Wanted: Outdoor enthusiasts who really know how to survive

Discussion in 'General Preparedness Discussion' started by wildernessguy, Jun 15, 2010.

  1. wildernessguy

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    Do you have the skills to take on Mother Nature in all her fury and survive? Can you start a fire without a match, find water in the wilderness, hunt for food and brave the elements? A new television series is calling all wilderness junkies to demonstrate your survival skills. Maybe you are a wilderness guide, hunting/fishing/trek hand, or a backcountry camper with extraordinary skills. Maybe you've found yourself stranded, snowed-in or castaway - and survived. If you've got the will, the ingenuity and the wilderness sense to face the elements, now is the chance to prove it to the world.

    If you are a true man’s man or a rough and tumble girl, a REAL survival expert, email us at [email protected] . Tell us a little about what makes you an expert in the wilderness, and any incredible survival stories you might have. Also send a picture, and a video of you, if you have one.

    [email protected]
  2. GroovyMike

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    My first question is why? What's in it for me? Is there a prize or is just being on TV again the draw?

  3. gypsysue

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    I'm learning a lot of that at "Dirt Time" in Wyoming this week. It's a primitive survival skills campout and workshop. Today's classes included identifying wild plants, tracking, making an atlatl, and making a fire with hand-drill and bow-drill techniques. We've also brain tanned fox hides, learned wilderness first aid, helped set up a 27' tall tipi, learned how to make a primitive forge, learned what should go into a survival kit (as part of a BOB); and tomorrow we'll learn knots, knife making, and other things. We've also had the opportunity to make a bow from Serviceberry and arrows from willow, and bowls and dishes from gourds. There's more to come this week, and when I get home I'll write up a full report of what we learned.
  4. NaeKid

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    Very nice ... keep learning and practicing!

    This summer I will plan to practice some of those techniques that have been "lost-to-time" - ya, I used to do some of them regularly, but no so much anymore.

    I still need to learn brain-tanning - my first foray into tanning just didn't seem right. Wish there was someone nearby who can teach me without it costing me a whack-load of coin (time I can spare).
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    I'd like to know how you liked dirt time! I had really hoped to go with my wife and kid and my Dad wanted to go after I told him about it. As it turns out we'll be having another kid before too long and we didn't know how well my wife would enjoy in her present condition. Maybe we'll see you there next year!
  6. gypsysue

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    katfish, you're not "vec" on another board are you? He was going to come to Dirt Time, too, but they're about to have another kid too. Interesting coincidence!

    naekid, you're right, it's great to learn these things from people in person. I've learned more this week (and it's not over!) than I've gotten out of years of reading how-to books. If you're going to be in Montana some time, get in touch with us.

    I've taken lots of notes and lots of pictures. I'll have something written up and ready to post next week.