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    Yuppers - I heard that interview ages ago as well.

    I believe that repeat offenders (of the same crime) should have punishment that fits the crime. If someone maimes someone else during the commitment of a different crime (ie: victim looses an eye when getting punched in the face during a robbery), the criminal, when caught for the 5th time (or something like that) of robbing people will lose the same eye in an equally painful manor.

    Criminals need to be punished. The threat of prison does not stop crime, it just hides the criminals for a short period of time (20 years is a short amount of time to someone that lost a sibling, parent or child to murder). Allowing a parent revenge for their child is not the answer, but, allowing the parent to see that justice was properly dealt out is the answer.

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    That's the exact same way I interpret the second.
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    I think everyone on this forum should chip in 500 bucks, send the proceeds to a cloning laboratory, snip a bit of DNA from Ted, and clone him, ohhhh, about 10 million times. In 18 years we'd have a voting force to be reckoned with.

    Nugent is one of the few celebs who has any grey matter between their ears, and is willing to look anyone in the eye and tell them the way it should be.

    I don't give a rats a$$ about celebs; most of them I wouldn't recognize anyhow because we don't get TV and I wouldn't care anyhow. To be honest, I wouldn't know a Nugent song if he sang on my front porch. But he has his head on straight and tells it like it is and he has the star power to reach lots of people. Go Nugent.

    PS.......is his music any good?
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    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9obfs6CuOw&feature=related"]Here[/ame] is a VERY young Ted Nugent with The Amboy Dukes. This is my favorite song by him. :2thumb:

    :eek: I have no idea how I got this video in here. :confused:
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    Stabbing suspect did not finish anger mgmt. | 6abc.com

    Another sad story where one armed person could have saved several lives. This POS was just released after killing someone in '91. He went after his girlfriend and her family with a knife. A neighboor heard the screams and went to help. He died too.
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    UncleJoe, thanks. I played back some of his songs. Yup. I recognize his music now. Groovy. :D I can't believe we actually said that word back then.:eek:
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    ALL RIGHT, Last night there was a video in here. Now I can't see it. What happened?