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Meet the scammers breaking hearts and stealing billions online | Four Corners. You never even heard of them.

They are all around the world. The women playing Mr. Dress-up gives advice to one of them. Probably dresses as normal person when camera is not there. Camouflage for herself.

Apparently they have the death sentence in Aussie land.

Having multiple working cell phones in a gang-banger type person is a bad sign.

Around here, they have one cell phone per a person. Still using cell phones in there criminal activities. Maybe 5 people or more. Have cell phones in a little gang group (cell).

Same as one person having multiple phones, but it is one phone per a person.

More manpower available for criminal activities, done as shifts.

Give other people access to cell phones, on new shifts sometimes. Looks more normal and is better in some ways.

Dealing with career criminals here. Smarter in some ways. Camouflage.

What happens, if they loose a person, and a cell phone or two? They stay up and running.

So under the law. When a criminal. Especially gang drug criminals. Having a cell phone should be considered, like having a crack pipe. But worst. Considered being a drug dealer. Can't have a job, can't pay for a room themselves? But can keep, a cell phone? Considered a drug dealer, then anyway under the law. Or have access to a phone, through one of their girlfriend prostitutes. For full time career criminals anyway. Under gang laws and such. Under organized crime laws. No visible means of employment or no visible means of income. Etc.

In Canada, you need a lot of money for a cell phone in real life. I tried to get a cheap cell phone plan. A yearly 100 dollar ish plan or it was 200 dollar ish plan. Monthly paying. Was denied. No reason was given. Where they send you a sim card to use with a new phone number.

George Collins
Abused Human Rights Activist
Yellowknife NT Canada
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