just have fun..
    Had to get right off the net for a while giving myself chest pains being so riled up..
    I'm good to go with preparing all way round..second set up now in NB and would deeply prefer being there ..winter is a real drag here in the cave.. so washin walls now to work off the restlessness to get goin..:gaah:
    and I always crash for 2 or 3 hours after dinner.. then am up all night..:D sleep half the day.smoke too much.. think too much and occasionally drink too much..:0).
    Great site..rocks..wasn't so long ago a key word search for preppers or survivalists came up empty..at least for Canada, ..meet ups too..barren.. now.. holy crow it's like an explosion of groups etc..
    thats great too..means fewer looters :rolleyes:
    Thats my cue to clam up now..:D
    Peace out and take care..:2thumb: