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  1. IrritatedWithUS

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    How things have changed...

    My parents were anti-prepping and thought I was a fear monger who was insane because 1. The U.S. will provide in situations and 2. The U.S. will never fail and 3. We have money and money will always be there and I didn't believe in that. I tried talking to my parents that prepping isn't a disease and it doesn't affect me at work or anywhere in society other than my house.

    WELL....I think my mother is finally taking my advice slowly!

    I walked into her pantry and she has a lot of water stored (10+ gallons!), cases of light bulbs (she doesn't like the new kind we're going to be forced to buy soon), first aid kits, and lots of canned food -- all on shelves!

    I'M SO PROUD!!

    She says it's there "for earthquakes"... I just nodded but wanted to say "those light bulbs will be great for earthquakes!" :D:2thumb:
  2. BadgeBunny

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    YEA!!!!!! :D You know ... we have more and more friends asking us about "stuff" ... I'm tickled to death to help them. The more they do for themselves the less likely they are to "need" me ... Not that I wouldn't do for them if I could ... BUT what if I CAN'T ...

  3. tsrwivey

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    :congrat: Sometimes folks are listening even when they say they're not!
  4. PamsPride

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    My mom is catching on a lot more too! It gives me a lot more peace of mind when my family is better prepared!
  5. Homegrowngirl

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    I don't know what my parents think about what I am doing. I haven't really talked to them about it. They seem to believe that everything is going to be fine. Most of the people who do know (which arent' many), they seem to think it is a good idea, but no one else is doing it. Sometimes my children question my sanity, and I explain to them that it is better to be prepared then not.
  6. gypsysue

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    Fantastic, Irritated! I'm sure it's a good feeling to know she's getting some preps of her own. I think we sometimes worry more about family members like that than we do the ones under our roofs!

    I hope she keeps it up! :)
  7. Linda61

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    Gosh I am happy for you, sure wish I could get my family to take the hint.
  8. cybergranny

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    I'm happy for you as well. I take every opportunity I can to push their buttons. We lost our cable service (everything on it, phone, tv, internet) for a few hours last night and this morning. You better believe I'm going to use that little bit of info about CMP from the solar flare as the possible cause. Even my immediate in house family, I let them know this is just a little test of what it could be like and we still had electricity.
  9. AmishHeart

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    My relatives don't call it prepping either. They call it normal.
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    It's back . . .

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    Lol... yep
  12. Starcreek

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    I have a son that lives in another state and he came for a visit some time ago. Standing in my pantry, he looked around and said admiringly, "Man, you've got a lot of food put up." I had to take another look, because to me it wasn't much. We'd been through some tight times and had dipped into our "stores."
  13. crabapple

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    No one in my family stores dry goods for more than a month.
    They have land, garden & animals, so they are fine(until their health fails them).