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    This happened a stone's throw from me. It's amazing what they found but the way they did it concerns and sickens me.

    Neighbor's Report of 'Possible Marijuana Grow-Op' Due to Mold On Side of Vancouver Home

    VANCOUVER, Wash. -- Neighbors helped police uncover a sophisticated marijuana growing operation in a Vancouver neighborhood Friday morning.

    Sixteen hundred plants, valued at $2.4 million dollars, were found in the house, located on Broadview Lane in West Vancouver, police said.

    Every room in the three home was filled with plants and growing equipment, said police. Planter boxes, heat lamps and a new ventilation system were installed. The house had also been rigged to run on car batteries and stolen power, so the extra use would not be detected.

    Munoz and wife Joanita are members of the Vancouver Police Department's Neighbors on Watch Program. They asked police to check out the house after becoming suspicious of activity taking place at the home.

    Joanita Munoz said neighbors were told a family was moving into the home, but they rarely saw people at the house. Additionally, garbage cans were rarely placed outside for pickup and mold started growing under the eaves of the house.

    Training they'd received through the NOW program gave them a small idea of what might be inside the house, but the couple did not expect the major growing operation detectives discovered.

    "Not in a million years," said Luiz Munoz.

    Vancouver Police Corporal Duane Boynton said the mildew on the home is a tell tale sign of a marijuana growing operation. After noticing that, he called in the Clark/Skamania Drug Task Force.

    Undercover agents spent hours removing and tagging evidence from the home on Friday.

    Jian Hua Wu and Hing Yu were arrested on charges of manufacturing marijuana, theft of services and malicious mischief. The men drove up the to house while officers were on the scene, said Boynton. The suspects speak only Cantonese, he said.

    Shoot, I have a leaky gutter that dripped down the side of my house
    and I noticed mold growing along the side of my siding when i cut down a tree. I better fix that real
    quick or I might have cops busting down my door for a 'marijuana grow operation'.
    I don't talk to my neighbors and I rarely make an appearance except to go to school and around town.
    These nosy neighbors and police got REAL LUCKY. I can't believe a judge okay'd a search warrant to search a house on
    the basis of mold.MOLD. It's Washington! Everything is moldy! Even the mold has mold!
    It didn't mention a search warrant in the news story, I'm only assuming they got one. But with today's craziness, they might not of.

    It's good that they found a mass marijuana grow operation. I am paranoid and just wonder how many homes
    did they bust down due to MOLD before this that we didn't hear about? And no, I am not a marijuana smoker.

    EDIT: Just saw the house on the news. The house is HUGE and there was 4 football-sized mold patches above
    the garage and THAT WAS IT. Crazy neighbors. I'd kill my neighbors if they reported me on the basis of some
    visible mold as a "marijuana grow op".
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    Firstly, the story lists quite clearly that the mildew was only one of the signs which added up to issuing the warrant. The comings and goings of the house showed all the signs of being an illegal operation, the warrant was issued with clear probable cause, and some bad guys got taken down.

    If you're worried about mildew on your house, be sure not to show all those other signs of your house being an obvious growing patch and you're gonna be fine. Mildew alone isn't probable cause and the story made that extremely clear.

    Secondly, you're comparing a giant drug growth operation being shut down by clever observation to people being rounded up and thrown into gas chambers?


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    Nosy neighbors making accusations and enforcers knocking down doors due to mold and the lack of activity of a house? Yes I am comparing. It's fu**ing ignorant. I have all the tell signs of a "grow op" at my own place. So does the guy across the street. Doesn't give any right for someone to knock down doors. There was no electrical evidence of growing anything until after the fact over what they found. So what if neighbors noticed that they didn't drag trash cans to the curb every week? I didn't take mine out the past two weeks. I've taken them to the dump.

    And never once have I heard that mold on a house is one of the top signs of a marijuana grow operation. NEVER.