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Weather Websites

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What website do you guys use to check your local weather? I have noticed that the Yahoo weather is not that accurate. I would like something as close to accurate as possible that you know of. Thank you!
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I use
Seems to be pretty reliable. Plus you can look at an hour-by-hour screen of the weather.
sometimes I use or other news station satellite image sites
Here's a good one I found to zero in on weather in virtually any area of the states. It also makes satellite or radar views of the specific areas available...Nice site.
Crown Weather

For those that like too much information, I like to use

It's based in the northeast (Maine), but their website is loaded with information, especially the tropic stuff. If you enter you zipcode you get a pretty good NWS forecast for your area.

The best weather website for survivalists is and you can check it out here...
Have any of you thought to learn how the read the weather signs, The ones Mother Nature gives us each and every day?

Just a thought ... you know ... It is only a guess but when the SHTF I don't see many web sites/tv weather station being up and runnng ... ;)

Exit to add: No weather rocks PLEASE! lol
Edit to add: No weather rocks PLEASE! lol
Well you're no fun! :p
I usually use the local TV news website or some of the ones others have mentioned already.
+1 for they have different detailed forecasts, weather maps, and short video clips with the forecast.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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