War On Terror

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    Interesting... the first one that is, the second I kind of got lost in....

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    barring an attack on the states I doubt we'll be expanding the war anytime soon, Obama would have to renege on his position that war is not what america wants
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    Hmmm... that first article is weird. First few paragraphs they sound like two UberLiberals soundly bashing Conservatism during thier daily Brunch Meeting at Starbucks between classes at Berkeley.....

    By the end, they are sounding like wannabe NeoCons bashing Big Government like we all do, but with no clear idea how to fix the problem, falling back on the Liberal idea of running from the madness to somewhere else not realizing they would just bring the problems with them to Paradise.

    They echo the poorly thought through concept of "if we ignore terrorism and get out of their way, they won't hit us!" :scratch

    A very confusing article indeed, defing a few problems but giving no clear ideas on how to FIX things.

    The second article is odd too. I truly don't know if these fools are on the Right or the Left. or just chasing thier virtual tails in confusion and frenzy.

    Norman Mailer once said he believed the United States, in its endless pursuit of war and domination, had entered a "pre-fascist era." Mailer seemed tentative, as if trying to warn about something even he could not quite define. "Fascism" is not right, for it invokes lazy historical precedents, conjuring yet again the iconography of German and Italian repression. On the other hand, American authoritarianism, as the cultural critic Henry Giroux pointed out recently, is "more nuance, less theatrical, more cunning, less concerned with repressive modes of control than with manipulative modes of consent."

    They never met "bobo the dog-faced boy and his Chicago Mafia Commandos" now ensconced in the hallowed halls of Congress and the Whitehouse. Repression is increasingly part of bobo's arsenal against Freedom and Rights. Manipulation only goes so far - then one needs a gavel-wielding pelosi to bully the 'boys' into submission to pass legislation that any good honest hard-working American has said they categorically DO NOT WANT!
    bobo also has not yet met an EO or a War (hold-overs from the prior Misguided Administration) that he doesn't like. He has continued the madness unabated. In this, I can kinda/sorta agree with the second article, to a point.
    But to think that pulling out and allowing the terrorists to win THERE would translate to peace and nonviolence HERE is very short-sighted and dangerous.
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    Until we hang terrorists, briskly and evenhandedly, we aren't fighting terrorism.

    We've yet to hang any. We're not fighting, we're bluffing.

    And I don't think everyone at Gitmo is equally guilty.. but NONE of 'em require hanging?
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    A war on terror is just smoke and mirrors anyway. There is no possible way to end terrorism. It's just a feel good war like the war on drugs.

    You could basically kill anybody you want in whatever third world country you want. Then you release a statement saying these random people were officials high up in some make-believe terrorist cell and you have a job well done. Who is to know that these people were actually goat farmers who were accidentally blown up by a guided missile?
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    That's the big problem with relying only on air and satellite recon. Since Slick Willy eliminated our on-site HUMINT program, we DON'T know exactly who the real enemy is. The "War on Terror" goes on, and on...... :eek:
    Combine that with the tribal mentality of the indigenous people, those who do 'finger' someone may be doing so to get rid of competitors of another tribe.....